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Friday, September 07, 2018

Coal. It makes the airplanes fly

Marxists love to knock coal. They argue it does not produce as many jobs as it once did.

They look only at the coal miners.

They do not look at the other jobs that coal produces in West Virginia.

In 1954, Henry J. Kaiser decided to build an aluminum plant along the Ohio River seven miles outside Ravenswood, West Virginia, which at the time was Poca-sized.

Coal brought the industrialist to West Virginia.

Oh, you don't make aluminum out of coal, but you do burn it to make cheap electricity -- and aluminum production requires plenty of electricity.

The plant employed nearly 4,000 people when I moved to the state in 1981. That was its peak. Since then, strikes and closings have handed down the plant from Kaiser to a series of companies. At one point, billionaire and international fugitive from justice Marc Rich owned the plant.

Bill Clinton later pardoned him for a $1 million donation to his library.

As of August 2015, Ravenswood Works had 1,000 employees.

In the presidency of Donald John Trump, coal is back. And so is Ravenswood.

Jeff Morris of WCHS/WVAH reported, "Constellium NV announced in a news release Wednesday that is has signed a multi-year agreement with The Boeing Co. to support its leading commercial airplane programs.

"Under the new agreement, Constellium will supply Boeing with a broad range of advanced aluminum rolled products coming mostly from its plant in Ravenswood.

"The company said the agreement 'further strengthens its longstanding partnership with Boeing and confirms its leadership position for aerospace aluminum products and solutions.'"

Shut down coal and you shut down industry in West Virginia. I think that is the Democratic Party's plan.


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  1. I think the plan is to transform our nation from a manufacturing base to all of us having a choice of working for the gubmint, working in education, working in IT and finally, working behind a counter.

  2. Maybe the described socialist plan is why socialism is so noted for producing mass starvation.

  3. Despite this news, the liberals will still claim coal is dead and the manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back.

  4. You can help your own cause by retiring Joe Manchin in two months.

    Thank you in advance.

  5. As a famous man keeps trying to remind us, they want to make us all beggars because beggars are easier to please.

    1. Politicians and terrorists prefer unarmed peasants.

  6. "Bill Clinton later pardoned him for a $1 million donation to his library."

    Donald Trump pardoned Kim K grandmother for time spent under his Oval Office desk. No difference between the two.

  7. Clever post but missing the point (nothing new there). Coal has never been gone in WV, never will be.

    Coal mining jobs ... another story. Never returning to its heydays. Never talk about that, do you Donnie?

    1. The biggest thing hanging over the coal indistry is the possibility American voters will be stupid enough to elect another Democrat President.