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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Only 21% believe the media

Congratulations, Marxist Democrats. You have turned what we call the news media into an echo chamber for socialists.

Pew Research found only 21% of American adults believe the media is unbiased.

More than three times as many people -- 68% -- believe the media is partisan.

Pew Research reported on Tuesday, "After a year of continued tension between President Donald Trump and the news media, the partisan divides in attitudes toward the news media that widened in the wake of the 2016 presidential election remain stark, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of survey data of 5,035 U.S. adults collected between Feb. 22 and March 4, 2018."

(It took them more than six months to report this?)

The partisanship leans one way: Left of Lenin.

"Republicans (86%) are far more likely than Democrats (52%) to say news organizations favor one side," Pew reported.

The trust is gone.

Pew reported only "one-in-five Americans (21%) have a lot of trust in the information they get from national news organizations."

This undermines the media's credibility and its ability to sway public opinion.

"A vast majority of Democrats (82%) say in the survey conducted earlier this year that they support the news media’s watchdog role, believing that news media criticism keeps political leaders from doing things that shouldn’t be done. On the other hand, the majority of Republicans (58%) think news media criticism gets in the way of political leaders doing their job," Pew reported.

The perception is the reality.

People are not stupid. They see the double standards. They see President Trump accomplishing more than his last four predecessors. They also see a media hounding him.

We get that the media bleats Marxist Democratic talking points.


The media is out of touch.

Overall, 58% think the media does not understand them. That is a huge problem.

What we have is a large echo chamber that does not serve the needs of the nation, according to the nation.

Audience numbers are up. Reputation is down. Ask MySpace how that works.


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  1. Call it what it is. Maoist red guards. Tied in with an economic war with China. Long range viewpoint. Here's the kicker....the West has absolutely no intention of paying the debt. That's what's being decided right now.

  2. Surprised it's as high as 21%. Another lop-sided poll?


    1. I was thinking a missing decimal point and reading of 2.1%

    2. Most polls over sample Democrats, so I bet it's worse than this.

  3. Shouldn't that be 'More than half the Democrats-- 58% -- '? They believe the media because it echos their own partisan beliefs.

  4. The media only report 25% of the news (that they consider important, even if no one else does)and then pound into your head for the next 24 hours. If you honestly wanted an education on the world the media is the last place to try and get a current society prospective. They each seem to have their own limited concepts of what is important, unless you are DJT in which case you are absolutely evil an nothing good could be said about you.

  5. The media cannot comment on this today. There is a large caravan of media members following Christine Blasey Ford as she drives from California to Washington DC to testify tomorrow.

  6. Don, I think you're missing a negative here:
    "More than half the country -- 58% -- say news organizations understand people like them."

    I think in the "understand" / don't say "understand" stats, we get: Dems (58% / 42% putting all others in the "don't say understand" group); Reps (25% / 75%), Independents (36% / 64%). So it's about 58% or so who DON'T say the press understands them.

    I'd say the press doesn't understand me...

    1. It’s way beyond “doesn’t understand.” It’s active dislike. Condescension. Hell, marginalization. Do not for one minute try to tell me that when Barack called us bitter clingers, when Hillary called us deplorables, when Joe Mama called us dregs of society, that 95% of the press were nodding in agreement. Understand me? They hate me.

    2. Weren’t nodding. Phrasing stuff in the negative is a bitch, man.

    3. Phrasing in the negative, whilst somewhat complex and is known, thus, to vex, is not quite the delight as to just say..... Fuck 'Em.

  7. Oh, and Dick Morris cracked me up today. Talking about the latest accuser who saw Kavanaugh in line for some group nookie on no less than ten occasions, he asked “Why did she show up for other 9?” I’d be embarrassed to be a woman right now. Ladies, your gender is not representing well...

    1. "Ladies, your gender is not representing well..."

      Agreed!!! (and I'm a woman).

      Great point, and hilarious-- "Why did she show up for the other 9?"

  8. How many "fake news" stories about Trump have turned out to be true?

    Stormy Daniels, Russia collusion, on and on. All claimed to be fake until not so fake.

    The witch hunt keeps finding witches. Trump's only hope is work the refs, because not everybody listens to numbing Fox & Friends or Sean Hannity.

    1. Okay.

      So, you say our President:

      1. Schlonged a whore in the traditional manner.

      2. Is Schlonging the russkie dictator, by actions, and is Schlonging you, by ignoring you.

      3. Indeed, the witch hunt has found witches, them witches be the witch hunters!!!!! Amongst other witches yet to be indicted.

      4. Thus, the peanut brained gallery laments their approaching roastings, grindings and miraculous transformation into...... Peanut Butter!!!!!

      What with the increased sales of oven mitts and duct tape, this added inventory of Peanut Butter will be most appreciated by those so inclined.

  9. "Only 21% believe the Media"

    ...and that's according to the Media!

  10. Don;

    I understand that you spent your life in journalism. You respect and cherish it. Appears and want to expose it in hopes of bring it back to the masses. Won't happen.

    Columns like this one are why I stopped reading you for 6-8 months.

    Real journalists are doing what you did - moving to a blog or an Internet publication. And people like me that are interested in what's going on have moved over as well.

    Charlie Kirk put up a video of him politely confronting anti-Trump older protesters last week. At one point a woman told him that Trump hasn't done anything. Kirk quickly ran through a dozen accomplishments. The woman looked at him as if he was crazy, and asked "where do you get your news?". Kirk replied, "the Internet".

    Rush just closed his show saying he thinks "we are at a tipping point". With the latest creepy porn lawyer accusation (Grassley now wants a 3rd hearing), Rush believes the average non-political-following American is becoming appalled at what is happening in DC. For a political guru, he finally figured it out.

    The MSM is a joke. Everyone I run into knows it. People are looking for answers. They are slowly migrating to the Internet. Readers/viewers are confused and looking for answers. They know the media is biased and that DC is a corrupt cesspool. They want the truth.

    Want to create a real revolution? Start a movement whereby Americans put our tax payments in escrow until the Federal government starts serving the people, stops living high off the hog and wasting our tax dollars, and restores the rule of law.

    For Christ's sake, a SC confirmation hearing has turned into 'The Jerry Springer Show'.....complete with a creepy porn lawyer dictating to members what they're allowed to do....and those assholes are ignoring their own laws and bylaws, and backpedaling.

    - Ken

    1. As is to be expected, those cemented firmly in obsolete technologies find it an arduous task to free themselves from said concrete rootings, vexed by the challenge of how to crack that cement base without breaking a few of the bones in their feet and legs.

      Much like the fox caught in the trap.

      Chew off foot or part thereof, or lay down and slowly die.

      The virtue of authentic journalism is still alive and vigorous within those who possess said virtue. They just aren't being employed by the already extinct, obsolete technolgy, media mutt brains.

      Thus, the obsolete tech media shifts to bare survival mode, abandons authentic journalism and clings to the only scrap of debri remaining, political party panderings. Aka, democrat drama queen dramatics. With a dash of rino pity party pathos.

      Greater authentic truths can be found in viewing a silent movie than in submitting to the babblings and blatherings of the zombie msm.

      Our nation will be MAGA as much as our citizens are MAGA.

      The feckless fraud with the donkey face and the dumbo ears is regularly quoted as saying, (so very ironically): Elections have consequences!!!!

      Inded they do. Indeed....they do.


  11. The media does not have to persuade the people. They only need to persuade Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins.

    1. So, these two named senators hold the media in highest regard?

  12. If you want to know what the media is, consider that “To the Left” answers the ancient question of “How’s it hanging?”

  13. Even most Democrats know the Media are lying. They just approve of the lies.

  14. If high school yearbooks are now considered part of a govt official's resume, we should see a lot of for sale by owner signs in DC Metro area.