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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Grassley and Trump smoke out the Democrats

Chuck Grassley's handling of the Fake Rape charges by Democrats against Judge Brett Kavanaugh has a Trumpian flair to it. Grassley used patience to force Ford to testify.

Me? I would have told her to fly a kite.

But Grassley smoked her out instead. She will show herself, which is the last thing Democrats want.

The first Monday in October is now an artificial deadline for confirmation. By delaying his taking office, Democrats won the battle, I suppose, but this is a war now.

This likely will be another Anita Hill catastrophe, which will cost Democrats their shot at re-taking the Senate. If Breyer or Ginsburg depart, President Trump can turn the 5-4 conservative advantage into a 6-3 majority.

Kavanaugh has been cool, calm and collected. To win, Ford will have to put on a performance that would make Stalin weep.

I expect Peter Strzok 2.0 because she is lying.

Dr. Ford will testify that there were 4 people at the party where Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her. All 4 have released statements. Not a single person supports Ford’s story. ❌ Mark Judge ❌ Patrick J. Smyth ❌ Leland Ingham Keyser(Ford’s lifelong friend) ❌ Brett Kavanaugh

This is why Kirsten Gillibrand panicked and said letting her testify is silencing her.

Well, certainly it allows her to discredit herself and her story. Democrats can blame Dianne Feinstein, who met her match in Grassley, who has forced Ford to go public with her allegations.

Grassley knows who Dianne Feinstein is: Patrick Leahy in a dress.

When President Trump called her Sneaky Dianne last April, he based that on information from people in the swamp. I am not saying Grassley told him that because I have no idea who told the president that.

I am pretty sure he has a few Deep Throats in the Deep State.

You see, there are those who are rooting for President Trump to cleanse the city. As the Joker said of Gotham City in one of those Batman movies, this town needs an enema.

Grassley's move to force Ford to testify without a subpoena is Trumpian.

But no one is as Trumpy as President Trump. His handling of the Russian Collusion investigation shows the power of patience. Only when Democrats had worn themselves out flailing about did President Trump finally put up his dukes and fight back.

One punch should do it.

He has the goods on them -- the emails, the text messages, and the FISA warrants -- and he is releasing them.

Michael Doran, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute via the the Bush 43 administration, offered an interesting take. He sees infighting erupting within the Deep State.

Did you notice? Something beautiful happened this week. The NYT published a story, sourced to Camp McCabe, which targeted Rosenstein. Then the WashPost responded w/a story, sourced to Camp Rosenstein, exonerating him. What are the dueling articles are all about? =>

. explained it last night in . Trump’s decision to declassify the FISA application, etc. has set Camp McCabe and Camp Rosenstein at each other’s throats. Thru the haze and smoke of this fight we get a clearer picture of Rosenstein’s double game. =>

He helped Trump fire Comey but then ran to Team McCabe & pretended to be on their side: re-approving their rancid FISA application, & helping them get Mueller up and running. Rosenstein did not pick a side & did not follow the law. He bounced around like a pinball. =>

The article in the NYT was Team McCabe telling Rosenstein: Don’t you dare let Trump declassify those documents. If you let us go down, we’ll take you down with us. Rosenstein was actually doing his damnedest to slow roll Trump and keep the truth from getting out. =>

But neither McCabe nor Rosenstein has many plays left. The Mueller probe was their shield but it’s out of gas. All initiative is now in the hands of Trump, who, I predict, will get those docs (or most of them) declassified soon, in time to impact the elections. =>

And so what is the beautiful thing that happened this week? For the first time, the two leading liberal papers were publishing massive leaks from admin officials and former admin officials who were fighting with each other—all of whom have been working against Trump. =>

In other words, the anti-Trump coalition has, at long last, fractured. It took a helluva a lot longer than I ever expected, but it has happened. The war is not over yet. Not by a long shot. But from now on, Trump holds the advantage.

President Trump has pitted the New York Times against the Washington Post.

That's a side issue. Turning the Mueller probe into a Democratic Party problem is the real story. The swamp is now self-draining.

I told readers months ago that President Trump would pull a rabbit out of his hat before the election. The Mueller thing has been a long time coming.

The Kavanaugh thing is a gift from the drowning rats in the Senate Democratic Caucus.

Meanwhile, Ronna McDaniel kept the faith, raised money, and organized a good ground game. President Trump is the sizzle. She's the steak.

I expect a good night on November 6.


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  1. Democrats would do well to drop the sissy-punching, and learn to keep their guard.

    1. Lit'rally all they know is "#Resist".
      The flailing will intensify as Election Day approaches.

      Maybe Trump should challenge VVP to chess...?

    2. 23, 2018 at 2:12 PM

      WE hope the Liberals keep up their hate for our President Trump… it will solidify their Blue Wave in November, but it will be a blue wave of their tears as they cry all night from a loss at the polls the MSM promised they would win, again.

    3. "This is why Kirsten Gillibrand panicked and said letting her testify is silencing her."

      These Democrats / leftists are totally nuts. They really do need professional mental help. They play so many games and tell so many lies they can't keep them straight.

      The Lord is directing everything.

      Even Dems I argued with from the Summer of 2016 up until a few months ago are walking by me sheepishly, at the most saying "hello"....usually just nodding.

      The consortium of professional Democrats, MSM, and Deep State all hang out with one another and convince themselves that they're fighting the good fight to tell the rest of America - who they despise - how to act, talk, and live our lives. Around 80-85% of the rest of America is shocked and embarrassed for them, watching their daily juvenile delinquent antics.

      It's only begun to blow sky high.

  2. Interesting post; something to ponder, the power of patience. As we watch Brett Kavanaugh have to patiently endure through all the theatrics and attacks on his nomination, I wonder if there may end up being a valuable purpose served by this ordeal. Don't the Democrats realize the principle of not antagonizing the waitress who can spit in your food? What better preparation for this soon-to-be Supreme Court justice than to have a first-hand experience of the dark underbelly of Communist / Marxist 'progressivism'-- the discard of the rule of law when it suits them (presumption of innocence, due process, etc.), the divisive poison of 'identity politics', Democratic Senators deliberately taking him out of context to misrepresent him (Kamala Harris), etc. Kavanaugh seems too fair and honest to spitefully spit in their food like a disgruntled waitress, but he will surely now be bringing to all his future deliberations on the Court, a keener understanding of the 'progressive' threat to American freedom and democracy.

    1. I wish there was a way to "Like" this reply, as I would give it 1,000,000 thumbs up.

      Also, great post. I have been on a roller coaster ride of emotions this week, news-wise. However, when the news of the "best friend" broke last night, only then did I appreciate the Trumpian "strategic patience".

    2. I am disgusted that the 14th Amendment, which clarified liberty for many citizens, has taken a life of its own having the SCOTUS declare liberty is the same as privacy which resulted in gay marriage and abortion under the Federal Constitution. Up until the abortion SCOTUS ruling that was an acceptable state right. What changed?

    3. In a what came 1st, the hen or the egg manner, body determined female gender voters discovered that the emerging social deconstruction of the intimate experiences of sexuality produced a rising value to a certain political party.

      Thus, sex as a pleasurable hobby was added to sex as the designed means to reproduce bodies, aka as recreation. This added social driven desire was seen, as all other compelling voter desires are seen, by a certain political party, as a means to their desired end.

      Using a few plausible arguments, plus the essential emotional panderings, plus the outraged anger reaction induced by any objections, whatsoever, this certain political party succeeded in both avoiding having to actually fulfill their own Constitutional duties via their own Constitutional authorities, as in, succeed in lawmaking, and instead, succeeded in law bending via the Court's Constitutional authority.

      So, naturally horny females + constantly hprny males, having no objections, whatsoever, to anything that leads to more action = Drive Thru service abortion + sex is, by nature, private, individual choice + the Pursuit of Happiness is, by definition, a based individual one + ample means to both private profit, politician graft and increase said certain party's quantity of voters.

      The lyric, If can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with, thus has the sexual meaning of, If you can't get laid with the one you love, get laid with the one you can, and not to worry, she can have the fertilized by your seed lump sucked out for a reasonable, and, now, not unlawful price.

      So, is that the what changed you queried?

    4. Anon-Brilliant analysis! Progressives seem capable of only seeing one move in front of them and that move based solely on emotion (either theirs or their constituents). They aren't chess players!

  3. Allegorically, this is what Nov. 6 is gonna look like:

  4. The problem at this point is not the Democrats - but certain Republicans who have wanted to use Ford's accusations as a fig leaf to vote against Kavanaugh because they didn't have the courage to do so outright.

    That is the real endgame at this point: making the swamp too toxic for these Republicans to carry out their devious plan.

    1. It takes no courage at all to vote for your President's nominee. RINOs like Collins, Flake, and Murkowski work for the deep state and do its bidding.

  5. No offense, but I think you miss the point.

    But Grassley smoked her out instead. She will show herself, which is the last thing Democrats want.

    Agreed, but actually, I think it was a stall by the Rs. They just let the Demos think they were winning.

    Dr. Ford will testify that there were 4 people at the party where Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her.

    All 4 have released statements.
    Not a single person supports Ford’s story.

    They needed time to get those affadavits. And the best part? Mrs. Leland Ingham Keyser is the former Mrs Bob Beckel.

    Grassley's move to force Ford to testify without a subpoena is Trumpian.

    Somehow, the wagon train will be attacked by the Sioux as it lumbers through NE. or she will be caught up in a cholera epidemic and must be quarantined.

    Whatever it is, I don't think she's ever getting up before the Senate and testifying.

    But, yes, the hand of the God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne, as he's known in some quarters of the Interwebz, would seem to be in all this.

    1. The whole point, once the public lynching failed, was to delay the Senate's consent until too late for him to be on the court this year.

    2. "But Grassley smoked her out instead. She will show herself, which is the last thing Democrats want."

      Like having Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez interviewed on live nationwide TV by Mark Levin.

    3. Now that those affidavits have materialized, I think Ford will not testify. I'm interested to see what her excuse will be, though.

  6. It sounds like the old rope-a-dope trick to me. While the Democrats wear themselves down, President Trump is floating like a butterfly and is ready to sting like a bee. I see a lot more of Nazi-collaborator George Soros' shenanigans are being exposed as well. He, through his money, is the source of all evil. - Elric

  7. Excellent post. Forcing a confirmation through would have never stopped the liberals from questioning Kavanugh’s legitimacy. The Trumpian strategy is allowing them to destroy the liberal narrative. Ford will be shown to have made up the story with multiple lies. Feinstein and her group of supporting senators shamed for life (if it is possible that they even feel shame). Win. Win. Win.

    I still believe that rosenstein will emerge as one of the good guys who took a public beating while behind the scenes was luring the corrupt players into the trap. As Dennis Miller used to say after one of his rants, “of course I could be wrong”. But I don’t think so.

  8. And the inconsistencies in the story keep piling up. First there were only four other boys at the party. Now it seems as if there was three boys and two girls. And the Washington Post knee this whole trumpeting the four boys lie. And at one point I thought there were only two other boys at the party. Or we’re they the only ones in the room with Ford?

    The hardest pet of being a liar is trying to remember which story you told to who.

  9. Why does Dr. C.B. Ford need four lawyers and who is paying the lawyers' fees.

  10. I also expect her history of flying off for conferences and vacations to surface from her deleted social media accounts. I have heard that nothing is ever deleted once posted. That bomb will destroy her “too traumatized to fly” BS.

  11. MAGA, baby.

    Your doubts and worries are just a few of the cards in the deck of MAGA.

    Can anyone ever accurately predict the flight path of a butterfly?

    And, after all, no one ever suspects the butterfly........

  12. Discounting time, place, witnesses and evidence, I think she has a rock solid case. Whatever accusations she doesn't use can be saved for the next nominee.

  13. I hope this article is correct, but my mind is warped by all the Liberal news I constantly see and the response by people I know. I am pessimistic on the direction of the country. The Socialists appear to be slowly increasing their numbers and influence. The way of thinking of the left is being taught in schools, parents don't care (or aren't present) people are flooding our country and bringing their Old Country problems with them, etc.

    1. You are 100% correct.

      That's why we're fighting. It's all about the Constitution. Abortion is a smokescreen. This is why the Uni party and left are pushing and panicking. After 30 some years they had everything set up. President Hillary would simply play it out. Instead President Trump began blowing everything up, so the big battle is over The Supreme Court - i.e. the Constitution.

  14. We are now witness to the prelude of the second bloody civil war in the United States of America. Liberty or Death is the question. Will YOU go on your feet or your knees?

    1. As the soros paid rats struggle, tails held firmly by the ingenous American classic rat trap, or little rat feet stuck deeply in the layers of glue coating, they seek to delay their eventual umemployment and dismissals, seek to put off the days of their own dismal, depressing, dull witted, doldrum drenched, bored to brain coma from arriving.

      Thus, the attempts to provoke excessive action prematurely, with the prematurity being the quality defining the excessive nature of said action being attempted to provoke.

      Wait for it, bucko, and, should it actually be needed, it will be applied.

  15. It's over and the good guys lost. RINO's will stall the vote and GOP will become a minority after November. Impeachment will begin and haunt his re-election. Mock trials will commence and it will then fall to the fractured court. The fix is in for 2020 as well. The ballot machines are rigged and Mail-ins are already filled out. Stockpile ammo and food and move to a defensible area now, or it will be too late. Learn to recognize communists on sight and don't hesitate in eliminating them for your family's sake.

    1. An ejaculation while sleeping is commonly called a Wet Dream.

      A premature ejaculation, while fantasizing, is commonly called a Dammit!!!!!

      What is a premature ejaculation in soros paid commenting on a blog called?

  16. Meanwhile, where are the Principled Conservatives (TM) of the NeverTrump coterie in this dispute? Dithering, for the most part.

    1. MAGA is not, nor has been, nor can be, pro politician dominated.

      The nt knuckleheads are just as pro politician as the rino and the demo.

      Politician as a profession is the bane of Constitutional Republic.

      MAGA only achieves the American Spirit fully when the impedings of pro politicians, aka, greedy grafting control freaks, are diminished and reduced to insignificant levels.

      The duplicitous "principled conservative" is merely a snob.

      The principles of conservative nature should not conflict with the founding princples of our Constitutional Republic in any manner, ever. Whenever they do, MAGA requires a hearty fuck you be applied.

      The accurately named Uniparty is the foe of our Constitutional Republic and, thus, the foe of MAGA. And thus, the foe of us.

      Vote MAGA.

      So MAGA does not have to go full measure.

  17. Grassley needs to be strict and firm stick to time table no more wimping to DEM demands they lost an election you have the gavel now use it.

  18. Since Ford has no support to her account, Dem's needed more garbage to find and use thus the delays, allowing porn lawyer in with his salacious unverified material demanding FBI an investigation and a cease and deist of the nominee. DEM'S make mockery of the FBI past investigations of Kavanaugh 20 plus years worth if he was involved in drugs and pron they would know!!, so it false on the surface and we are not fooled by these false accusations. MAGA TO CONFIRMATION