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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Crazy Town Trump makes his move to balance the budget

Paul Bedard wrote in the Washington Examiner, "President Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and House Speaker Paul Ryan have teamed up this summer to do something that hasn’t happened in two decades — write and pass department spending bills instead of lumping everything into a massive package."

First time in 20 years. Hmm. Wasn't that the last time we balanced a budget?

Under Clinton and Gingrich, spending bills were vote on one at a time, and eventually, federal spending was limited to federal revenues.

But the Establishment quickly went back to spending trillions it did not have. They forced Gingrich to resign, and Bush 43 became president. Spending soared -- they even used 9/11 as an opportunity to add another department to the Cabinet -- and the national debt (the accumulation of all those annual deficits) is now four times as large as it was when Clinton left office.

President Trump -- whose White House was described by Washington Establishment Wizard Bob Woodward in his book as Crazy Town -- has not said much about balancing the budget, but this is a step toward balancing the books because he is doing what Clinton and Gingrich did to balance the budget last time.

How did Instapundit put it?

If Woodward's book is true, it's especially damning to Obama that a "crazy town" White House is accomplishing more than his did.

Ah yes, Crazy Town Trump. I went over that earlier today. Trump and company gamed Woodward pretty good. A reporter should never trust anything President Trump or his administrators say off the record.

In working with Congress, Crazy Town Trump used the same negotiating skills that got Kim Jong Un to blow up his nuke site and dismantle his missile launcher.

Bedard reported, "And while Congress has taken the votes, many on Capitol Hill are giving Trump and his team the credit for breaking the 20-year log jam. They cite his refusal to sign another massive “omnibus” spending bill that ignored his priorities, even if it means shutting down the government.

"'This is all driven by the president,' said a key congressional insider. 'It’s a win for the president. For 20 years this system has been busted.'

"Nobody is as pleased as McConnell. Last week he said that the passage of department spending packages was a huge achievement, 'given how completely fouled up the government funding process has been for 20 years, 20 years.'"

I usually pay scant attention to such procedural minutiae but in this case the process dictates outcome. Going over each bill individually forces people to read the line items and question the spending.

When something is broken, you go back to what worked. Crazy Town is doing that.


  1. In an ideal world, the omnibus budget bill would make more fiscal sense than passing a host of spending packages for different segments of the budget. You project your income for the coming year, set your priorities among your programs and agencies, and then parcel out the spending accordingly so as to balance the money you expect to come in. If you create and pass a bunch of separate spending packages, it's easy to lose sight of the money you have and the spending you've already authorized in another budget package. But that's in an ideal world that bears no resemblance to Congress, who find it easy to spend other people's money to protect their precious incumbency. Congress became spendthrifts; they lack fiscal discipline. They sent us down the road to national poverty. The omnibus spending bill did nothing to rein in their inclination to spend, spend, and spend even more...despite the sequester. It's time for Congress to go back to the old method of budgeting, to try something old again. Perhaps it will work. Repeating the failed approach is clearly not working.

  2. Replies
    1. And McConnell, who could have done this years ago, is now all in. Ryan could have done this too, and he is silent. Says it all.

    2. Seems to me, nothing irks Trump more than fighting on the defensive.

      He really knows only one way to fight—attack.

      Remind you of anyone?

    3. Trump's Black bud - Iron Mike Tyson (in the ring, Great! Too bad he was also out of the ring too much)

  3. "and eventually, federal spending was limited to federal revenues."

    Actually, no. The last time the federal debt did NOT increase - that is, the last time that expenditures did not exceed revenues - was when Eisenhower was President. Late 1950s. Any other measure than new debt (that is, deficit) at the end of the fiscal year allows too much funny business to hide spending - moving embarrassing stuff like the Post Office "off-budget" so it doesn't show, etc.

  4. What on earth has gotten into GOPe McConnell?

  5. No doubt crazy people think the sane are crazy.

  6. Some like some SOBs’ golden parachutes are about to Roman-candle.

  7. Seems to me that some CPA must have walked in and shown somebody how balance a checkbook so it stays out of the red. Good sound advice.

    1. This CPA wishes there were more of my brethren involved. Former Mich. gov Rick Snyder is one of the few.

      The smartest person I ever met, David Walker, CPA, former Comptroller General of the US, quit because those in DC refused to even look at his numbers (because: a- they don't understand numbers, they're politicians, and by definition that makes them economically and financially illiterate; and b- they could not stomach what the numbers were telling them about their insane spending).

  8. First, we don't even know if this letter from 'Senior Administration Official' is real since it's in the Times.

    Secondly, we don't need a possibly fictional bureaucrat who never ran for office to protect us from the president who carried 30 and a half states. But the entire premise is a lie anyway.

    President Trump is Restoring American Democracy, not subverting it. They've gotten so used to perverted government, that up looks like down and down looks like up to them.

    For starters, he's not wiretapping, framing and spying on his opponents as was done to him. And still is being done.

    He's not wiretapping reporters and Congress like Obama and Brennan did.

    He withdrew from the phony Climate Accord--we were the only country who joined without legislative approval.

    He cancelled the Iran Deal, another One-Man Treaty, approved in the Iranian Senate but not the American Senate.

    He shrunk the federal land grab in Utah that should have been a National Park, not a unlegislated "Monument".

    He cancelled DACA which is a One-Man suspension of the laws passed by Congress and signed by presidents

    He cancelled the extra-legal payoffs to insurance companies while legally expanding small business pools.

    He's appointing judges who will umpire, not play.

    He's exiting UNESCO, who wanted to control America's refugee policy.

    He's ending the Kangaroo Courts on campus and bringing back the Constitution there.

    Not to mention ending all the life-sapping regulation imposed by unelected, unaccountable Blob-ocrats.

    He's rewriting flawed trade deals as the deals themselves permit. And doing so on behalf of American workers. And now he may even succeed in getting Congress to pass an actual budget at long, long last.

    And that's just a partial list. Every one of these items returns power, money, sovereignty and influence back to the American people and their elected representatives and restores each branch and level of government to its proper role.

    President Trump is saving our democratic Constitutional republic in spite of these flea-bitten Deep State hacks and their Media Pimps, not because of them.

    And thank God for it.

  9. When Obamacare came out, all sane people started thinking of bills that were no more than 10 pages in length. It's good to see at least some politicians are coming around. It'll never happen though, until the swamp is drained completely.

  10. McConnell seems to lick any winner's boots -- but he IS getting some good results by sucking up to Trump.
    Judges - great. Tax Cuts - great.
    Now separate budgets - good start, might be great.

    Spending freezes on the areas Trump doesn't like could really reduce the deficit -- tho entitlements can't be reformed until Dems think they need to be reformed. Current and near future Dems seems to want more Venezuela tho, so entitlement reform seems excessive until there are 60+ Rep Senators and a House Rep majority.