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Sunday, September 23, 2018

ICE arrests war criminal

While Democrats throw the kitchen sink at Judge Brett Kavanaugh in another effort to thwart the will of the American people, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials arrested a former Peruvian soldier for his alleged role in the “Santa Barbara Massacre” in 1991.

ICE is the one federal agency Democrats want eliminated.

Agents arrested Dennis Wilfredo Pacheco-Zambrano, 48, in San Angelo last week.

"Pacheco is wanted in Peru for his alleged role in the July 4, 1991, torture, rape and extrajudicial killing of 15 Peruvian civilians in the rural village of Santa Barbara, Peru," the press release said.

ICE is the one federal agency Democrats want eliminated.

Katrina Berger, the agent in charge of ICE's Dallas office, said, "Human rights violators will find no safe haven in the United States. HSI special agents are uniquely trained to track down human rights violators and war criminals to ensure they face justice."

The press release said, "Since 2003, [ICE] has issued more than 75,000 subject records for individuals from more than 110 countries and stopped more than 260 suspected human rights violators and war criminals from entering the U.S. It has supported ICE’s removal of 908 known or suspected human rights violators from the U.S. and has facilitated the departure of an additional 122 such individuals."

ICE is the one federal agency Democrats want eliminated.

In other ICE news, the agency removed a Guatemalan national wanted for murder, cracked down on an international cocaine ring. and busted a Texas businessman who bribed Venezuelan officials.

Conservatives say Democrats favor illegal immigration because it will give them voters.

I see something more sinister. Democrats love crime, particularly the violent crime. Look at the cities they run. Rahm Emanuel's reaction to Chicago solving 1 in 6 murders was to cut back on homicide detectives.

Which explains why ICE is the one federal agency Democrats want eliminated.


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  1. Bingo. Dems love violent crime because it helps them to keep the boot on the neck of normal people. Case in point:Kavanaugh. They like having a rape problem because it helps them use it to ostracize anyone from governing that they choose. They regulate you to death on the excuse that the regs are for your own good. When violence is involved directly it is called anarchotyranny. When it is the threat of bad food, drugs, or doctors, it is the regulatory state or licensing. It is all essentially the same activity along a spectrum of life functions and it all serves to centralize power in the hands of elites. It is why we need intermediary institutions between us and government and why we need to keep as much freedom in the hands of individuals as possible.

  2. Dem leadership==hypocrites. They can'take tell the truth about what they want because it make them look even worse than they do now. And that's saying something!

  3. Some have said the number of illegals in the country is dropping.

    Go ICE!

  4. I never realized all that ICE does. Since PDJT has allowed them to do their job, I see a very effective force serving the country. Thank you ICE and PDJT.

  5. They don't want ICE eliminated as much as America Abolished.

    see, also; Tower of Babel.

  6. Dammit, Big D! That guy was rumored to be on the Demmie short list for either VP or SecDef. Guess it’s back to the drawing board. Is Angela Davis still alive?

  7. Crime creates victims - the Dems think victims vote for more Democrats & more gov't, including more gov't corruption. Such Dems are not totally wrong; but most normal folk really don't like crime.

    When Blacks vote for more Reps and Law & Order against crime, it's likely their lives will improve more and faster than the mere materialistic measures would indicate.

  8. Tribalism keeps the Democrat Plantation alive.
    Open borders ensures tribalism.