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Friday, September 14, 2018

California nightmarin'

This summer Sirius XM devoted a channel to the Beach Boys. One Saturday morning, top down and cruising as fast as I can, I heard "Good Vibrations" followed by "Surf's Up." I should have been elated. They are the quintessential Beach Boys tunes.

But I was depressed because they sang of a California that is no more.

The Golden State is Pinchbeck. The California Dream is so over that the descendants of Okies are headed back to Muskogee.

"Federal data released Wednesday show that California has the highest poverty rate in the nation," The Hill reported.

"The Census Bureau's Supplemental Poverty Measure for 2017 estimates that California's poverty rate is at 19 percent. That figure is a slight 1.4 percent drop from last year, but still the highest of any state."

California is a political and economic basketcase. People poop in the streets without shame or fear of the law. You can give someone AIDS without penalty.

But the state is banning straws.

And the state that gave us hot rods, funny cars, and low-riders is banning automobiles in 2040.

Democrats are wringing out everything that is good about California. I fully expect a ban on surfing soon.

The reason is clear. California succeeded. It built, supported, and expanded a gigantic middle class.

Democrats imported impoverished people by declaring the state a sanctuary for illegal aliens and by offering free stuff and good weather to the hobos.

Excuse me, the homeless.

To pay for this, the politicians taxed the middle class. Now they leave. In less than a half-century after Ronald Reagan's second-term as governor ended, California is the poorest state in the country.

"Good Vibrations" contained a wonderful line written by Mike Love, "I don't know where but she sends me there."

Wherever that place may be, it no longer is California.


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  1. California could have survived excess taxation and regulations, poop patrols, and liberal kookiness. But nothing survives the invasion of several millions of third worlders.

  2. "...Okies are headed back to Muskogee."
    Don Surber has become a national treasure.
    He is the Will Rogers of the current era.

    1. I always look For Don's articles and read everyone, this man makes sense because he uses common sense.

  3. California is joining the list of ‘progressive’ countries who are converting to electric cars:

    What generates all that electricity for those cars?

    1. Anyone who thinks hydroelectric power from Hoover Dam is going to provide more juice needs to look at the latest images of Lake Mead.

    2. ontario banned coal powered plants and electricity prices have necessarily skyrocketed. My parents have a cabin up there and have seen elec prices triple. don't think about running your dryer in day time unless you have a trust fund.

    3. According to the Left, having lots of cheap energy is a bad thing.

    4. They think it will be wind from Wyoming. Of course there is a long windy coastline...but that is part of their precious environment.There is no coastline wind energy in the state.

  4. Get attached to people, not things or places.

    “Well I'll never be a stranger
    And I'll never be alone
    Wherever we're together
    That's my home.”

  5. I was born in Ca. in '53, my parents in '29. You can imagine how I feel about the situation. I guess that's why I've been in Utah for the last 40 years. My brother and sister are still there. Fortunately they're retired and live nice spots.

  6. The first LP I ever bought was Surf's Up.

  7. Well, they did give us those terrific CARB compliant, spill-proof, environment saving gas cans. The ones that in frustration you take off the cap and try to pour the gas directly into the mower tank, splashing a 1/3 of it onto the ground.

    In some ways, those gas cans could be a metaphor of California.

    1. I broke down and bought a couple of gas spouts to fit my cans. Makes life easier.

  8. The big problem with the mass migration of Californians out of the state is they take the policies that are destroying the state with them. They Californicated Oregon, Colorado, and Montana. They're trying to do the same with Arizona. The same applies to the folks from New York and New Jersey moving to the South. - GOC

    1. Bingo.

      Intsapundit recommends that conservative fat cats should sponsor "welcome wagons" for the immigrating "Calies", to show them the connection between past voting behavior and the reasons they left California.

    2. Or as I put it, if you voted Democrat in the last ten years, stay and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

    3. I refuse to go to my home town in Arizona, they have destroyed it and tried to turn it into a mini-LA. It's disgusting.

    4. California native son here- born in '46, back when it was a Golden State and becoming more golden each day. People from all over the country were headed here, to join the best state in the Union.

      We were conservative, but forward-looking and innovative; we had a Governor in '67-'75 that became one of the best Presidents of the USA that there has ever been, Ronald Reagan.

      Now conservatives like me have nowhere to go. The far-Left has taken over the state, and to add insult to injury people from other states seem to think it was the conservatives of California, now leaving, who are ruining their own states!

      California's downfall came with the Civil Rights Act, the changes in the Immigration Act, and the communists in the school system who taught that all these changes for the worst were actually good: more diversity = better, right? People who are furthest away from being anything like Americans are the best to import, right?

      I'm willing to bet that your own school systems are 'teaching your children well,' about their father's hell & how to be good little collectivists.

      So many Millenials and Gen X'ers are happy that the Boomers are dying off; but do they want to bring back the America that we once had, in California too? No, they don't. They don't even know what it was.

      They've been taught well all right. Blame Californians if it makes you feel better, but it's coming to your neighborhood too, even if there's not a single Ronald Reagan from California to blame it on!

    5. The Day of Reckoning approaches. The state has a $1 Trillion unfunded liability for it's public employee retirement and medical funds. Numerous local governments are converging on 50% of their budgets going to retirees. As the tax base thins. It's going to be like Venezuela before it finally burns.

  9. Ha! Yeah, it's a mess there. The entire state wishes it could be like Appalachia. If only their $2.7 Trillion economy could aspire to West Virginia. You've got to share what you are smoking.

  10. So sad about CA - still great weather ("...and the girls all get so tan.")

    But it looks like it needs to get worse, maybe as bad as Venezuela, before it gets better. Almost everybody learns from their own mistakes.

    (Wise folk learn from the mistakes of others. Not many wise "Democratic Socialists" in CA, nor the USA, nor the world.)