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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Smearing Kavanaugh shows how a Democratic Senate would work

And that is not good for Democrats.

The Democrats don't care whether or not Brett Kavanaugh actually did this. They don't care about him, his family, the accuser or her family... anybody. They're just desperately scrabbling to maintain their grip on power. All other concerns are secondary.

The confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh began as one might expect. The 51 Republican senators fell in line with him, and the 49 Democratic senators fell in line against him.

Then came the accusation from a nutty professor in California that some time 36 years ago or so at a teen party he got drunk and acted inappropriately while they were in a bedroom. She was sketchy on the details, and said it was a memory she recovered in 2012.

Kavanaugh said, "This is a completely false allegation. I have never done anything like what the accuser describes — to her or to anyone. Because this never happened, I had no idea who was making this accusation until she identified herself yesterday. I am willing to talk to the Senate Judiciary Committee in any way the committee deems appropriate to refute this false allegation, from 36 years ago, and defend my integrity."

Democrats said she must be believed simply because she is a woman.

They demanded she be heard.

It all comes down to this question: Do we value women? Dr. Christine Blasey Ford deserves to tell her story. She deserves respect and a full investigation.

Republicans said fine. We will give her a hearing on Monday. It can be public, or it can be private.

Democrats said no.

Denying Dr. Ford an FBI investigation is silencing her. Forcing her into a sham hearing is silencing her. And pushing through Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation is silencing her.

This makes no sense. They want her to be believed but they do not want her to testify. Giving her a hearing is silencing her? Up is down.

The public sees this. The public sees Democrats trying to railroad a decent man: a federal judge, a basketball coach, a good father. 

The public hears these accusations from a faceless woman, and the public wonders why she will not testify.

Where were the accusations when he was vetted for the judgeship he now holds?

Anyone over 50 remembers the electronic lynching Justice Clarence Thomas received at the hands of liberals and Anita Hill.

The smearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh looks unAmerican.

Where is his right to face his accuser? Why is he not innocent until proven guilty? How does he clear his good name?

Like I said in the headline, this shows how a Democratic Senate would work.

My guess is many voters on Election Day will vote accordingly because if Democrats can take down a federal judge like this, think what they could do to any ordinary citizen.


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  1. The far left has created a party of hate at the DNC. The DNC once was a respected party even if you did not agree with them they tried to honest and ethical to the country and to Americans.
    The current far left of the DNC has no ethics only ego and arrogance and hate. They have recreated the worst of the parties hate groups replacing the KKK with ANTIFA. They care only for power, and control their agenda and care nothing about the citizens that put them there. They are the scum of the political spectrum in America with the backing of the worse journalistic society in history.

    1. I would like to gently disagree here. I don't think the DNC was ever honest and ethical. But they did put up a good facade. They lied about Civil Rights. They lied about the KKK. Now they have just decided to 'come out of the closet' if I may be so bold.

    2. Maybe they were once good, but it was long before Lincoln.

  2. Make no mistake, this repulsive episode is going to have awful repercussions for the women's equality movement in every way you could imagine. Pence's Rule is now the LEAST every man should follow in his dealings with women. Men in business or college, be careful when (or if) you (must) fraternize with women because everything you do or say (or DON'T do or DON'T say) may come back to haunt you in three or four decades. Do not mix with women in private. Meet with them only in public places and only when there are quite a few other people around. If no one else is there, excuse yourself and leave immediately. High schoolers: be very careful, take care not to be alone with a female classmate in school, and never ever (!) in someone else's home, even if parents are there. If you are with a girl, make sure the two of you are in a good sized crowd. One or two buddies will not be enough to save your reputation against false allegations. Judge Kavanaugh is proof enough of that today. Tomorrow it will get much worse. Always use protection in your interactions with women...and I'm not referring just to condoms It has sadly come to this.

    1. Truman was like Pence. Even then there was danger. But you are right. They are cutting their own throats.

    2. WTF.

      You're a closet muslim now?

      Or just being sarcastic to an exponential level?

      What possible environment could you be content to live in, with this feeble screed of being your serious perspective and advice?

      FFS, grow a pair.

  3. In Montana Trump said to those at his rally that it would be "your fault" if they didn't vote for Republicans in November and so unteather the trougher hoards. I can't remember any other president saying something like that although perhaps Obama could have said "me" instead of Democrats in general at some time. But it is the truth. If the troughers win in November what politican will ever think again that economic prosperity and peace are important in the mind of the rabble? None. The focus will become political revenge, racism of every stripe, unsustainable "free" benefits, religious intolerance, bean counting materialism, endless indifference to symbiotic corruption within government the press and the oligarchs, all promising to make looting and lying Constituional rights. Yes, Trump is correct, like he almost always is, Your fault.

    1. Our President is always spot on.

      It is merely we, you included, who can't keep up with his strategies.

      Not surprising, as he has one goal, winning, aka, MAGA, and adjusts accordingly as needed to achieve that goal.

      While the slower thinkers struggle to figure it out, whatever the it of the moment may be, our President has already solved that equation and is working multiple problems without requiring paying heed to the slow pokes.

      The manner in which he schlongs the media, aka as the media schlonging themselves, is one example of many.

      Relax, vote MAGA, and, if you still are concerned, take a good shit, you'll feel better.

    2. Thanks for correcting me. I had fallen into error thinking Der Furher needed actual troops to defeat the Bolsheviks hoards. I had forgotten he not only has Iron Will but a Magic Wand, the only weapons needed to achieve Glorius Victory. I feel much better now.

    3. So, was your reply your version of you taking a dump?

      As your omitting of my advice to vote MAGA seems a bit not an oversight.

      Plus, your the scent of your tone smells so very democratic.

      In any case, Relax. Vote MAGA. Enjoy the absence of pressure sensation in your colon.

  4. T says:

    Democrats hoist by their own nuclear petard!
    Holton-Arms yearbooks hit the net!
    Popcorn futures hit record highs!

    "The Money Headline:



    And it would be an accurate headline. That’s why the yearbooks have been scrubbed."

    Link (H/T Instapundit):

  5. Another point is that cached copy of her senior yearbook has surfaced and what a picture it paints.

    A student culture of booze and sex. In the freakin' yearbook! Oh, boy, do the Demos have a dilemma.

  6. Being retired I never have to waste another day at a "men are bad, never upset a woman at work in any way shape or form" meeting. One day a year punishment with no "get out of jail" card. So long ladies, I no longer walk on eggshells 50 hours a week.

  7. I wonder how Potiphar's wife felt after Joseph was confirmed as Deputy Pharoah.

  8. I don't think the Democrats' out-and-proud campaign slogan of "We Hate All Men Everywhere. Especially You White Men" is a winner. Of course, it could be just my opinion.

  9. Feinstein still won’t release the unredacted letter to the judicial committee. What is she hiding.
    The polygraph test administered by Ford’s attorney has not been released, just a vague statement from the unreliable Washington Post. What are they hiding.
    Easy to guess the answer.
    Does won’t testify. Why? Because she would be facing a felony perjury charge if she did. Kavanaugh and his two alibis have responded and face felony perjury charges if they are lying. They responded.
    I hate liberals.

    1. And the liberals gladly return the favor: they hate anyone who is not a liberal. We are to their minds the enemy and deserve to be destroyed!

  10. In the meantime, accusers who claim abuse by keith ellison are ignored. But the democrats care about wymyn.

  11. Nothing new here. Let me bring up Ronald Reagan's Labor Secretary Raymond J Donovan - smeared by unfounded allegations of fraud & larceny. Shame on Bronx DA Stephen R. Bookin (and of course the Brooklyn FBI Office) for getting him indicted by a NYC Grand Jury in March 1985. Evil seeds have been sprouting a long time in the democrat garden of perdition.

    In 1987 Donovan (and all of the other defendants) were acquited, after which Donovan was famously quoted as asking, "Which office do I go to to get my reputation back?"

    To the younger generation, time to decide which road you will take this Country - which has blessed by G-d's Providence for almost 400 years.

  12. Anyone still wonder why I call them "DemCong"?

  13. Dems are acting in bad faith and treating us like bitter enemies.
    OK. Got it.

    1. We are not the enemy -they are.
      We outnumber them.
      In November the battle will be joined.

  14. Get ready, Rush played a clip today from some dem pundit who is wondering if by Monday there will be more people coming forward on either side. I will bet we see a number of new women come forward a la Herman cain

  15. The libs are probably coaching their witnesses as we speak.

  16. 1. Disregard all habitual presumptions, ALL habitual presumptions.

    2. Reboot to intrinsic knowledge of Human Nature.

    3. Review essential knowings of the Nature of Creation as it is. The Real World. As we all live it and as It lives us.

    The Basis of MAGA.

    The Basis of Life.

    What is True is not false.

    What is false is not True.

    Just the Facts.

    This is MAGA.

    (This is NOT politicians.)

    That is all.

  17. All pro politicians are threatened by MAGA.

    Federal, state, county, city, etc.


    The smarter ones have jumped onto the MAGA Express, even if with only minimal sincerity.

    The not so smart choose duplicities abundant and lament the revival of the True American Spirit.

    The dummies try to cling to their avocation of Graftings.

    The democrats......well, a profanity free observation of these fucks is beyond my vocabulary.

    Our MAGA President has got them all by their sacks, these pro politicians and their minion coconspirators in Graftings, and, struggling as the do, merely bruises their sacks bigly.

    Were they to have the spirit of even a trapped coyote, they'd chew off their sacks and set themselves Free. Free to get in line and apply for some MAGA employment. Free to face the world of earning what you have. Free to compete with the actual Americans they hold in such disdain.

    And, of course, Free to fuck themselves, 24/7/52.

  18. Hypocrisy only happens if you truly believe in your morality. In this case, democrats only concern is power. All else is a means to the end. We need to start calling them what they are - power mad totalitarians.

    1. Their version of their morality is Graft.

      Graft is their goal and their god.

      Graft is Taxes imposed and misused.

      Power to Tax is the only power they seek.

      Grafters have no use for any other form of power. Only the power to Tax provided them the Graft they adore.

      Everything else is means to that end.

      Everything else.


      Lose clear sight of this and you've been distracted.