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Friday, August 24, 2018

Trump Schadenfreude List adds Australian PM

Make that the ex-prime minister of Australia.

He would not be on the Trump Schadenfreude List if he were still prime minister.

There are two rules readers should obey in life.

  1. Never bet against Donald John Trump.
  2. Never feud with Donald John Trump.

Because no one has ever won a bet or a feud with The Donald.

Malcolm Turnbull, the ex-prime minister of Australia, learned this the hard way.

Everything was going swimmingly for Turnbull in January 2017. Then this story appeared, "Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull mocks Donald Trump in leaked recording. Australia's prime minister has poked fun at US President Donald Trump, parodying his mannerisms and citing his ties to Russia, in a tape leaked to the media. Malcolm Turnbull condemned the leak as a 'breach of faith.'"

Ah, Turnbull wanted to be the Alec Baldwin of politics.

Here is what he said at an annual media ball at Parliament House in Canberra, "The Donald and I, we are winning and winning in the polls. We are winning so much. We are winning like we have never won before. We are winning... not in the fake polls. We are winning in the real polls, like the online polls. They are so easy to win. I know that. I have this Russian guy. Believe me, it's true."

Everyone laughed and laughed and laughed.


Now do Obama.

(Crickets chirp.)

Rather than apologize, Turnbull was upset that the public got to hear him mock the leader of the free world.

Things began going downhill for the prime minister after that. He was testy with President Trump in their telephone conversations.

Today, he resigned after most of his ministers quit on him, as did his party.

The Herald Sun reported, "Malcolm Turnbull resigns as Prime Minister after narrowly losing the spill motion for a leadership ballot -- 40 against to 45 for."

I know little about Australian politics, but I do know something about feuding with The Donald.


So we add Turnbull to the Official Trump Schadenfreude List, and congratulate Scott Morrison, who is now the 30th prime minister of Australia.

My only advice is to get along with President Trump. He always gets the last laugh.


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  1. The new guy could do worse than call up and say, “What do you most need, mate?”

  2. And let us not forget these members of the list ...

    Michael Flynn
    Sean Spicer
    Reince Priebus
    George Gigicos
    Anthony Scaramucci
    Steve Bannon
    Carl Icahn
    Tom Price
    John McEntee
    Rex Tillerson
    John Dowd
    Josh Raffel
    David Shulkin
    Hope Hicks
    H.R. McMaster
    Michael Anton
    Tom Bossert
    Scott Pruitt
    Joe Hagin
    Ivanka Trump
    Jared Kushner
    Melanie Trump
    Chain migration
    Jeff Session
    General Kelly
    Nikki Haley
    Michael Cohen
    Paul Manafort
    Duncan Hunter
    Chris Collins

    John Schnatter comes off the list though after using the “n-word” – one of Trump’s favorites.

    1. Yeah. And we'll find the proof just like we found it used by the Tea Party on those courthouse steps....somewhere.

    2. Anon,you are a one trick pony and your jokes are stale.

    3. Yeah, where are the Omarosa tapes we were promised last week that were going to be so damning?

  3. "Green Energy" derangement got him

  4. Scott Morrison I know nothing about, but I hope for Australia's sake he's at least half the man Tony Abbott was.

    No tears for Weathervane Trumbull, who lived by Groucho Marx's standards: "Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others."

  5. Thanks for the interest, folks. Turnbull was indeed anti-Trump material. Theresa May with an Antipodean accent. Angela Merkel with a better haircut.
    But Morrison is not, I fear, much better. Under Tony Abbott, Morrison as Immigration Minister took credit for the stopping of the people smuggling industry. When Turnbull knifed Abbott Morrison became Treasurer and has never looked quite so competent.
    It's been said that the work against the people smugglers was done by others and Morrison's contribution was to not get in the way. I can believe that. He seems quite aligned with Turnbull philosophically.
    The man we really wanted and needed to take the wheel was current Immigration Minister Peter Dutton. Dutton has spine and testicles and pushed hard against the soft lefties in the government and in his own department.
    The Chinese media inadvertently paid Dutton a massive compliment yesterday when they described him as a 'semi-Trump'. A lot of us cheered at that. Half a Trump is better than none!
    Turnbull has said that he will quit his seat but not (AFAIK) named a date. I wouldn't be surprised if he stuck around to try a comeback. When the other main party was in power we had Rudd, Gillard, Rudd. Turnbull, Morrison, Turnbull isn't beyond the realms of possibility - particularly given that Turnbull has a Rudd-sized ego.
    The saga continues...