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Friday, September 28, 2018

Democrats sense defeat

Sarada Peri, a former senior speechwriter for Obama, is unhappy. She watched the president's press conference on Wednesday.

"And when it was over, despite all the agita on social media, I thought to myself: He’s going to get reelected. Or, more precisely: For all I know, he’s going to get re-elected because his voters certainly didn’t see what I just saw," Peri wrote in Atlantic Monthly.

She is out of touch.

How odd. A decade ago, she was in touch and helped elect Obama.

Now, she does not know our country. She sees it divided between those who read the Atlantic and those who, ugh, don't.

"If you live in the reality that mainlines Fox News, you saw something else — a strong president. You heard Trump assert America’s resurging greatness: Steel mills are being built, farmers will thrive, and the economy is doing better than even he predicted. Trump suggested that he was wheeling and dealing on trade with everyone from South Korea to Mexico, and showing everyone who’s boss. World leaders at the UN were laughing with him, not at him. He was too busy chairing the Security Council to pay attention to Kavanaugh’s latest accuser. And his genuine solidarity with the accused reinforced the narrative taking hold in conservative circles: Don’t fear that your daughters’ lives will be ruined by assault; fear that your sons’ lives will be ruined by false accusations," she wrote.

"The truth, as we now know, is irrelevant in this reality. To anyone who already believes that Trump is strong, Trump’s language was comforting. You saw a man in his element, blocks away from his very own building with his very own name on it, standing quite literally at the center of the world stage, and clearly enjoying himself. He exuded what his base so desperately hopes he and, by extension, they have — power."

Was it not that way with Obama and his supporters?

President Trump has two advantages over her and her colleagues.

One, he is delivering on his promises. The economy is better. World leaders respect him. He fights for his supporters and rest of America.

His second advantage is an opposition that is so sure of its righteousness that it never adjusts its tactics or strategy. It's all anger and hate and a refusal to accept the results of the last election.

Intelligent people don't curse the past; they learn from it.

Democrats curse too much.

Peri never considers the other guy's point of view. There is only one valid point of view. Hers. The echo chamber of Washington media does her a disservice by reinforcing her.

And yet she senses a re-election because while she believes them to be her inferiors. She is living what Pauline Kael joked about in 1972 (and yes it was a joke): “I live in a rather special world. I only know one person who voted for Nixon. Where they are I don’t know. They’re outside my ken. But sometimes when I’m in a theater I can feel them.”

Trump supporters are outside the ken of Democrats.

James Wolcott of Vanity Fair defended Kael 40 years later, "Rather than showing out-of-touch insularity on Kael’s part, the quote actually shows Kael is perfectly aware of that insularity and is in fact making light of it. It also shows she’s perfectly aware that there are people out there in the world who don’t share her views, as if she hadn’t yet gleaned that when she was 53 years old in 1972. Or for that matter in the previous election, which was also won by Nixon."

Kael did not have to know Nixon supporters. She wrote for an elitist magazine, New Yorker.

Democrats need to know Trump supporters. Many of them were Obama supporters, at least enough to tip the electon.


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  1. Peri wrote: "If you live in the reality that mainlines Fox News, you saw something else — a strong president. ..."

    She wrote that like it's a bad thing.

    1. Fox News is always the boogey man. But does any show get over 3 million viewers? Less than 1% of the population? I don’t think so.
      We reject liberals and democrats because they are dishonest hacks. We support PDJT because he is schlonging all thatbstand in his way. MAGA is our fuel. Not Fox News.

  2. I've lived in New York for 40 years. Kael was not making a joke at all. She probably understood Manhattanite insularity but she also embraced it, like most of them do. They like to be of the city, be there, not out of it too long. About a week is ok. They prefer their own company too. Local concerns are of zero interest. The Dems are the same since they are the same people. They prefer their own. They are never going to go after the Trump voter. They dispise him. He is the enemy, and will not be an ally for a generation, if then.
    When I fly out of NYC to the West, no one keeps the plane window shades up. Some are looking at computer screens, or movies, but no one looks out. Flyover land is not interesting any more.

    1. That reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw in Austin not long ago. It was on a Prius and said "Powered by my own sense of self-righteousness."

      A joke that suggests the owner understands his or her own smugness--but still glories in it. Ick.

    2. That bumper sticker was from an episode of The Simpsons.

  3. "Don’t fear that your daughters’ lives will be ruined by assault; fear that your sons’ lives will be ruined by false accusations." This is HUGE. MY life was damaged by divorce and my ex wife's false accusations. I am pissed and I AM finding my voice to oppose the Dem's and their nonsense. JP

  4. One, he is delivering on his promises.

    There is a theory extant that delivering on his promises is what will hand him the midterms.

    Remember the old KGB maxim a US President has 2 years to get things done. The theory goes it's because he isn't keeping his promises and blows the midterms.

    We'll see.

  5. DJT drives me nuts sometimes. I really wish that someone (GEN Kelley perhaps) would wrestle his phone away from him and keep him off Twitter.

    Trump kept his promises. Obama talked about needing a magic wand to get 3% GDP growth and how manufacturing jobs were gone, they weren't coming back. DJT has the lowest unemployment since the 70's to go with 4.2% GDP growth last quarter. My manufacturing company can't hire people fast enough.

    Throw the disgusting performance of Dem's during the Kavanaugh confirmations and Trump is going to get re-elected. As people are want to say, if you want more Trump, acting like the Dems have this week is how you get more Trump.

    1. Trump plays Twitter like a Maestro. You see, the Marxist media are actually Red Guards. Google it. So, there's a real threat to the future of young men. Unsubstantiated accusations.....straight out of the Marxist handbook. Wonder how radicalized Kavanough is now?

    2. Twitter is how Trump gets the word out. Would you rather he let the scumbag Democrat media have exclusive rights to that?

    3. As others have said, President Trump uses Twitter like a red-dot laser to a kitten; he makes the media chase it, and they bang their heads into the walls but never catch on. Round and round they go, doing themselves great harm, but they just can't stop!

      Twitter is yet another battleground: the war for freedom of speech is being fought there, and Trump is worth an entire army of Winged Hussars all by himself.

      Twitter has banned many on the side of the Right, but very few on the Left. Recently James Woods was banned, for a months-old tweet using a meme; he had 1.7 million followers who were really angered by that move. Twitter membership is now going down, as people leave in disgust.

      Imagine how much the Twitter twits would love to ban President Trump! But they cannot. If they do, Twitter itself will be finished- and they know it, and it drives them mad!

    4. Johnny boy, that's just because you're in love.

      And ain't that a kick in the head......

    5. Those who STILL fret over Trump's Tweets: If that is ALL you worry about, then you need to thank GOD that you are not instead upset over tweets from President Hillary!

  6. Personally, I am disappointed in PDT's 'red line in the sand' on budgets. His 'never again' promise evidently went down the tubes as he says he plans to vote for that abortion of a budget that the Republicans slipped past which evidently includes PP and NO border wall.

    1. Your disappointment is so tragic.

      The Universe weeps for you.

      Now, maybe, if you would, get off your ass and Vote MAGA.

      Instead of whining like a bitch.

  7. Don’t fear that your daughters’ lives will be ruined by assault

    I wonder, do blue states have a higher probability of violence against women? Weinstein and his ilk do not hang out in Middletown, Ohio, for example. In blue states do parents have to worry more about their daughters' lives being ruined by sexual assault? This concern may be much more prevalent in blue states because there the social atmosphere is very highly charged with fashionable permissiveness and its moral squalor. In Trump states I think there is far less pressure, and so, danger, of sexual assault.

    Could that be true? Or was I simply too polite with women when I was in the dating pool years ago here in the Midwest?

    1. Easier to assault a daughter when there is no daddy, and no shotguns.

  8. "If you can do it it ain't bragging" ~ Paul "Dizzy" Dean

  9. Ridiculous. People are perfectly capable of worrying about both. It's not like there's only one bad thing that can happen, and that's sexual assault to a girl. Boys get sexually assaulted, girls get falsely accused of things.

    These people are cynical and dishonest beyond belief.

    1. If you mean politicians you are right!

  10. And, once again, the nitwit birdy drops a nitwit blob of nitwit birdy shit and gets attention.

    From a MAGA blog, no less.

    Rubbing in the nitwit birdy's shit has what purpose to the MAGA? None.

    Be smarter than half assed MAGA, as there is no such thing as half assed MAGA.

    Distraction is the purpose of nitwit birdies dropping nitwit birdy shit.

    MAGA abides distraction not at all.