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Saturday, September 29, 2018

FBI lacks the credibility to investigate

The Hill reported, "Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz has called for Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee to postpone a vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court until the FBI can investigate claims of sexual misconduct against him."

Sadly, Republicans have agreed to this nonsense.

But the FBI is the last agency in the world that should investigate. We may as well have the DNC investigate.

For the past two years -- at least -- the FBI has acted as the muscle and bodyguard for the Democratic Party.

I hate to disparage a law enforcement organization, but Comey and others sold the agency out long ago.

Consider the last election.

First, the FBI cleared Hillary who used a private computer to send State secrets to God knows who because the FBI also destroyed any and all evidence, granting immunity from justice to her staff members.

The FBI cynically called this an investigation.

Second, the FBI colluded with a British agent to get flimsy evidence to wiretap Donald John Trump's campaign.

Third, the FBI colluded with that British agent who colluded with Russian agents to put together a Fake Dossier to launch a special prosecutor.

The FBI has too much power and too little integrity. The trials of Ted Stevens and Bob Menendez proved that.

Dershowitz wrote, “Accusations as serious as those made by Ford and others against Kavanaugh — which allege he was guilty of criminal conduct — should not stand without clear and convincing evidence of their truth in a nation where the courts presume an accused person is innocent until proven guilty.

“An FBI investigation might provide more evidence — either favorable or unfavorable to Kavanaugh.”

What in tarnation is wrong with Dershowitz?

The allegation is that Kavanaugh got drunk and tried to dry hump a girl in high school.

No adult would have pursued case them and no adult should pursue it now.

Especially the DNC, er, FBI.

This is crazy.


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  1. The Spelunking Party, err GOP, is determined to cave.
    This will not end well.

    Vote like your freedom depends on it in November

  2. The Roll-Over Party had no choice. The three amigos (or is it 1 amigo and 2 amigas?) control things by virtue of the 51-49 split in the Senate. It's up to the Deplorables to defeat Leftist Senators in November to give the 3 squishes less clout.


    1. This is the truth sad as it is but is a constitutional consequence of the Senate as buffer to the executive, and was so designed. The FBI finding have already been denounced by the Democrats as not thorough enough so what is said is not as important as how it is said. Will their statement be enough to credibily cover the asses of one or two holdouts? Or more importantly will DT and McConnell have offered them enough compensation to vote yes? It is all about money and their individual security, not fairness, equity, due process etc and never has been.

  3. I was thinking the same thing about the FBI's credibility every time I heard that FBI investigation demand from the Democrats.

    I think somebody should start a "I heard from an insider that the Administration..." troll bit by saying they heard Trump was asking Putin to send over a post-KGB team to investigate to assure impartiality. They could make it even more believable by tying it to Trump's Helsinki remarks that caused the nut-cakes to lose it.

  4. The FBI output product is a 302, the agent's account of the interview. I say, that given the FBI's habit of editing and rewriting 302'a each 302 should be considered a work of fiction.

  5. This is all on voters who were stupid enough to elect deep state RINOs Flake, Murkowski, and Collins.

    1. A massive turnout is needed to elect so many conservative MAGA republicans that the votes of these turds won’t matter and they can no longer hold us hostage.

    2. I'm going to defend Susan Collins, in that there is very little chance Maine would send to Congress anyone to the right of Ms. Collins. She is as good as we're going to get from a New England state in the 21st Century. On the other hand, regarding Flakey and Murky, what the hell were Arizona and Alaska thinking when they sent these morons to Washington?

      In 2010, Alaska Republicans almost rid themselves of this corrupt RINO, but that meant a Tea Party conservative going to Washington, so all the elite R's in D.C. rallied round her to send the thieving whore back to the D.C. swamp, all so she could be an unreliable backstabber who disappears when needed.

  6. Dershowitz is making money off defending Trump from Mueller's witch hunt, but he's also a liberal democrat who voted for Hillary and would be happy to see Kavanaugh stopped.

  7. I want President Trump to nominate obama and hillary to a federal judgeship so they have a thorough background check.

    1. They wouyld be investigated by the same FBI who investigated HiLlARy's server, Benghazi, and every scam Barry and her were tied to since 2006.

  8. So far, I think this might be a mistake by Trump. Tho I'm sure the FBI won't find anything against Kavanaugh.

    So, there is a small chance that the investigation will find out exactly which house in 1982, in summer, thus who the owner was, thus get another witness, who will probably confirm that there was no party there with Kavanaugh.

    Some small chance of more evidence of innocence. But this seems like a mistake by Trump; the USA needs to have the Senate vote.


    " Are uncorroborated allegations, sometimes made anonymously, from high school and college enough to disqualify men and women from appointed office?"

    It's worse than this even, because the false accusations are mostly against Republicans.

    Finally, does it energize the Rep voters more, or the Dem voters more?

    1. Tom, I wish I could be as sure that "the FBI won't find anything against Kavanaugh." They won't find anything real, but there's always more crap in the septic tank.

      How does anyone prove a negative? It's impossible to determine which house something didn't happen in, or who owned the place where nothing occurred. It's simply a delay while more dirty tricks are prepared.

      This woman and her Democrat enablers are causing a great evil to occur. Judge Kavanaugh is a good man with NOTHING bad on his record in any way whatsoever; his family are good people, who are innocent of any wrongdoing. They are being dragged through the sewer while these false allegations are being considered.

      The Democrats have found a patsy in Ford, who is a nervous wreck of a woman; they don't care if they destroy her life as well as the Kavanaughs' and this is despicable.

      May these evil people all rot in Hell.

  9. The accuser has never had a security investigation, it seems, and since I have hand one many times I have seen the process up close. Since the DoE would not accept my military clearance, they did a from scratch investigation and that took 10 months. I don't believe she could get very high marks if at 15 she partied as she has indicated.

    1. The kind of anal exam you went through is exactly what Kavanaugh has already been through. His may have been even more thorough. The GOP should have just laughed out loud at DiFi and confirmed Kavanaugh, if the party didn't have so many goddam traitors like Flake, Collins, and Murkowski.

    2. Yeah. There is nothing more fun than having your Mom call you in a panic and saying, "The FBI was just here asking about you." Good Times.

  10. I just read this over at Gateway Pundit: " Last Person Senator Jeff Flake Called Before Asking for Another Week of Supreme Insanity was DAG Rod Rosenstein"

    Conservative Treehouse also thinks the fix is in: "Mission Accomplished – Senator Jeff Flake Supports The Democrat DC Scheme – Kavanaugh FBI Investigation To Be Manipulated By Michael Bromwich"

    - Elric

  11. Dershowitz has fallen victim to the same politically nonsense as several Republicans. "Every accusation by a woman must be treated with respect until disproven". I know a Senate hearing on a SCOTUS appointment is not a court of law, but this crap is dangerous. IMHO Ford should have been ridiculed and laughed out of Dodge. No GOP POTUS in the future will be able to get through the Senate with any SCOTUS appointee w/o this type of obvious character assassination from the Democrats.

    How hard is going to get people the caliber of Kavanaugh to let themselves be appointed when they know the rat bastard commies can falsely assault their reputation with impunity and zero consequences?

  12. The Kavanaugh lynching is a dress rehearsal for the impeachment of Donald Trump. We must get out and vote Republican this November!!!

  13. Wouldn't it be nice if some woman from Jeff Flake's past made the same kind of charge against him, also with no evidence. Just seeing his picture on the TV so much yesterday 'triggered' her memory, but she doesn't remember where and when. Do you think that would give Flake a little empathy for Kavanaugh? I'm sure it wouldn't.

  14. The only thing that ever counts is the count of the vote on Election Day.

    Vote MAGA.

  15. Sports Fans -

    VSG "owns" the Fibbies right now. Wray will send agents to properly investigate - properly. His neck is on the chopping block if he does not.

    The Fibbies cannot do a thing (the one time Joe Biden was right in his life!) except report their findings to Congress.

    Did you notice the distinct lack of panic from PDJT? Almost as if he expected it. The FBI report will include a very serious look-see at Ford - the daughter of CIA, and the CIA classes she teaches. Already known is that she lied by a number of years about the date she re-habbed her home, she lied about the grocery store which only had one door on the date of which she spoke. She'll burn through her "go-fund-me" fortune just lawyer-ing up to be another Clinton stooge. DiFi? Openly consorting with Chi-Coms. She is as guilty as sin, and complicit in the deep state.

    Flake will suffer an ignominious end to his career - I halfway wonder if he wasn't doing PDT's bidding in asking for the extra week. As good as any other guess, if not the best guess.

    I keep my focus on two things - because they are the real focus. First, Donald seemed non-plussed about having another investigation - as in "major yawn." Second, every day this travesty moves forward, adds to the list of indictments that AG Stealth Assassin Sessions has on his list of indictments.

    My suggestion? Keep plenty of popcorn and your beverage of choice on hand. The show is getting extremely interesting. Contrary to all the hand-wringing from worry warts on the right, VSG has the whole matter well in hand. ;-)