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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Univision joins the Trump Schadenfreude List

Rule No. 1 for feuding with President Trump is never get in a feud with Donald John Trump; you won't win, and you may lose everything.

Executives at Univision ignored this sage advice.

When Donald John Trump formally entered the race in 2015, executives at Univision became little social justice warriors.

The Associated Press reported, "Univision is dropping the Miss USA pageant and says it will sever ties with Donald Trump over his remarks about Mexican immigrants he made last week when launching his presidential bid."

I was almost blinded by the virtue signalling.

Weeks later, Univision anchor, Jorge Ramos, started a feud with President Trump.

The Washington Examiner reported a year later, "Jorge Ramos, anchor for the American Spanish-language Univision channel, admitted in a recent interview that his infamous confrontation last year with Donald Trump was all about getting even.

"Last summer, almost immediately after Trump launched his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, he and Ramos engaged in a public feud over the billionaire businessman's hardline stance against illegal immigration.

"At one point in June, after Univision cut business ties with Trump, the former reality star published a handwritten letter from Ramos that included the anchor's phone number. Trump posted a photo of the letter on his Instagram account to show that Univision was 'begging' him for an interview."

Telling the truth about him hurt the feelings of Senor Ramos.

Real news organizations frown on such feuds between a news anchor and a president. Univision apparently encouraged this.

But things began to sour for Univision. President Trump sued for a cool half-billion over the network reneging on the pageant deal.

Forbes reported in January 2017 that the two settled out of court after executives met with the then president-elect.

The report said, "Despite Univision attorneys arguing it was Trump who first breached the contract by disparaging Mexican immigrants and therefore, destroying the value of the Miss Universe broadcast rights, the $500 million lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed amount.

"Univision responded with news coverage of Trump as an anti-immigrant candidate that did not ease up leading to the election. At the network level, Ramos became an activist advocating for immigrants and proclaiming the election couldn’t be won without the Latino vote. He was proven wrong.

"Support of Hillary Clinton went all the way to the top. Univision Chairman Haim Saban was an open supporter who donated millions to her campaign. Many, if not most, of the news division’s staffers also favored Clinton and were not expecting a Trump win, according to insiders."

But all that biased coverage against President Trump boosted ratings, right?


Ratings declined. The company cut staff.

The Wrap reported in April, "Univision CEO Randy Falco, who announced plans to retire by year’s end, has signaled more upheaval and layoffs are in the media company’s future."

Hahaha. Falco bet on the wrong pony, the old gray mare named Hillary. He took his eye off the prize and profits dropped.

Variety reported in May, "Spanish-language media giant Univision Communications announced a drop in first quarter earnings and revenue as the company grapples with restructuring and severance costs.

"Total revenue was down 1.2% to $684.2 million from $692.6 million compared to the first quarter of the prior year. Profit was down 10.2% to $47.4 million versus $58.1 million in the same time frame in 2017."

And today, Deadline Hollywood reported, "Univision Cut With Sharp $2M Suit Over The Onion Acquisition and Possible Sale."

Meanwhile, Donald John Trump is president. The economy grows. The bad guys are disarming. And President Trump's approval ratings are at their highest.

That brings to 78 the number of people and organizations on the Official Trump Schadenfreude List.

The entire list is here.

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  1. I suspect Omarosa will be added to this list fairly soon.

    1. Not so fast. The Art of the Presidency is diversion.

  2. “Rule No. 1 for feuding with President Trump is never get in a feud with Donald John Trump; you won't win, and you may lose everything.”

    And as you hit the road, he’ll sweep your footprints off the path.

  3. I feel perfectly fine that these self-made disasters keep happening. Keeps me warm at night. Down With Capitalism, morons!

  4. Do you ever get the feeling that all of America is now either audience or actors in a yuuuuuge TV-like reality show being orchestrated by Trump and played by him for the overnight ratings? I don't know whether to applaud on cue or to demand my fair share of the residuals! It's almost like the execrable Jim Carrey's movie "The Truman Show" with a much bigger cast and vast audience participation.

    1. Well, I don’t know, IA. Alls I can say is that from my screened porch in WV, I am enjoying the hell out of seeing all these Overlords, the High and Mighty, sink like the Titanic. It’s about time. It’s past time. Thank you, Mr. T.

  5. Univision’s tunnel vision finally has caught up to