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Monday, September 17, 2018

Kavanaugh did nothing wrong

Let's pretend the allegations are true.

Let's pretend that while in high school, Judge Brett Kavanaugh got drunk at a party and made a pass at a girl. She fended him off, and was so traumatized for life that she is now a college professor.

So what?

If making an ass of himself disqualifies him for the Supreme Court, then please, let the impeachment hearings begin because he already is on the federal bench.

I want Republicans to have the courage to call the bluff of the Marxists in the Democratic Party.

This could be a watershed moment in American history, because impeaching a sitting judge over something this normal would finally settle whether teenage heterosexuality still is acceptable in the United States of America.

This deserves to be a so what moment in American history.

We will see if Republicans call Democrats on this.

Of course, the allegation is fake. A Marxist professor the same age as Kavanaugh invented a party where he got drunk and made a move on her. We know she is lying because she did not bring this up when he was up for his first judgeship. This is Anita Hill 2.0 and it is just as ugly, just as sinful, and just as big a waste of time.


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  1. The combination of cowardice and opportunism of the Republican Establishment is sickening at times. Think Roy Moore. If anyone shows signs of caving on this they should have their sword broken, ensignias stripped off, and they should be drummed out of camp like they got caught screwing the cook's wife.

    1. Not much courage on display lately.


  2. Of course it is a lie. Republicans only like underage boys and girls. This lady is lying like all of Bill Clinton's accusers too.

    Talk about trivial, in your state Surber, the R legislators who remodeled their offices for 500 grand are impeaching judges who spent $32,000 on a couch.

    1. Of course you are painting with too broad a brush. How many Republicans do you know in real life, after all?

    2. Hate to tell you, sweetie, but she has an axe to grind against the family.

      Turns out his mother found against her parents in as foreclosure 20 years ago.

      Then there's the fact DiFi has been sitting on this letter for a year.

      PS Braddrick
      Girl Sandwich

      Answer those.

    3. The Podestas are republicans? WOW!

  3. I do not care that he got drunk and made a pass at a girl 30 years ago, He has shown to be and honest and mature adult with admirable qualities. He has served our society honestly and intelligently for his entire life and is a good example of what America want to represent them.
    I will continue to support an

  4. He allegedly got drunk and made a pass at a girl....he's normal....OOoooo! The Horror!

  5. Grassley has a spine, and I will be severely disappointed if he caves on the Thursday vote. He’s played it straight this whole process; no surprises. If an R chickens out, so be it...

    Oh, and Nony’s attempt to equate Cavanaugh with Slick Willie is laughable. Next the Demmie will be cooking up transgressions that occurred when a nominee was five years old. “He burnt a pile of leaves, polluting the atmosphere, and I passed a lie detector test to prove it!” Good Fooking Grief.

  6. The Republicans should handle this similar to how Hillary did with Bill's accusers: "I heard that when she was in high school she liked to go to parties, get drunk and have sex with multiple people. Prove me wrong."

  7. I like REX's idea. No denials ever, send in the attack lawyers immediately at everyone involved, politicians, media and the accuser. Give no quarter, be brutal.

  8. The Sarah Palin treatment would shut this stuff down.

  9. There is no "there" there. It is all up to the Republicans to just ignore it and move ahead with the conformation. But based on Republican history, they will probably fold. In any case if he is confirmed let's hope he doesn't end up another wishy washy Kennedy.

  10. Grassley’s real problem here is Flake. Also, Corker and Murkowski. No one’s heard from Collins on this.

    He has to let this play out until he has 50 solid votes (Pence can tie break). Can’t afford more than one defection.

    The real action will therefore take place behind closed doors.

    Nothing that happens in the hearing, which looks like it will happen, or in the media will matter.

    The charade continues until the whip count hits 50.

    1. Precisely.

      Though, democrats, dependable as a pair of Depends, will reliably poop until their sacks are voided.

      Then, drained, temporarily, of their essential fluids, stagger off, muttering their hog mutterings, to replenish their inner slime resources, to poop another day.

      Time to buy more shares of Proctor.

  11. I am not supposed to get worked up by this crap but I am having a hard time. I am about to explode. What sane person would want to be nominated In The future unless the liberal machine is stopped and neutered now.

    1. What sane person would not welcome the ample opportunity, courtesy of our MAGA President, to participate in the democrats' self schlonging of themselves?

      Why, these democrat dummies haven't been more exposable in, like, forever and a day.

      And they're doing this themselves!!!!!

      Catalyst: MAGA

      These self made hogs of democrat, with their fancied big balls, are shown, each and every occasion, to be sacks of slime. Each and every time.

      Who wouldn't joyfully draw their spewings, setting them upfor their self administered schlongings?

      MAGA has the Balls of MAGA.

      No other balls can compete, let alone survive.

      Them democrats are sooooooooo fucking funny......

  12. Sounds like Kavanaugh's accuser is describing the relatively recent behavior of Ted Kennedy. Maybe she's confused.

    See "Ted Kennedy on the Rocks"

    Libs called Ted the Lion of the Senate. I say confirm Kavanaugh and call him the Lion of the Supreme Court. It's only fair.

  13. I do not believe they are true. But it does not matter, Kavanaugh denies them. So it has come down to that.

    BTW, Professor Blasey Ford's students speak!

  14. I am sick and tired of all this sick crap the Democrats always resort to, the problem is it has worked due to the cowardness of the Republicans in office. It is the same old stuff and they get by with it, buck up and stop it now.


  15. Kavanaugh has a witness who backs him up that the assault never happened. Why isn't that sufficient? Oh, he's a guy and you never believe a guy, not ever. Because she accused him of participating in the assault. See how that works? A witness becomes an assailant just like magic.

  16. The repressed memory story again. I thought that was considered BS after some people were "crucified" because of it.

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