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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

It's always angry white male, isn't it?

I was sent a copy of an email that had an interesting take on the attempted character assassination of Brett Kavanaugh.

The woman wrote:
I predict this will hurt the Democrats in November. Remember, the tipping point for Trump's win in '16 was white male anger. I can't think of anything which would reignite that anger worse than watching a female try to castrate one of their white brethren in public with an accusation that is shaky as best, a lie at worst.
And it isn't just white males who will be disgusted at Ford's accusation, it's males -- period.  Hispanic, Asian and black males will also be angered by Ford's accusations and the fact that she's also white (and elitist) will only fuel their rage (I can just hear them all muttering 'white bitch' under their breaths). 
In addition, there are a lot of females who stand by their man and so Ford isn't going to make those females want to vote for a party that's supporting an attack on said man. 
All in all, I predict this will not bode well for the Dems in November.
I didn't recognize the author. I was part of a bunch of people she CC'd. So I was polite in my response, writing, "Nobody cares.

"The Kavanaugh Caper is the effect, not the cause. Democrats are impotent. You have a lot of Democratic frustration right now because Obama failed and Trump triumphs.

"This was a Hail Mary pass that didn't make it to the 20. Even the resistance cannot work up a sweat over drunken teen groping.

"My take is Republicans have two people who can beat the Democrats: President Trump and Ronna McDaniel. He is the best stump speaker since TR. McDaniel has a great GOTV effort in most states (money helps)."

I held back because I did not know her, but her three little words -- white male anger -- amused me.

I know Republicans are winning whenever I see angry white male because Democrats try to use those words to discredit Republicans as racist, sexist, and the whole basket of deplorables.

The Gingrich Revolution of 1994 saw Republicans regain the House for the first time in 40 years. The press dismissed this outcome as angry white males voting for other angry white males.

It couldn't be that voters wanted to punish Congress for the House banking scandal, the House post office scandal, or the House beauty salon scandal.

It couldn't be that voters wanted a balanced budget.

No, no, no. The political press determined Gingrich won only due to angry white male, as ours were not legitimate complaints. Increasingly, I realize the political press views all male conservatives as subhuman klansmen.


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  1. What libs call white male anger is basically appealing to white working class people, both men and women. Trump won because he increased white working class voter turnout, just like Reagan did. It's all about which bone the fighting is done over. The moderates and libs (and we should include most of the Republican consultants and advisors in this category) saw Democrat success as coming from unmarried women, minorities, gays, etc. and wanted to emulate that appeal in order to try and improve Republican success. Trump realized that there was no real pathway to success using such an impotent strategy and simply went after the bone no one had been fighting over, but took for granted. Then these people show up at the polls and it just has to be racism and anger, not because anyone targeted them with rhetorical appeal.

    "White male anger" is a cop-out based in class and racial hatred in and of itself. He who smelt it dealt it.

    1. This is well said. I would add that Trump spelled hope for many human beings in the rust belt. It wasn't white male anger that made people walk three miles from their cars at 4AM for a rally at 7PM. He spoke like them and seemed to really care about them. He resonated. He had a true Constituional win. Unlike Flash and the Drunk he was not the choice of the mob,to your point.

    2. Our President followed the first three rules:

      1. No matter your beginnings, appreciate their value and appreciate their value.

      2. Do not seek others to do what you would not yourself do.

      3. Honey attracts Bees, shit attracts flies and blood attracts parasites. Bees work, flies eat shit and parasites suck blood.

      Thus, our MAGA President is thoroughly prepared and capable of being our President.

      The offal who fail to appreciate this, attempt to depreciate this, and make their total tomfooleries so very visible, are self consuming. Let them devour each other and hold steady on target.


  2. Better get up to speed, Don. ;~) We are no longer the deplorables; we are now the "dregs."

    1. But DEPLORABLE dregs of society.

    2. The Democrats are the country's largest hate group.

  3. "This was a Hail Mary pass that didn't make it to the 20."

    Actually, it appears that President Trump intercepted the pass and is running it back for a touchdown. - Elric

  4. Recent comments I got from 2 mothers:

    o One had 2 teenage sons that are afraid to speak up in school, as they're told that their sex and skin color makes their comments illegitimate.They also know that if a girl makes an accusation, they will be presumed guilty.

    o One is rethinking her liberal leanings, as her 5 and 7 year-old children are being bullied in school for not believing in "gender fluidity".

    The American public school system is now as dead as the Democrat party that runs it. The average American is being impacted by the propaganda daily. History tells us that it is next to impossible to enslave free people.

    1. By the way - great article!

    2. Our public school system is not dead. It is doing the important job of preparing kids for remedial college classes.

  5. A lot of female anger, too, as Anon's comment indicates.

  6. My wife quit substitute teaching because of
    the "children don't lie/especially girls."
    she subs at he local Christian academy now..

  7. Lies, deceit, dirty tricks, blatant hypocrisy – they make ALL conservatives angry, not just the white men. The scurrilous Left employs all of the above freely and shamelessly. We hate them regardless of our sex or color.

  8. Don: I've been re-reading the two (autographed) books I purchased from you. They've aged like fine wine. I recommend them to all.

  9. It’s angry decent people otherwise known as Deplorable dregs of to society to the liberals.

  10. Of course it is all about angry white males. As Popeye said, "I's had all I can stands and I cain't stand's no more."
    We put up with a ton of garbage on a daily basis, and demonicrats are learning what our kids learned when they were three, When dad's had enough, it is gonna hurt.

  11. Channelling the late great actor and NRA president, Charlton Heston: they can pry my White Male privilege out of my cold dead fingers.

  12. Well ... the press is full of Democrats. And it was the DemoKKKrat party which enacted all the Jim Crow KKK laws, like George Wallace (thank HIM for Nixon, 68).

    Most of those Dem males have left the Dem party, so they're also "Dem traitors". Them's the Dems many Dems remember from years ago...

  13. That Ford loon doesn’t know where it happened, doesn’t know when it happened...

    Probably on a UFO in a cornfield.

    1. You would think something that traumatic would be a little etched into your mind. Honestly, I think she's full of shit. Yeah, I said it.

  14. This whole ridiculous thing is crazy! I can’t believe that what is being said by Democrats is being taken seriously. I feel like this is some weird dream. So can anyone make a wild accusation now and their life is ruined? I pray that Democrats will pay for this in the midterms. Sanity must be restored!