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Friday, September 14, 2018

Dawdling Democrats must stay after school

Politico shed even its thin veneer of objectivity to report, "McConnell screws Dems ahead of election with October session."

Work in October? Why they haven't had a vacation since August.

Politico reported, "Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is planning to keep the chamber in session for a significant portion of October if not four entire weeks, costing Democrats key campaign trail days and allowing the Senate to continue its work into the fall, according to five Republican officials. The Kentucky Republican wants to keep cranking through as many lifetime judicial nominations and executive nominations as he can with his majority in the balance and the GOP still with the unilateral ability to confirm President Donald Trump’s picks."

Not just judicial nominations, but "lifetime judicial nominations," as if there were another kind in Washington.

Generally, publications avoid headline that use as a verb "screws" because of its double duty as a euphemism for coitus.

Democrats have delayed and dragged their feet on President Trump's appointments. McConnell made making over the federal judiciary a priority.

President Trump has appointed two Supreme Court justices, as have the three previous presidents; Ronald Reagan got four.

Perhaps more importantly, in less than two years, President Trump has appointed 36 appellate judges that is one-fifth the 179 appellate judges in the country. 10 await confirmation by the Senate.

Had Democrats cooperated a little -- had they given President Trump the decency of a peaceful transition of power -- the Uni Party would remain in tact, and they would have gotten a longer summer vacation and time to campaign for yet another term.

That deal is gone with the wind. At least when it comes to confirming judges.

From Politico:
“We’re going to clear the deck of all the circuit judges,” McConnell told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt last week. “If we can hold onto the Senate for two more years, we’re going to transform the federal judiciary with young men and women who believe in the fundamental notion that the job of a judge is to interpret the law as it’s written.”
McConnell is a weather vane as any Senate leader must be as many senators are about as cooperative as an alley cat.

I am glad that all hands are on deck when it comes to the judiciary. President Trump's outsourcing judicial nominations to the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation -- trustworthy conservative lobbyists -- assured that he can get 50 out of 51 votes. Vice President Pence decides any tie vote.


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  1. McConnell got played by Dingy Harry and his crowd, so this is payback.

  2. So, the republicans get to go home and campaign?

    1. Visibly implementing one’s conservative agenda is a campaigning of sorts.

    2. Yes, as has been said many times "Repubs should campaign as if there was no tomorrow."

      Since many of them barely lifted a finger to implement campaign promises (abolish ObamaCare, build the wall, cut spending, ...) it doesn't hurt to show a bit of diligence prior to the election.

      One more thought: when the Senate DOES finally adjourn can they formally go out of session so that Pres Trump can fill some positions ("recess appointments") still vacant due to Dem obstruction?


    3. Meant to say "legislate" as if there was no tomorrow.

  3. I think there are a lot more endangered Democrats than endangered Republicans. But, then, I live in SC, and the phrase endangered Republican is an oxymoron.

  4. Trump has been far, far better and conservative than many GOPe folk. I first wrote most but actually I think it's only many. The failure of a few GOPe stains all of them with the "not getting it done". McCain and Ryan come to mind; as does McConnell on most of the agenda, other than the judiciary.

    Still, Mitch IS doing very good on judges, and if does clear the deck will be doing great.

    1. For years Paul Ryan presented many good changes to present policy and law. But once he became the speaker with the power to push those changes he severely disappointed me. As a TEA Party director in my county, this habit of Republicans to promise and then ignore them is so normal. Unfortunately the SCOTUS has ruled that recall of congressional elected officials is not constitutional nor is impeachment of them. Time for a change in that aspect of our constitution based on a % of registered voters signing a state petition.

  5. McConnell's efforts to thwart Dems rule by liberal judges may, in the long run, be as consequential as anything Trump does.
    We gotta give props to the Turtle on this one.

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