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Saturday, August 11, 2018

We must defend Alex Jones

Kimberly Ross of Red State and Washington Examiner wrote a piece, "Don't defend Alex Jones, but don't let the government get into censorship either."

It is rubbish about how it OK for Google and other overvalued social media platforms to conspire to censor a critic of the Establishment.

But I defend Ross's right to write her hooey just as much as I defend Alex Jones's right to broadcast his hooey.

Hate speech?

We put the protection of hate speech in the Constitution. It is in our national DNA. Ban hate speech and our country may as well not exist. We might as well remain a part of England where bad thoughts about Mohamed land you in prison.

I have been lectured over the years that we must allow Nazis to march in Skokie, Illinois, the home of many Holocaust survivors; that we must allow people to burn the flag; and that we must allow the God Hates Fags church protest at military funerals.

The targets of all that hate were conservatives.

Now liberals cannot take a few jabs?


Oh Ross liberal-explained that these are private companies that may do what they want.

They are not. They are publicly owned. As such, they are governed by the Securities Exchange Commission, which means the decisions by management must be aimed at maximizing profits, not virtue signaling.

I would love to see a shareholder lawsuit against these (bad word in plural) who improperly use company time and company resources to push their personal agendas.

Before my readers with law degrees laugh, consider this from Fortune magazine: "Facebook’s web traffic continues to slide and the site is at risk of losing its second-place spot for most-visited websites to YouTube, a new study has found.

"In the last two years, traffic has fallen from 8.5 billion visits to 4.7 billion, SimilarWeb revealed on Wednesday. Meanwhile, YouTube’s traffic, which hit 4.5 billion visits in July, continues to surge and will soon top Facebook to become the second-most-popular website in the world behind Google. The world’s largest search company, Google had 15.2 billion visits last month, according to SimilarWeb data."

In short, the company is all zucked up because its CEO is a moron who wants to be liked by all the cool kids who are liberals. Less traffic, less profit, less value of the stock.

As for Google, it is evil. Red China (through its Alphabet company) owns Google and uses Google to censor free speech.

I have never heard or watched Alex Jones, although I may have read a few stories on his site that Drudge linked.

As long as he made money for these companies, they have a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders to keep him on.

If people don't like his stuff, here is what they can do: Not listen, watch, or read his stuff.

Twitter with its mute and block buttons has no excuse censoring because it gives people the tools to avoid speech they don't like.

What busy body liberals like Ross want is a world in which no one may disagree with them. They want to tell me what I may hear, see, and read.

Up hers and up theirs.

Mark Dice made an intriguing point on Twitter.

A federal judge recently ruled that Trump can’t block anyone on Twitter, no matter how bad they troll him, because this is a “public forum.” So why is it legal for Twitter (or any social media company) to suspend accounts for what they deem ‘hate speech?’ The laws need updating

Congress regulates the size of my toilet and the color of my toilet paper (pastels are banned).

I have no problem with Congress ordering Facebook and Google to stop censoring speech.


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  1. It's Red (deep) State, what do you expect?

  2. I'd go so far as to say that the entire reason in forming these social media companies is to both make money and to control speech, even if it only does so over a set period of time. The people who form these companies are well aware of the seeming natural history of these platforms and that they make profits for the ones who form them, leave late investors holding the bag like a ponzi scheme, and give temporary absolute powers to those who are at the top of the wave as it goes to shore.

    The SJW strategy merely kicks into high gear when they see that the party is coming to an end. Zuckerberg knows that it is three AM and everyone is either passed out or going home. He's just helping out his political cronies as the lights are being turned out.

    I hope they all get their pants sued off.

  3. Replies
    1. To paraphrase Henry Ford, you can get any color toilet paper as long as it's white.

    2. Yeh...butt cancer is ugly enough without being rainbow shades!

    3. They even took Elizabeth Post facial quality TP off the shelves. It's been downhill ever since.

    4. Apparently there were penumbras and emanations from the SCOTUS bathroom, so naturally coloreds were banned.

      It's the same reasoning that says black people can't have a legal gun; the justices have to strain to reach those conclusions but strive for a solid output which will discommode everyone equally!

    5. I use John Wayne toilet paper. It's rough and it's tough and it won't take crap off anybody. - Elric

  4. The only politicians they shadowban are on the Right.
    The only bloggers they censor are on the Right.
    The only political ads they ban are on the Right.
    The only videos they suppress are on the Right.
    The only hate speech they can find is on the Right.

    Jones is a d*ck, but he's not alone: Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Spotify, YouTube/Google and their madly-obsessed ringleader, CNN:

    "Hmmm...let's see; China has sold organs harvested in the Lao Gai Gulags and Alex Jones disagrees with us about Transgender Rights---we can't possibly do business with that Jones fellow!"

    I'm starting to think this is a marketing strategy. They're signaling China and other regimes:

    "We'll gladly do Political $urveillence and Cen$or$hip for your Party--just like we do for our Democrat Party at home!"

  5. Kimberly Ross as usual is wrong. Forget Jones for a minute, her solution is to call out people in your tribe that you don't or more importantly people like her don't agree with? The only thing keeping her from fully embracing liberalism is her pro-life stance. She's this close to being the next conservative token somewhere à la Jen Rubin.

  6. Allowing Nazis to march in Skokie, Illinois was the ACLU's work. That was to open the door to flag burning and all the rest.

    While many roll their eyes at Jones, it's a "First, they came for the Jews" thing.

    And to paraphrase St Franklin of Roosevelt The Duplicitous, Patron Saint of Segregation, Jones may be a d*ck, but he's our d*ck.

  7. As Mark Dice says, which you quote above, the law apparently provides that Twitter is a "public forum." If that's the case, then so is Google, YouTube and Facebook; at least there's a strong argument that that's so.

    I do hope that Alex Jones sues the pants off those who banned him, and at least forces them into discovery; I'd love to find out what parts of their TOS were violated, and have them defend that in court. The vague "rules," which only seem to apply to right-wingers, may be clarified!

    Of course we'd also need another honest judge; hmmm, I wonder if Judge Ellis will be done with the Manafort clownshow trial by then?

  8. Voltaire got it; it is indeed essential we "defend to the death their right to say it..

    PS: Jones' crew carries somewhat higher credibility. And Millie Weaver is totally easier on the eyes.

  9. I see that the Info Wars website was down due to a DDOS attack. If the Libtards can't de-platform you they'll pull a sneak attack. - Elric

  10. Jones is a little bit crazy, but he hits the mark more often than the liberal noise media.
    In interwar Germany, the press got shut down by the nazi's. All that was left were the yes men whop toed the line. The same is happening here. There are enough communists in positions of control that they think they can get away with this.
    This is for now, a soft civil war. Right now they are jockeying for positions so when the real fighting starts, they control means of communication.
    The three essentials of combat are; move, shoot, communicate. Keep that in mind as small fussing happens aver epa regulations. We know they are going after the guns.

  11. We conservatives need to file more lawsuits.
    A) Those censoring Jones are wrong because they are public space, and what he is doing is not illegal.
    B) They can censor who they like, and are thus responsible for allowing those they allow, like terrorists and Antifa. Responsible as in liable for damages.

    Both types of lawsuits should be filed.

    With million dollar damages for those wrongly banned.

  12. Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, and such, have operated as utilities/common carriers. As such, they are protected from the consequences of what is posted because all they are simply "carriers" no different than the mail. By deplatforming, as they have been doing, they are stripping themselves of that protection by becoming publishers. There is plenty of defamatory content posted by leftists, and they are now vulnerable to law suits because of their behavior.

    They are trying to have their cake and eat it too, but I seriously doubt the courts are going to sympathetic to them in their self inflicted plight.

  13. No Enemies To The Right, as longa as you ARE to the right.
    Alex Jones may be goofy, but he is to the right.
    Red "Vote for Hillary Clinton to teach these Trump loving Republican voters a lesson!" State is most definitely NOT to the Right... and I wonder if it ever was.

  14. I agree completely with your article Don. Censhorship has no place in free society. Great post. Let's see how twitter reacts.