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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Obama knows he deserves no credit

As he campaigns for 81 of the thousands of Democrats seeking state and federal office in November, President Obama is taking a selfie with the post-Obama economic recovery.

Obama told hundreds of supporters in his home state, “The actions we took during that crisis returned the economy to healthy growth and initiated the longest streak of job creation on record.”

But six months before the 2016 presidential election, Obama was less boastful in an interview with a New York Times staffer.

Obama went through his talking points about the longest -- and most sluggish -- economic recovery in history.

The Times then reported, "But as Obama also acknowledged, the public anger about the economy is not without empirical basis. A large swath of the nation has dropped out of the labor force completely, and the reality for the average American family is that its household income is $4,000 less than it was when Bill Clinton left office. Economic inequality, meanwhile, has only grown worse, with the top 1 percent of American households taking in more than half of the recent gains in income growth."

A week earlier, Bill Clinton said, "Millions and millions and millions and millions of people look at that pretty picture of America he painted and they cannot find themselves in it to save their lives. People are upset, frankly; they’re anxiety-ridden, they’re disoriented, because they don’t see themselves in that picture."

Weeks later, Obama mocked President Trump's promise to bring blue-collar jobs back. Obama asked, “What magic wand do you have? And usually the answer is, he doesn’t have an answer.”

President Trump answered that. He has been dogged in his pursuit of jobs for Americans from the moment he won election.

Now Obama wants take credit for that.

Not only was he an empty suit, but a poorly tailored one.


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  1. The Obamarrhoid. Every time the arrogant narcissist opens his mouth he becomes a pain in the a$$. - Elric

    1. It’s worse than that, Elric!

      The herpes simplex virus has mutated into herpes prolix!

  2. Bill c knows obozo was a lightweight joke of an executive and over his head for 8 long years.

    1. There’s a tenth circle of Hell waiting for that pair, I reckon. Tailored to their time on Earth. They’ll be immersed in a sludgy solution of bullsh*t up to the lower lip.

      And every Saturday, Satan will go water-skiing.

  3. “You didn’t build that.”

    - Soetero 16:3

  4. Zippy sees his wonderful fairy tale life turned into a lie and he can't even hide behind being black.

  5. O has to campaign in hopes that the investigation into the FBI, the IC, and his administration will be shut down by a Democrat House. It goes up to him, and he knows that the audit trails exist.

    Remember right after the election when the socialist propaganda film-maker Michael Moore famously said of President-Elect Trump, "We cannot let him become President!". Why? When did anything like this happen in American history? Even those that hated Lincoln and started the Civil War never contested the winners right to assume office.

    For those not following, since September 3 when it was leaked that the WH Counsel's Office was preparing to release 20 pages of unredacted documents to Congress, (up to 2 days ago as I do not follow closely) the Twitter accounts of James Comey, Benjamin Wittes, John Brennen, Sally Yates and other O mucky mucks suddenly stopped posting. And O hit the campaign trail.

  6. "I cannot help you, of course, but I have been known to gaffe, if you know what I mean."

    - Mark S.

  7. The Great Recession officially ended in the summer of 2009.

    Yes, 2009!!

    What we experienced under Obama was the unprecedented Anemic Recovery.

    All it took was a tough talking, former registered Democrat, uber-rich New Yorker to just get the Republican nomination to get the economy rolling. Matter of fact, he has out conservative the supposed conservatives opposing him in the primary.

  8. Thanks Obama for stepping up and righting the ship after 8 years of GWB! Now that campaign manager Paul Manafort is agreeing to a plea deal, hopefully he's cooperating with prosecutors to get President Trump the legal recognition he deserves. Expect indictments to follow. #MAGA!

    1. Poor quality posts continue from this guy Don. He is not helping your product excel in any way.

    2. I'm sorry. I wrote Soros and asked for a better troll, but he said shorting the market upon Trump's election cost him a billion, which was most of his troll money. So I am stuck with this loser.
      I think he wrote "Fire and Fury"

    3. Well at least you tried.

    4. Well, it’s obvious Don’s troll has glasses.

      One in each hand.

    5. I hear McCabe is in front of a Grand Jury. there should be numerous indictments of Obama justice officials for FISA abuse and lying to a judge coming soon! Paul Manafort has nothing on Trump and if he is making a plea deal on his case for tax fraud. it has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

  9. Anonymous says: O has to campaign in hopes that the investigation into the FBI, the IC, and his administration will be shut down by a Democrat House...
    So true. The Dems and MSM are trying to remove Trump from the WH before he exposes 2 issues: the fraud that calls himself Barack Hussein Obama, and the pedophile ring that many DC pols participate in. So far, the findings of the Repub committee have been dancing all around obama. But they are getting closer to him. As for the pedos, in his first year in office, Pres. Trump has had 1,500 pedos arrested with more to come.

  10. Valerie Jarrett made all of the decisions, for the entire eight years.

    She was the best POTUS that Iran ever had.

  11. The choice of Trump or Obama coming to your aid in the case of a hurricane is not unlike the choice of Patton or Monty coming to your aid in the Bulge.

  12. the most disgusting president in my life time...told everybody he hated the US and half the country still voted for him!

  13. The people denying Obama credit for the good economy now will probably be quick to blame Obama when the economy declines.

    Good economy: Give credit to Trump.
    Bad economy: Blame Obama.

    1. What?

      The economy will downturn, as it always does, you make no sense?

      The recession ended in 2009!

      The economy was sputtering ever since and about to tank.

      7 years of jobs that were not shovel ready, more taxes, more Executive regulation, more jobs going out the US.

      7 friggin' years!

      This is Trump's boom. Obama pissed the chance away.

    2. "The people denying Obama credit for the good economy now..." "Now"?? Obozo had nothing to do with "now". He had nothing to do with it when he was president either. Obozo doesn't know what a good economy is. He likely doesn't know what an economy is period. It's not his strong suit. So glad he's gone.