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Sunday, September 09, 2018

Anti-Trump desperation grows

Christian Whiton's Drudge-linked piece, "Why Trump's Record Trumps the Media's Spin," was the twinning of the Boy Who Cried Wolf with the Little Red Hen. The media keeps crying impeachment while President Trump plants the seeds, reaps the wheat, grinds the grain, and bakes the bread.

"No matter how many outraged opinion pieces or news articles (but I repeat myself) the New York  Times produces, no matter how many smarter-than-thou analysts with non-prescription eyeglasses mope about sadly on CNN, no matter how many Obama fan boys and girls left in the White House press corps shriek at the president whenever in earshot, it just doesn’t matter anymore," Whiton wrote.

"The economy hums. Trump keeps us out of foreign entanglements. Wages increase. America’s traditional meritocracy replaces the Democrats’ grievance-based society. Life happens."

He explained everything in two paragraphs. 83 words. It took 10 seconds to read.

President Trump delivers, on time and under budget.

The media cannot stand it because he keeps proving them wrong. For example, they said -- and hoped -- that tariffs would trigger a global recession.

Maybe in China and Europe.

But last month U.S. Steel announced it will invest $750 million in its iconic Gary Works in Gary, Indiana, a town that U.S. Steel created just for its plant. That investment means it is here to stay for another generation.

And the media tried to undercut Trump's triumph.

"Trump imposed tariffs of 25 percent on imported steel and 10 percent on imported aluminum in March, launching an escalating trade war with China and other countries. The domestic steel industry has emerged as an early winner, but others may be hurt by retaliatory tariffs," the Chicago Tribune reported on August 17.

"For example, Milwaukee-based manufacturer Harley-Davidson announced in June it would move some production overseas to avoid tariffs on American-made motorcycles imposed by the European Union in response to Trump’s measures."

Tariffs saved Harley in the 1980s. It returned that favor by buying foreign steel and building plants outside the United States.

Even Harley workers back the president on this. America First, and if Harley won't dance with the one who brung him, then let China save Harley.

I agree with Conrad Black, who wrote, "Trump has not got to this historic point by being the blustering and crooked buffoon portrayed by his enemies. He is a cunning and pitiless enemy. This is political mortal combat, and in evidentiary as in electoral matters, you can’t fight something with nothing."

And nothing is all they have.

President Trump has something. Plenty of something.

His critics are desperate. They trotted out Obama who decided to take credit for President Trump bringing back those jobs that Obama said aren't coming back.

Bob Woodward rose from his crypt to pen his usual the Republican-president-is-crazy book.

Not to be outdone, the New York Times published a column that said what he said, attributing it to a senior official.

Everyone in Crazy Town DC reads this BS and believes it, and is befuddled with how an idiot lunatic defeated the smart, wise, light-drinking Hillary.

Meanwhile in Poca, West Virginia, life goes on. People are more concerned about the weather than they are Washington.

That is how it should be in a free country. The government should have little to do with you as you go about your business.


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  1. Don, I stand shoulder to shoulder with your politics. But, I just LOVE your prose. The many years in the industry paid off. Dang ... a joy to watch you turn these pieces out.

  2. The icing on the cake is the Demos' paucity of standard bearers.

    Willie creeped everybody out at Aretha's funeral, so they have to call on Barry, the Black Hand of Death when it comes to helping candidates (and this on top of his risible attempt to claim credit for the economy).

    They really do have nothing.

    1. Only bearers the Dems will need for their election hopes are the ones that carry shoulder-high.

  3. Also the Dem Clown car that was the Kavanaugh hearings..
    "The Handmaidens" The screaming pink hat mob.
    "Spartacus" that foud out his ACME Rocket Skates didin't work as planned.
    Kamala Harris show she isn't qualified to be Senator let alone president..
    Love , this TG

  4. They should have had a two cent self activated guillotine for the crazed dissenters in the hallway at Kavanaugh's vetting! I enjoyed the show!

  5. Trump has had everything thrown at him, threatening him, betraying him, demonizing him every. single. day. and he still has time to show the American people how it's done after years of 'statesmanship' and 'global interests' and 'bipartisanship'. We KNOW now what we always believed; they weren't working for us, they were always working for themselves and the elite class.

  6. Obama looked skinny, angry and nervous the other day. Trump is about to drop the bomb that implicates Obama and his admin.

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