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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Trump brings free market to prescription drugs

Companies offering Medicare Advantage will be able to shop around for the best drug prices, as President Trump's administration introduces more capitalism into American health care.

Earlier, the administration announced hospitals will have to post prices online.

Now drugs.

"Drugmakers will be required to negotiate on prices for more medications paid for by Medicare, the latest step in the Trump administration’s campaign to rein in prescription costs," Bloomberg News reported.

"Starting next year, private insurers that provide coverage to about 20 million seniors through Medicare Advantage will get new powers to bargain over drugs administered in doctor’s offices or hospitals, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said."

This action rescinds Obama's ban on such negotiations. He imposed it because he is a dope.

That companies need the federal government's permission to negotiate prices is the mark of a socialist nation.

But President Trump is changing that. Since they were created in 1965, socialized medicine in the form of Medicaid and Medicare have driven health care prices high increasing at a rate several times the rate of inflation.

The cure for socialism is capitalism, and so it is with health care. Seema Verma, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, told reporters, "What we are essentially allowing them to do is to introduce step therapy for Medicare Part B drugs.

"The plans have the option of using that tool. That might help them negotiate better discounts. It might encourage manufacturers to lower their prices. It will also encourage them to direct patients to high-value medications."

This will save money for 20 million people in Medicare Advantage plans.

"Plans will be required to pass on to patients more than half of the savings generated from the negotiations," The Hill reported.

Don't worry. Drug companies will still make money.


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  1. My VA prescription copayment is $8, even if I can get it at Rite-Aid for $4. - Elric

    1. God bless the federal government and keep it far away from us!

    2. Thank you, Rabbi!

    3. Oops! Finger slipped.

      Thank you, Rabbi!

      - Elric

  2. The liberals complain about big pharma. What do they do? Create executive orders fhat help big pharma. Our President is bulldozing down the insanity of the Sotero years.

  3. I'll throw this out there because it's kind of related to Don's post. The $600 Epipen outrage a few years ago reminded me that before OTC sales of epinephrine were outlawed about 10 years ago you could buy a 30 ml vial containing 30 mg of epi for about $4. There's .3, yes point 3, milligrams of epi in an Epipen.