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Saturday, September 08, 2018

Left is noticing Trump's success

President Trump's success is so obvious that the Left is noticing.

Vox reported, "A North Korea nuclear deal looks more likely to happen now. Here’s why."

Politico reported, "Surprise! Trump’s Disruptive Foreign Policy Could Be Working. Beneath the crazy talk, there’s reason to think some of Trump’s 'unpredictable' policies could work."

Readers know how I feel.

I have believed all along that as president, Donald John Trump would end the Korean War.

And I like the chaos. It is very Sun Tzu. All his moves are. The Art of The Donald is both entertaining and enlightening.

Alex Ward of Vox reported, "The United States, South Korea, and North Korea have been mired in talks for months over how to get Pyongyang to dismantle its nuclear arsenal. But it looks like that may, finally, be changing.

"There are a few reasons for that. One sign is that on Thursday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un told top South Korean official Chung Eui-yong that he wanted to denuclearize by the end of President Donald Trump’s first term. It’s the first real timetable put forward by the dictator about dismantling his nuclear arsenal. But it’s unclear if Kim meant he seriously wanted to get rid of all of his bombs by that point, or what precisely he would want in return.

"Surely Kim and his South Korean counterpart, President Moon Jae-in, will discuss that during their three-day summit in Pyongyang, which is set to start on September 18. It will be their third meeting in the ongoing talks, which have mainly focused on ending the North’s nuclear threat."

Kim wants investment. He wants to be out from under the thumb of Red China. He wants a normal country with a McDonald's, KFC, and a Starbucks.

President Trump facilitated these summits by giving Kim a Fear Enema, meaning he scared the crap out of him.

The two Koreas will settle this -- to the satisfaction of Red China, Japan, the United States, and Russia. People overlook the need to have Putin on board.

We know it is a done deal when Obama takes credit for it.

Meanwhile, Michael Hirsh at Politico wrote, "But beneath all the crazy talk that comes out of the president’s mouth (and Twitter feed), there may be reason to think that some of the “unpredictable” policies he so relishes could work.

"Last fall, noting that 25 years of sanctions haven’t worked against North Korea, Trump decided to shake things up, threatening to 'totally destroy' that regime if it didn’t dismantle its nuclear threat. And lo, Kim Jong Un began talking — and reportedly dismantling a missile site (though he appears to be continuing work on new missiles, and the two sides are currently stalemated over further moves)."

As I said, it was a Fear Enema.

President Trump is getting things done. Washington is not used to presidents who do that.


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  1. When your business is being an expert you suffer mightly when the client succeeds by rejecting your advice. Trump is at least honest enough to admit he doesn't know how things will turn out in Korea, unlike his critics.
    Meanwhile, the Dark Genius is claiming Bengazi is a"conspiracy theory". Last night on Fox's Charles Payne show a WSJ opinion writer admitted (only half inadvertently) she was a Democrat and that she terribly missed gazing upon Obama's worthless ass. During the Korean summit I watched her editor in chief Gigot say he thought Trump was going to be "rolled" by Kim. Yes, A happy family of NYC Never Trumpers experts cruising along undisturbed by reality, only wishing it was their well creased liar still commanding their destiny, not that rough and ready barbarian from accross the river.

    1. Eventually the barbarians (deplorables in our day) sacked Rome. We may not have to sack DC like they sacked Rome, but we can sack the swamp critters from their jobs.-- BJ54

    2. Unfortunately they get those jobs for the same reason someone gets elected to student council in high school: no one else wants to do it.

  2. Classic line “We know it is a done deal when Obama takes credit for it.”

    We must never forget the dark days of Sotero. We must never go back.

    1. Ayatollah Obama needs to find a new country.

    2. We know it is a done deal when Obama takes credit for it.....I was just going to say that is a classic when I read your comment on

  3. Truth and Reality are harsh mistresses if you're a Lefty.

    Meanwhile, the Dark Genius is claiming Bengazi is a"conspiracy theory"

    And got himself ripped by Kris Paronto, one if the Rangers actually there. I think Zippy's days of sanctitude are over.

  4. When the media (CIA) says North Korea is still working on nuclear weapons take it with a grain of salt. " The intelligence has seven ways from Sunday to get you"- Chuck Schumer.

  5. It’s simple market share.

    You can be a Leftoid, and compete with 95% of journalists for approx half the American public.

    Or you can compete with the other 5% of journalists for the conservative half of the American audience.

    You know it makes sense.

  6. The first rule of dealing with a truly 'crazy' person is to get out of his way. So The Donald portrays himself as 'crazy' and proceeds to do everything he wants to do while the liberal cowards jump back, Jack.

  7. "We know it is a done deal when Obama takes credit for it." Just dripping with sarcasm. But something that is in the realm of a possibility. We will have to watch the former President so we all know our future.