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Sunday, September 09, 2018

Parents don't want their immigrant kids back

The ACLU has a problem. After fighting President Trump over separating illegal alien children from their parents, the group has discovered the families don't want the children back.

The group asserted itself as lawyers for these parents but never asked the pertinent question: Do you want your children back?

The answer is a resounding no.

The ACLU is learning the parents don't want their children returning because the violence in parts of Guatemala is as bad as the south side of Chicago.

In June, the ACLU set the tone for the summer's reporting on illegal aliens with a piece, "Separating Families Is Inhumane." The sheep followed this lead.

The ACLU said, "The Trump administration has cooked up a vile new scheme: ripping children away from their parents in order to discourage immigration. Separating families is more than cruel and unnecessary – it’s torture."

Just as racist now means disagreeing with a liberal, torture means doing something a liberal does not like.

The ACLU went to court, found a judge it supported at his confirmation, and voila, got an order to turn detention of illegal aliens upside down. He is Dana Sabraw, a Bush 43 appointee.

Like I said, no one asked the parents.

Reuters reported that ACLU lawyer Lee Gelernt told a federal judge in San Diego on Friday, "We’ve had very difficult conversations with the parents this week. As much as they want to be with their child, and it’s heartbreaking, they feel it’s too dangerous."

We are not talking about one or two crazy families.

Reuters reported, "Gelernt told the court that he had spent time over the past week in Guatemala trying to locate parents of some of the roughly 300 children in U.S. care and found about two-thirds were refusing to have their child returned to them."

Most of these parents don't want the kids back.

Reuters concluded, "The Trump administration said on Thursday it plans to withdraw from a federal court agreement that strictly limits the conditions under which authorities can detain migrant children, and proposed new rules it said would enable it to detain minors during their immigration proceedings."

Watch them now argue that we must take them because their families don't want them, even though separating families is inhumane.

And torture.

It's all about importing a new majority to give power to Democrats.


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