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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Moonves accuser aided and abetted Bill Clinton's sexual harassment

Leslie Moonves is resigning as head of CBS because his harassment of women over the years -- and his age -- made him expendable.

Linda Bloodworth Thomason, producer of "Designing Women" and other fare popular a quarter-century ago, came out of retirement to kick him while he is going down.

This is the woman who also produced "The Man from Hope" campaign ad -- "documentary" -- for Bill Clinton.

This also is the woman who aided and abetted Clinton's cover up of his many affairs over the years.

I don't give a rat's tail about Moonves. And that Thomason is a hypocrite is a given as she is a liberal. The hypocrisy among those people is so rampant that it is a pre-requisite, isn't it?

But I laughed as I read her piece in the Hollywood Reporter "'Designing Women' Creator Goes Public With Les Moonves War: Not All Harassment Is Sexual."

He somehow harassed her by not buying pilots to her other shows despite the fact that she had a couple of hit shows -- she also produced "Evening Shade" -- at the time.

But her complaint also seemed to be that he did not sexually harass her. That's the sin. It's like that episode on "South Park" where the teacher is angry at his father for not molesting him as a child.

"Over the years, even when an actress managed to get one of my scripts through an agent, the deal would immediately be killed. It was like a personal vendetta and I will never know why. Was it because I was championing the New South? Or an admittedly aggressive, feminist agenda? Or both? When the legendary Bette Midler informed Moonves that she wanted to do a series with me, I’m told he denied her request. When the singer Huey Lewis, whom Les had become enamored with, chose me to write a pilot for him, his contract was canceled," she wrote.

She charged him with misogyny.

"Somewhere in the middle of all this, I was walking the halls one day in the original CBS building. In spite of no longer having gainful employment, I still felt proud that I had been allowed to make a creative contribution to the network I had grown up with — starting with Lucy and Ethel, who had electrified me and inspired me to write comedy," she wrote.

Then she reported it had changed.

"As I walked, I noticed that the portraits of all these iconic women were no longer adorning the walls. I don’t know why and I didn’t ask. I just know that the likes of them have rarely been seen on that network again. Thanks to Les Moonves, I can only guess they all became vaginal swabs in crime labs on CSI Amarillo," she wrote.

If these proposed series were so good, why did she not pitch them to other networks?

And therein is the problem.

Tastes change.

"I Love Lucy" was popular in the 1950s.

"The Lucy Show" was not as popular in the 1960s

"Here's Lucy" was even less popular in the 1970s.

In 1971, CBS canceled “Green Acres,” “The Beverly Hillbillies,” “Mayberry R.F.D.,” “The Red Skelton Show,” “The Jim Nabors Hour,” “Hee-Haw,” “Family Affair,” and “Hogan’s Heroes.”

These shows appealed to rural America.

CBS wanted urban audiences.

Pat Buttram, who played Mr. Haney on "Green Acres," said, "It was the year CBS killed everything with a tree in it."

Just as Buttram was unhappy with CBS then, so Thomason is unhappy with CBS now.

She had cut her teeth on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," which got its shot on Saturday nights after CBS canceled "Petticoat Junction."

That's how show biz works. One play ends, a new one begins.

I am glad she got to gloat about Moonves because she seems like a petty person, and I want petty people to be happy because when they are unhappy, they are like gremlins destroying things from within.

This explains the Deep State's reaction to President Trump's election.

Thomason was part of Team Clinton. She got to stay in Lincoln's Bedroom and hopped on the bed.

And when he had to own up to perjury, she wrote the speech. CNN reported at the time, "Various friends sent in suggestions. Linda Bloodworth-Thomason helped with the language."

Here's a thought: Mind your business.

She got so caught up in saving Clinton that she failed to save herself.

Now she is old and bitter. I suggest she get a blog, write some books, and move on.


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  1. Just the incoherent rambling of another progressive socialist.

  2. She sounds like Norma Desmond in "Sunset Boulevard."

    Joe: You're Norma Desmond! You used to be in silent pictures. You used to be big.
    Norma: I AM big. It's the pictures that got small.

    Sure thing, Norma, er, Linda.

  3. Someone wanted moonves out for other reasons. This is a board room struggle about the future of a set of entertainment properties and potentially how people get paid out in that sale process

    #metoo Is a means to someone’s end

    But it’s not about #MeToo

    Ironic, isn’t it, when a movement like #MeToo Gets co-opted by old men in a board room to settle scores and further ones ambition

    None of my comments take away from any of Don’s great writing on this and all his other topics. Love your work!

  4. Re Petticoat junction. "Curves you bet, even more when you get" to the boardroom.

  5. Thompson was also involved with the Clinton White House "Travel Gate" scandal. She managed to get the staff of the office that arranged travel support for the President fired so that she and her husband's travel agency would benefit. She's a feckless c#nt.

  6. One wonders how much harassing she did.

    I guess Hell hath no fury like a pussy grabbed, unless it's one ungrabbed.

  7. Now she is old and bitter. I suggest she get a blog, write some books, and move on.


  8. Does anybody else remember that 1960s Beverly Hillbillies’ card game “Setback”?

    Jed was the Trump Suit, and there was a Jed “Trump of Trumps” card.

    Who knew it was was a better predictor of the American future than those cheesy tarot cards?

  9. There is always something satisfying in watching the left turn on each other.

  10. Ah, yes. Bloody Linda Thompson, whom the NY Times goes to every time they need an "I'm just like you!" story.

  11. As I recall, Thomason blackballed one of the actresses on Designing Women - Delta Burke - because Thomason thought she was too pudgy & the actress refused to diet.

    I guess we don't mention that anymore.