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Monday, August 06, 2018

Why a civil war

Many conservatives talk about a second civil war. They imagine Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -- the flavor of the week for limousine liberals -- leading a Pickett's Charge up Fifth Avenue.

But we are in a civil war. Granted it is largely nonviolent but the gulf is real as three sides battle over control of the country.

America's Ancien Régime with its caricatures of conservatives and liberals embraced the New World Order, which has failed the world miserably.

For example, in the 22 years before NAFTA, employment in the United States increased by 50%.

In the 22 years after NAFTA, employment in the United States increased by 25%.

Oh, and we are in our 17th year of the Afghanistan War.

Backed by corporate sponsors, the Deep State, and the media, the Uniparty continues to hang onto power, but for how long?

President Trump's hostile takeover of the Republican Party into the son of H. Ross Perot's Reform Party has attracted the overwhelming support of the Republican rank-and-file.

Kissinger called power the greatest aphrodisiac.

But the failure of the Establishment to bring peace and prosperity to the land also ignited a rebellion among Democrats. Obama promised hope and change but failed to deliver, although he received a $65 million book deal out of it.

Thus we have the conversion of the Democrat Party into National Socialists who are willing to trade in their freedom for free stuff.

The three have different strategies in this very civil war.

The National Socialists plan to take to the streets to gin up anger among supporters and fear among the opposition. So far, the socialists are willing to use the ballot box -- for now. Just remember, their mantra is by any means possible.

The Establishment wishes to tie the hands of President Trump like the Lilliputians tying down Gulliver, while co-opting the socialists.

President Trump plans to fulfill his promises, because he never sought power; he sought the resolution of problems. His support grows. We will prevail.


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  1. My money is on Donald John Trump and the people with him.

  2. If the NeverTrumpers had existed in WWII they would have started off by saying it was hopeless and we could never defeat the Axis Powers. Every battle we fought would have been spun as defeat. In the Spring of 1945 they would have been trying desperately to come up with a negotiated end to the war that Left Hitler and Tojo in power.

    And they would have demanded HST's impeachment after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    1. They existed during our (un)civil war in the form of northern democrats who were supporting the southern democrats who seceded from the union.

    2. Copperheads...TG

    3. The "crew" we have today would have told the Nazi's June 6th was the day.

  3. We are in a curious situation. Perot proved that there was a large swath of Americans tired of the status quo. The Tea Party was the next manifestation of that. Both of these were destroyed by a monolithic Uniparty of establishment Republicans and Democrats. And then Trump came along and could not be beaten or silenced by them. Now the Republicans are trying, with the help of a special prosecutor, to tame and control Trump. All the talk about defending him is a lie. The Republican Establishment could put a stop to Mueller's witch hunt in a week. This fact is why there is not stronger support for Republican candidates right now. People remember Marco Rubio stabbing them in the back on immigration.

    And here we have avowed communists backing the policies of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on immigration and foreign workers, fancy that. And no one in the press is at all curious about who pays Antifa's bills.

    Antifa is a side show. A distraction. The real civil war is a cold one between old entrenched establishment forces and average Americans. Between old, centralized control of our lives and how we get information, and newer, decentralized freer sources of information gathering and dispersal, and how we live, work and play.

    Setting up a media narrative doesn't work the way it used to because people have become sceptical of media and the politicians who manipulate it. We don't even trust the FBI any more, think of that. Yet we have TV talking heads telling us we have to trust what 17 intelligence agencies think after they got us into a bunch of useless expensive wars.

    I think folks are just tired of being lied to. What do most people do in that situation? They stop listening. That's not a civil war, that's a boycott.

  4. A single lie destroys a whole reputation of integrity. Baltasar Gracian
    Sorry CNN and the rest of the Manhattan Media Complex.

  5. Like the old Kentucky Colonel said: "There waren't nuthin' civil about it." - Elric

    1. If this civil war turns uncivil, there is only one side that is armed.

  6. Given as how Trump is Batman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really needs to be allocated her place among the Gotham City villains.

    Though I’m not sure yet what Hyphenia’s villain schtick will be.

  7. Check out Candace Owens’ Twitter feed about her encounter with Antifa. Observe all those white faces.

    And bear in mind that Antifa thugs frequently wear hoods.

  8. The LibCommies will never muster a standing army. Too many targets of opportunity for the good guys and besides, that’d mean they’d have to give up their Skinny Vanilla Lattes. Talk about the ultimate sacrifice!

    Which means another hybrid war, part guerilla, part conventional. For the 87th time I will remind LibCommies that the military reports to Mr. T, and there’s no way in hell they can be convinced to switch sides, at least not in significant numbers. The only area we might be vulnerable in is cyber. Still, that won’t be enough to overcome 300 million guns. We got this.

    1. Don’t need guns to fight these punks.

      Lay ‘em across your knee and whomp ‘em. Gentle like, just to get their attention.

      You know it makes sense.

    2. Never, EVER underestimate the enemy. You can get killed that way.