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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Chaos and incompetence in the White House press corps

Jonathan Swan of Axios had another big scoop on Monday morning:
Exclusive: Rod Rosenstein is resigning 
It was a scoop of something that was not ice cream.

Swan wrote, "Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has verbally resigned to Chief of Staff John Kelly in anticipation of being fired by President Trump, according to a source with direct knowledge.  Per a second source with direct knowledge: 'He's expecting to be fired,' so he plans to step down."

The story has changed its headline and thrust since Swan first posted it.

Despite Swan's previous scoops of stuff that ain't ice cream, others White House reporters picked up on the story.

ABC News reported in a five-man bylined story, "Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is heading to the White House Monday morning with the expectation that he will be fired, sources told ABC News."

The New York Times reported, "Rod J. Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, was expected on Monday to leave his job at the Justice Department, days after private discussions were revealed in which he talked about invoking the 25th Amendment."

That 25th Amendment nonsense was another story that fizzled but the Times keeps pretending its scoop was of ice cream, not that other stuff.

The Washington Post reported, "Deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein has told White House officials he is willing to resign in the wake of revelations he once suggested secretly recording the president, but it's unclear if the resignation has been accepted."

All day long the cable channels reported this and their panels spent hours ruminating over this like priests at the Oracle sifting through the entrails of goats.

Finally, hours later, Reuters sheepishly reported, "Rosenstein had a previously scheduled meeting at the White House at noon on Monday, according to a person familiar with the matter. He is still the deputy attorney general and he attending a 'substantive meeting' in that capacity, the person said."

Ah, but they will meet again on Thursday.

That's when the ax will fall, the reporters tell themselves.

There is a circus in the White House all right but it is in the press room, not the Oval Office.

President Trump is doing what he set out to do: denuking North Korea, cutting taxes, getting the economy going, appointing conservative judges...

Has the press got anything right?

Pay no attention to their anti-Trump diatribes and scoops. The leaks are real. The news is fake. Someone wanted the press to fall for this. Mission accomplished. Again.


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  1. Remember when the press thought it was such a terrible thing when a president thought it was a good idea to tape record himself and others? Despite the fact that it had been done by previous administrations? And drove him from office for doing so? Because he may have erased some of his own recordings? Is that anything like deleting emails?

    And now they think people who suggest recording presidents without their knowledge should be defended to the death.

    1. If everything is “worse than Watergate”, that kinda suggests that Watergate itself was a nothingburger.

    2. Well, after Watergate there was an election. And the Repub candidate won, IIRC, 49 states.
      The Enemedia did create a storm of non ice cream and drove the Repub from office with the energetic help of that era's equivalent of NeverTrumpers.

    3. Feelin Synyrd, Dave? I sho am.

  2. Wouldn't it be interesting if we learn of a White House staffer's resignation soon having been outed as the leaker of this leak detection story?

    1. President Trump won't fire himself, er, John Barron

    2. But you are right. He will ax a leaker without you knowing that was the reason
      See Bannon, Steve

    3. When is President Yeti going to ax the worst leader, Kellyanne? Rosentein - a Republican Trump appointee - leaked his own "resignation" story to cast himself as a sympathetic figure. So the press bought it, whoopee.

    4. *leaker, not leader

    5. Leaking in Donald Trump’s White House is like leaking on the third rail.

    6. More like leaking on the Third Reich

    7. "More like leaking on the Third Reich"

      Adolph of Africa's hold overs.

  3. They say that the Oracle at Delphi used to speak in dactylic hexameters.

    These modern Oracles of the MSM seem to prefer gen-yoo-ine frontier gibberish.

  4. And now it's time to say good-bye
    To Swan and all his friends
    They would like to thank you all
    For kindly beleavin them.
    You're all invited back next week to this locality
    To have a heapin helpin of lost credibility.
    Fake news that is,
    They can barely spell,
    Don't take yer shoes off.
    Gettin deep now, I fear.

    Sorry Jed

    1. Very good. But shoes won’t do. They need wading boots.

    2. Green Acres we are there!

    3. No, anon, Beverly Hill Billies. The ending song.
      But if you want Green Acres;

      Washington is the place to be.
      Bribe taking is the life for me.
      Donations come from far and wide.
      Voters don't matter so I win in a landslide.

  5. Why Trump might want [RR] to stay put:

    (The X22 Repot is an Absolute Must Watch)

  6. They so wanted to scream about a Monday Afternoon Massacre.

  7. It isn't the press' job to get things right. Their job is to sway public opinion and keep the real issues hidden from the American people. I am not being facetious, or sarcastic. I am being perfectly accurate in describing their mission.

  8. So the Futtbuckers of the White house press corps were suckered by the axiosholes over at that other left wing news site? Too funny, one giant liberal circle jerk which produced nothing but more fake news.