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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Trump delivers on coal

They said it couldn't be done, but Donald John Trump did it anyway.

That is the story of his life. He brought back Manhattan. He built the Central Park skating rink. He wrote a best-seller. He had a hit TV show. He married a model. He married a model. He married a model.

Since then he won the presidency and saved the coal industry. The only time in his campaign when he wore headgear that was not of his own making was when he donned a coal miner's helmet in Charleston, West Virginia.

The New York Times scoffed. In February, it ran an editorial, "Trump’s Deceptive Energy Policy."

The Times said, "Mr. Trump’s false narrative on coal is particularly cruel, since it offers empty promises to Appalachian coal miners who are suffering grievous job losses and myriad health and economic ills. It’s true that the last two Democratic presidents — Bill Clinton and Mr. Obama — cracked down on power plant emissions like soot and mercury with rules that imposed real costs on producers; and Mr. Obama’s Clean Power Plan, aimed at cutting the carbon emissions that fuel global warming, would have pressured the industry more.

"But these regulations did not kill coal-fired plants, and rolling them back, as Mr. Trump is doing, will not stop the unforgiving forces of the market, chiefly the switch to cheaper natural gas, and renewables’ increasing competitiveness. These are the forces that have been largely responsible for the decline in mining jobs and the closing, or conversion to natural gas, of hundreds of coal-fired plants."

Natural gas is a rival of coal, but Obama's anti-science nonsense about "carbon emissions" gave natural gas an unfair advantage. Carbon dioxide is a nutrient, which is the opposite of a pollutant.

Joe Biden said they would bankrupt coal companies. They did.

President Trump said he would bring back coal. He did.

Bloomberg News reported, "U.S. exports of coal used by power stations are set to hit a record this year on increased global demand for the nation’s high-energy-content fuel.

"Steam-coal shipments will probably jump 58 percent to 58 million metric tons this year, according to Guillaume Perret, founder of Perret Associates Ltd., a London-based research company. He expects exports to reach 65 million tons by 2025.

"President Donald Trump was elected partly on a platform of boosting the U.S. coal industry. U.S. production, including metallurgical coal used for steel production, advanced last year for the first time since 2013."

Obama said those jobs aren't coming back.

President Trump said, oh yes they are.

And they are coming back.

"The biggest buyer of U.S. coal in the first quarter was India, where thermal plants help generate about three-quarters of its electricity. An official from that Asian country earlier this year criticized Trump for seeking to pull out of the Paris climate deal while the U.S. has been a major contributor to emissions during its history," Bloomberg reported.



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  1. He keeps on keepin' on.

    And keeping his promises is the best way to do it.

  2. Interesting that India was the same country that imported most of the increased production , and that one of their politicians was a Trump-basher. If he represents that country the country is a hypocrite, and if his country doesn't think the same way he does, he doesn't actually represent it.

    Plus, the USA has decreased carbon emissions, while that of India continues to increase. If he wants to virtue signal he isn't doing it from an advantageous position.

    Maybe he should just stay quiet.

    1. Worship coal. Celebrate electricity, one of mankind's greatest inventions.

  3. "Steam-coal shipments will probably jump 58 percent to 58 million metric tons this year,"

    58 percent in ONE YEAR? Did I read that right? Absolutely amazing.

  4. I love President Trump more everyday

  5. Coal is essentially fossilized forests from ancient times. The photosynthetic energy of the Sun stored underground.

    Every time a coal fire cracks and flares, that’s a sunny day from long ago coming out in a rush.

    1. Very well put, Dave. Didn’t know you could wax so eloquently. No lie.

  6. Don, slight correction, Trump built the ice rink in Rockefeller Plaza, not Central Park.

    1. No, it was the Wollman Rink in Central Park.

      (just google Donald Trump ice skating rink)

      Wollman Rink - Wikipedia
      Wikipedia › wiki › Wollman_Rink
      Wollman Rink is a public ice rink in the southern part of Central Park, Manhattan, ... Donald Trump then offered to rebuild the rink at his expense within six months in return for the ...

  7. “Renewables’ increasing competitiveness.” Yeahhh, riiight. With billions of government dollars and zero regulatory hurdles, they’ve managed to cut their kilowatt/hour cost from $100 down to $50. Break out the champagne!

    What a crock of shit. Every day, the Times plumbs new depths of journalistic malpractice.

  8. Coal production has never been an issue. Coal employment is the issue. Another ingenious post Don. I think the 99 coal miners laid off in your home state last week don't find this post very comforting.

  9. WE are the Saudi Arabia of coal. Turns out that thanks to fracking we are the Saudi Arabia of oil as well. - GOC

  10. What? India has run out of cow dung and must import coal to generate energy? Green energy takes another blow from the king of black energy.

  11. Wasn't India exempt from most of the draconian regulations of the Paris accords? Yeah, I thought so...