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Thursday, August 02, 2018

Trump killed Funky Winkerbean

Donnie Douglas, executive editor of The Robesonian, a newspaper in Lumberton, North Carolina, decided to cut the Sunday color comics.

President Trump made him do it.

Like many newspapers in the USA, The Robesonian imports newsprint from Canada. It is cheaper than buying American.

But President Trump slapped a tariff on Canadian newsprint because Canada is dragging its feet on renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement.

"This newspaper has made the difficult decision to drop the Sunday comics, a decision that we really believe was made at the White House," the newspaper said in an editorial.

Instead, it will run a single page of black-and-white comics.

Funky Winkerbean did not make the cut.

However, the newspaper admitted the price of newsprint is not the only problem it has. It is losing advertisers and readers. Methinks if newsprint were free, the newspaper would still have problems with its business model of delivering yesterday's news tomorrow.

The editorial said, "But for Sunday comics to return, something has to break to our benefit — additional readers and advertisers, or a change of heart at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Of those two, we know which is more likely."

Instead of producing a product that customers want, Douglas is blaming his problems on the president.

Only 20 newspapers endorsed President Trump, Good luck lobbying him.


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  1. A liberal defines compassion(heart) was spending other peoples' money.

  2. So the newspaper blames the failures of it's outmoded business model on Trump?


  3. I blame Star Trek the Next Generation. Captain Picard never read a newspaper.

    1. Come to think of it, neither did Luke Skywalker or Chewbacca.

  4. These geniuses do not realize thst as far as communication is conceened, DJT is a generation ahead of them. It kills them that a 70 year old man is the master of the new communication technology.

  5. "But for Sunday comics to return, something has to break to our benefit — additional readers and advertisers, or a change of heart at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Of those two, we know which is more likely."

    Douglas sounds like an incompetent business man to me. Additional Readers, additional advertisers or a change of heart sounds like three options, not two. No wonder he can’t manage a paper.

  6. Try the New York Post method: Sex, violence, celebrity booty and sports, editorals defending Trump. Or move to Canada where they still read the comics and paper is cheap.

  7. You need to do a special edition of your books, printed on newsprint.... I would by the :)

  8. Selling ice cubes to Eskimos. That’s what the print news is trying to do these days. It ain’t workin, y’all. The Good Ship Internet has sailed and ya can’t call it back.

  9. The real problem with newspapers is that they are boring. Journalism schools crank out boring unimaginative people with no desire for real investigation. Look at any newspaper in the country and all you will see is the same damned thing in every one of them. No variety, no real investigation, just bland mush in the AP style.

  10. Lumberton, North Carolina? It's in inland Eastern North Carolina. Jesse Helms country. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Trump carried that media market rather handily in 2016.

    So, basically, to punish his readers for voting for Trump (and not listening to his editorial voice), he's going to punish his readers by eliminating one of the paper's single most popular features. That'll be a Harvard Business School case study in brand management one day.

  11. The only web subscription I pay for is my daily email from with 56 comics today. 2 weren't updated. Far more than any newspaper carries, for far less money than picking up the paper every day. I also get a few emailed from that aren't carried at gocomics. Those emails come with ads. Because TANSTAAFL applies.

    A lot of people are of the mistaken belief that people who by newspapers are customers. They're not. They're the product the newspaper sells. Advertisers are the newspaper customers. The news is simply filler to get the product to flip through all the pages and see the customers ads.

  12. Seriously. If they want their orange leader's attention, they've got to figure out how to get him & his grifter family a taste of the action. Even the promise of a Trump tower Moscow moves you right to the top of the queue. Boring old 4th estate in a democracy ain't going help make anyone an oligarch.

    1. Before he was President, Donald Trump helped sell a lot of newspapers by speaking to reporters and columnists, buying ad space, and accomplishing noteworthy acts (great and small). It seems that--perhaps despite themselves--boring old 4th estate in a democracy did help make someone top man. Had the news outlets treated Mr. Trump positively, or even fairly, he would have been gracious and appreciative and would have found ways to help them.

  13. Don,
    You think comics,well hold my beer says the NYT,
    "Sarah Jeong is a writer of some sort who was hired by the New York Times to become an editor for their publication. However, apparently someone on Twitter had encountered Ms. Jeong’s expressed ideology, and shared the content of the new editor’s twitter feed."