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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Tell Professor Ford to fly a kite

Who the hell is Professor Ford to decide if and when the Senate will vote on the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court?

Ford contends that when she was 15 she and a girlfriend went to a beer party with four boys and wound up in bed with a teenaged Kavanaugh on top of her. She has conflated this into both attempted rape and potential homicide, raising his charges only to cast shade on his nomination in a cynical abuse of the system.

Like Anita Hill before her, she can lie under oath with immunity -- who would prosecute? -- and maybe get a book deal out of the ordeal.

Judge Kavanaugh meanwhile gets his reputation smeared by the Marxist Party. This is how Marxists treat decent Americans.

Lord help us if America ever gives them full power again.

The American press is as useless as a screen door on a submarine.

New York magazine reported, "Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley appears to have ended the halting talks with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford about testifying next week about her allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh. After setting a sudden 10:00 PM deadline for agreement with his terms and rejecting further talks with Ford or her lawyers, Grassley has reportedly scheduled a Committee vote on the confirmation for Monday."

This is a delay tactic by Marxists, and the Pravdas in the press gallery approve.

Polls, such as they are, find less than half of Democrats believe her, and likely they are just saying that so they can cling to their sanctimony.

Meanwhile, Keith Ellison beat his girlfriend and no one in Minnesota seems to care much.

If I am ever arrested, I'm switching parties.

I would tell Professor Ford to fly a kite.

But Grassley is handing Democrats rope and suggesting they wrap it around their necks for safe keeping.

I am ready to hold my nose and vote a straight Republican ticket. Better to have an inept Congress than one seeking to avenge the 2016 election result.


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  1. One gets the impression that, in 1982, all the cool kids were deriding Kavanaugh as an uber-nerd Christian conservative.

    Suddenly in 2018, he’s Kurt Cobain.

    1. Children should be seen and not heard. Christine Blasey Ford’s High School Year Book gives new meaning to the old platitude. It’s a bombshell that puts everything into proper context. So if you read nothing else today about this nonsense, read this: This is the best thing I’ve seen yet for an adult perspective.
      Someone needs to put Brett Kavanaugh’s Year Book on the internet too, just to be fair. Kids do dumb things, and children are in a process of growing up. Not all of them succeed. I’ll give Kavanaugh an A+.

  2. Grassley has caved, again. Living up to the traditions of the Roll-Over Party in the Senate.


    1. Collins and Murkowski are holding it up

    2. Last night a story broke that Senator Grassley was moving forward with the vote Monday. That was the right thing to do.

      Much as I've liked and trusted the man for years, doubts are now setting in.

      This is the difference between President Trump and establishment Republicans. He draws a line in the sand, that's it.

      For the first time since this nonsense started, I'm thinking the Dems will scuttle the Kavanaugh nomination.

    3. "Collins and Murkowski are holding it up."

      Very well can be.

      If the GOP caves on this, it will empower "The Resistance" to a point where the election results will be meaningless.

    4. yeah i'd tell her and the democrats to go to hell

  3. If the press is a screen door on a submarine, the GOP is back pockets on a shirt.

  4. What they should do is confirm Kavanaugh and then subpoena Ford and her lawyer (she is a witness, she discussed strategy to stop the nomination in front of a liberal law group) and continue to investigate this after he's confirmed. Whoever is guilty of a crime will then end up being punished.

    1. From what has leaked, she doesn't know the house or how she got there. Her memory kicked in to know that event happened in an upstairs bedroom, knows it was Kavenaugh and 2 of his friends. Didn't know anyone else there. But again her memory gave out as to how she got home (no possible witness to find - bus driver, taxi driver, person in a car or walking). And her parents and brother - that lived with her - have not only not confirmed her story or said that she started acting funny around that time, but they've even refused to sign a letter supporting her....which was signed by a bunch of people that did not know her at the time.

      An award needs to be given to our favorite gay psychotic - David Brock!

      Incredible work on his part. All he had to work with was the names of 2 of Kavenaugh's friends from high school. The guy could be a Hollywood TV/Movie science fiction writer, but the pay would not be as good, he gets to make his own work hours, and he's his own boss.

    2. Political smearing pays much better then any form of writing.

      Just ask the gang over at Fusion GPS.

      Rumors have it that Harvard's Kennedy School of Government is developing a Graduate Program in 'Political Smearing For Fun And Profit' in time for the lucrative 2020 election.

    3. NONSENSE! How can you say that Dr. Ford has a bad memory? In fact, her memory is so good she can recall things that never even happened!

  5. Ha ha--well put--"The press is as useless as a screen door on a submarine."

    A poll Fox reported last night showed only 25% (of women) to 28% (of men) believe Ford's accusations are credible.

    Definitely move to the confirmation vote. Even if Kavanaugh did it, it's so clearly just one of those things that got started but then didn't click, which she has inflated to have (her subjective and politically convenient) tones of "violence", "attempted rape", "possible homicide". Count me among the 75% of women who don't find her credible at all. Only a remote possibility she is accurate. And if so, it is a lesson to women-- find some courage and report these things when they occur. It's not being a liberated woman to be too scared to speak up.

    1. You know, this nonsense about women not speaking up about sexual "assault" reminds me of illegal aliens complaining about "living in the shadows" - while they're openly demonstrating, making demands, and now even running for office.

      Early voting in my state starts October 10. I'll be there.

    2. May I propose a tactic for single heterosexual guys:

      If you have your eyes on a girl, before anything at all happens, find out if she believes Blasey or Kavanaugh. If the answer is A, RUN, don’t walk, away from her. She may be hotter than Kate Upton - doesn’t matter. You will save yourself a lifetime of misery, of all sorts, if you follow this advice.

    3. from what i understand he was only 15 so that means we should demand back round checks on back at least that far for the democrats who are calling him a liar

    4. In my opinion she is not being truthful in any way....Kav. is being set up ...I hope someone from the democratic party pays for this set up.....

  6. Take a deep breath Don. This soap opera playing out before us was agreed to days ago by Grassley and Feinstein. Why do you think Grassley is suddenly oozing compassion and Trump's twitter account has fallen comparatively silent?

    1. I am 100% with you. I am saying how I would handle it. Meant this in part as a tribute to Grassley

  7. P.S. If I'm wrong, I'll buy you a "Mary B".

  8. Politicians currently employed, aka, having succeeded in their initial attemt to the elective office which they currently occupy, seek to be reelected.

    To achieve this reelecting, each requires 1 event to occur:

    More votes are cast for them than for their competing opponent(s) candidate(s).

    Thus, the targeted goals are 3:

    1. More voters casting votes for the seeker of reelection.

    2. Less voters casting votes for competing opponent candidate(s).

    3. Fewer voters likely to cast votes for single strongest opponent candidate casting votes at all.

    The not voting voters are reliably expected to exceed the voting voters. The quantity registered to vote never comes close to the quantity casting votes, with 50% of registered turnout being the exception, not the rule. Under 40% is common.

    Political calculations close to an election day are known to be based significantly and substantially upon this turnout factor.

    Thus, the manufactured drama. Not essentially about the nomination, but, rather, about inducing emotional urgencies in each competing candidate's voter potential turnout quantity.

    The democrats are the essence of drama queen.

    The republicans find that drama queening is quite distasteful.

    Our MAGA President doesn't give a flying fuck about anything that does not Make America Great Again.

    THAT is ALL.

  9. "Hello, my name is the democratic party, you killed my candidates chances, prepare to die."

    1. Only the democrats never conceive of, let alone think of, let alone ponder, the certainty of death.

      Thusly, they may actually believe that the threat of death has not at all been prepared for by others. So they consider the very thought of death to be the pinnacle disruptive threat to utter.

      How disturbing it must be, when those they target with this merely chuckle, then pause, and wait to see what happens.

      Ahhhhh, the threating of the inevitable by the delusionally invincible.

      The epic Mickey Rooney, in his teens, speaking the words of the Bard: "Oh, what Fools these Mortals BE!!!!".

  10. Grassley's most recently reported actions are classic Rope-A-Dope.

    Especially the one about feeling like he's playing the 2nd trombone seat. Fucking classic.

    The democrats have their, by any means, shitty, impotent, puss filled loads to splurt, the rinos their cheesy spittle drippings.

    The MAGA have the Bomb.

    Repsecting the value of efficiency, the MAGA refrain from expending efforts not needed, since the democrats are laboring so fervantly to poop all over themselves so thoroughly.

    MAGA: Stop Pooping On Yourselves!!!!

    democrats: No, No, Nooooooo!!!!! We Like It!!!!!!

    MAGA: But, you're gonna stink for decades.......

    demcrats: YES!!!!!! That's the Way, uh huh, uh huh, we like it, uh huh, uh huh.... That's the Way, uh hh, uh huh, We Like IT!!!!!

    MAGA: Okay then.

  11. Dr. Ford is complaining she doesn't want to fly. Bad time of the year for transcontinental flights.

    On a broom.

  12. How long can it be before Democrats in power make like the former Soviets and the current French and have the courts declare political opponents insane?

  13. The progressives are teetering between Alinsky and Mao. This would be an appropriate moment for them to be beaten -- with comity and constitution upheld. They stakes are that high, Grassley.

  14. every body who has been paying attention knows that this bitch is lying. not one word of truth. If he is not put on the supreme court, trump should shut down the government.

  15. What WE need to do is melt down Grassley's switchboard with outrage!