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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Weinstein paid off Cuomo

Under investigation for sexual assault in New York? No problem. Just have your lawyer give Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo $25,000, and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. Investigation magically dropped.

That's what Harvey Weinstein did.

He hired Democrat Al Gore's lawyer, David Boies, to pay off the Democrats, according to Jay Cassano and David Sirota at Sludge.

The Vance extortion is old news. Cassano and Sirota uncovered Cuomo's racketeering.

"Amid explosive headlines about Boies’ donations to Vance and the district attorney’s decision not to prosecute Weinstein, Cuomo in March called for the New York Attorney General’s office to investigate the handling of the case, which revolved around accusations that Weinstein groped an Italian model," Cassano and Sirota wrote.

The governor wanted his share of the loot. He threatened to investigate Vance and Boies. That's how you play it, children.

"While Vance in May opted to reverse course and charge the Hollywood producer, Cuomo declared that an investigation into Vance’s original decision to not prosecute Weinstein was necessary because, the governor said, 'it is critical not only that these cases are given the utmost attention but also that there is public confidence in the handling of these cases,'" Cassano and Sirota wrote.

"However, BuzzFeed on Tuesday reported that Cuomo reversed himself in June, sending a letter to New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood asking her to suspend the investigation for six months. That suspension effectively shields Boies from scrutiny of any potential relationship between his 2015 donation to Vance and Vance’s decision not to prosecute Weinstein. "

Weinstein loves The Cuomo. He's given him nearly a quarter-million bucks over the years as "campaign donations."

The story said, "Cuomo’s office did not respond to questions about the contribution from Boies and whether it impacted the decision to suspend the investigation. Cuomo’s spokesperson said yesterday that the investigation was suspended temporarily in order to avoid interfering with Vance’s ongoing prosecution of Weinstein."

Funny, Cuomo failed to announce that.

Cuomo faces Cynthia Nixon in the Democratic gubernatorial primary in two weeks.

Gee, you don't think Nixon had anything to do with this story making the news.


  1. Heard about that.

    Ooooh, what are all the MeTooers going to do?

  2. Cuomo is so dirty, he should be in Illinois.

    Cyrus Vance Jr. is another who’s family business is getting rich from politics.

  3. Everyone says Trump is so smart. I'm not so sure. If he were as smart as people say, he would have paid off these Mafiosi and his troubles in NY would have disappeared long ago. /sarc

    1. He broke the "rules" by going Reoublican.

  4. Yep, no real issues while he was a registered Democrat, but once changed parties and looked like a force unto his own, well, all bets are off.