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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Snow in September

Global warming hit Great Britain hard this weekend as temperatures dipped to 26 degrees last night, and snow is in the forecast. Some people had frost on their lawns this morning.

"Things are set to get colder soon -- with Sunday likely to see even lower temperatures. Wet snow or sleet is also expected in some places, making the warm summer weather feel like a thing of the past," the Daily Mail reported.

The long-term forecast is not encouraging.

The Sun reported, "Plunging temperatures will increase as the weekend progresses, before rebounding midweek for a last gasp of summery weather. Brits should make the most of it, with an El NiƱo system in the Pacific set to spark months of snow and ice storms in Britain."

Just three years ago, the Independent told its readers, "Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past."

No climatologist disagreed.

Global warmers own that forecast.

Once again, Mother Nature looks at the forecasts of Doomsday Climatologists and laughs and laughs.

Man is a puny animal who has absolutely no control over weather, earthquakes, or hurricanes.

And yet, here are all these educated experts -- these Owl Critics -- insist on sacrificing our internal combustion engines and coal to appease their gods.


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  1. Their goal is far more insidious, Don. They are, like all the enviro-whackos, not so much pro-environment, but anti economic and population growth.

    Was Al Gore in London this week? ;-)

  2. Power for liberals comes with a price: Your Freedom.

  3. When we can all go ice-skating on the Thames, I'll know that Glowbull Warmening has reached its peak!

    (Yes, there were times the Thames was frozen, for those who didn't know. Seven times between 1607 & 1814.)

    1. They used to have ice festivals on the Thames during the Little Ice Age.

  4. They need to drop Earth Hour and start celebrating the Hour of Power:

    “Lit up like a supernova...”

  5. Global Warming is the hellfire-&-damnation WASPel of gynocentric spiritualism (small wonder that Dope Francis propounds it, along with Communism).

  6. we are supposed to get snow here in MT too.

  7. Humans.

    Fed too reliably, and they find something else to fret about, then starving to death.

    Kept too reliably comfortable, and they find something other than freezing to death or boiling to death, to fret about.

    Kept too reliably free of the imminent peril of being another creature's meal, and they find something else to fret about.

    Fucking humans.

    It's as if they never heard of Death.

  8. America has Al Gore, Australia has Tim Flannery. Flan man predicted in 2007 that Perth, waaaaaay over here on the other west coast, would be a 'ghost metropolis' within ten years. Drought would do us in. Think Mad Max 2 with water instead of guzzoline.
    2018: wettest winter for 15 years.
    Wettest August since 1965.
    Our dams currently hold 90 gigalitres more water than they did a year ago. An increase of 32 percent.
    I've repeatedly asked Flannery to predict that I'll never be pursued by rich beautiful women. So far no reply.

  9. Whether or not Global Warming due to man's activities are really occurring, it behooves gov't to prepare for bad stuff from the weather.

    Mostly floods, too much fresh water dropping; and droughts, not enough fresh water from the sky. More rapid flood reduction systems; more water reservoirs to have available supplies in years, or decades, when there is not enough.

    Plus more nuclear power for non-CO2 power generation.

    Plus more desalination -- which takes a lot of power.