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Friday, August 10, 2018

In-laws become citizens. Press calls Trump hypocrite

Welcome, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, who on Thursday became the newest U.S. citizens.

They already made a great contribution to the United States 48 years ago.

She's called Melania Trump.

The knives were out immediately. The New York Times headlined its fair and balanced and oh-so objective report: "Melania Trump's Parents Become U.S. Citizens as Lawyer Acknowledges ‘Chain Migration.’"

CNN screamed in its headline, "Melania Trump used visa opposed by her husband to get her parents' citizenship."

You see? President Trump is a hypocrite because he opposes illegal immigration, or something.

That is the only sin Marxists recognize as lust, envy, sloth, and the rest of the deadly sins form the foundation of their political plan.

What President Trump opposes are illegal immigration and allowing just anyone in without any vetting at all. We are the only nation dumb enough to do that.

The Knavs and their daughter filed their paperwork, and played by the rules to earn their citizenship.

The Root reported, "Melania Trump’s parents didn’t get stopped at the border for their second daughter to be ripped from their arms. They didn’t have to pine for the day that they’d all be reunited; they didn’t have to wonder if she was safe or being fed properly or even if she slept on a bed. They never had to wonder if she was sleeping in a cage—they already know that she is."

That is because the Knavs respected the law and came here legally.

I took money out of the bank last week. It was mine. If I used a gun, I'd be in jail. That's how it works. We call it civilization.


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  1. We should just start calling them what the democrats think of them: election riggers.

  2. I took a fish out of my aquarium. It's called fishing.

  3. Drives them nuts that Melania has a mind of her own, but is loyal to her husband.

  4. Look up the definition of Chain Migration. It does not refer to two generations of a family immigrating; it has long referred to entire towns and regions emigrating to a new area.

  5. The Left is the king of false equivalencies. Too bad that the Leftist brain is incapable of ascertaining the truth. Instead they mindlessly buy into anything negative sounding that seems to support their agenda.

  6. At least one can be certain the Knaus' will not be dependent on the U.S. Taxpayer for subsistence.

    I thought the individuals allowed on chain migration conversations have been for parents or children. Am I correct, or not?

  7. They entered after correctly and legally gaining admission as did members of my family and millions of others. Illegal does not equal Legal!

  8. I remember guys in the Army commenting on chain migration: You marry a Korean girl. Once in the states, she then has her sisters come over, then parents and brothers. Then, as they get a little established, it expands to cousins, grands, great -uncles and -aunts, and after ten years or so you have a whole bunch of relatives moving from the ROK to Fayetteville. Then, after they've married for ten years and she's "entitled" to half his retirement pay, plus military benefits for life, the original bride divorces the GI.

  9. Johnson created chain migration to import cheap labor and Democrat votes. JFK's fraudulent election and especially his assassination were real turning points in enhancing the power for the American left. They see another open field for themselves if Trump goes down

  10. This is like Trump saying he wanted to eliminate the XYZ deduction from the tax code, then claiming that deduction when he files his taxes.

    But the deduction was never eliminated, so claiming it is perfectly legal.