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Sunday, August 05, 2018

Tokenism is killing liberalism

Introduced in 1959, the Barbie doll took off like a rocket in sales. Some black people complained about not having a black Barbie. So Mattel injected brown plastic into the mold, and you had a doll with Caucasian looks and brown skin.


The New York Times hired Sarah Jeong for its editorial board because she is of Asian ancestry. That she is a racist sexist who is not talented enough to write a grocery list mattered not. She is the board's token Asian Barbie. She thinks just like the rest of the members. Only her skin is different.

While she complains about white privilege, she sits on the board of the Newspaper of White Privilege Record.

The left has pushed diversity for decades. Now it pays the price.

Their goal is the Cabinet That Looks Like America, and not the Cabinet That Gets Things Done.

"In a Cabinet designed to look like America, Zoe Baird, the Attorney General-designate, has the bearing and credentials of what America would like to look like. Personable and smart, experienced in the ways of the Justice Department and White House, Ms. Baird more than vindicates President-elect Clinton's determination to put a woman at the head of the Federal legal establishment," the New York Times reported.

Baird failed to pay taxes on her illegal alien hired help. Kimba Wood succeeded her but she, too, failed to pay taxes on her illegal alien hired help. Clinton settled on Janet Reno as attorney general. At least she followed the law.

Her qualification was her sex. She became the first woman attorney general. This was a great achievement in tokenism.

"After weeks of churning, Mr. Clinton has succeeded in assembling a Cabinet of rare, welcome diversity. Just how rare can be judged by comparing it with President Bush's performance. Of 16 positions in the Cabinet, 11 are now held by white men, 3 by women, 1 by a black man and 1 by a Hispanic man. Of 16 nominees to Mr. Clinton's cabinet, 7 are white men, 4 are women, 4 are black (1 is a black woman) and 2 are Hispanic," the New York Times reported.

The left was going for numbers, not quality.

Bush and Obama did the same thing. The idea went beyond equal opportunity to equal results. We wished as a nation to become equal overnight.

President Trump went for quality instead of diversity. The results are stunning. He's had to replace four Cabinet-level people already, and yet on every front, America has made a 180-degree turn for the better.

Not only has the economy thrived under President Trump, but the Axis of Evil finally is tumbling.

Removing Saddam Hussein came at great expense, but flipping Kim Jong Un seems to have cost a photo op and a three-day stay at a luxury hotel in Singapore.

The mullahs in Iran are nervous.

This is not to say that black people are lesser than white people, or that men are better than women. Competence is the result of talent, experience, and hard work -- and not boxes checked on your birth certificate.

My argument is that wasting time on superficialities such as race and sex carries a price. Weighting employment or enrollment by sex and race over actual ability wears an institution down over time.

Look at Harvard Law school. 50 years ago, it was the best of the best, and the subject of a movie and later TV show, "The Paper Chase."

No more. It went out of its way to hire people based on the color of their skin, and not the content of their character. Elizabeth Warren got her job not because she was a top-notched law professor but because they thought she was an Indian.

Mattel solved its problem by creating a mold for a doll with African-American features.

In politics, President Trump broke the mold of tokenism.


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  1. Even the Dem White guys tend to be defective. Who else remembers that Timmy Geithner didn't pay his taxes?

  2. Back when I was still an NFL fan I used to root for the Raiders. I didn't care what color the QB was. I didn't care whether he liked girls or boys (or sheep.)

    I cared whether he won games.

    A QB's stats don't mean much either. Who had the most passing yardage in the last Superbowl is like who won the popular vote in 2016. It really doesn't mean anything.

  3. still waiting for a Suzy Wong doll.

  4. The one most trusty rule of doing investigative journalism on Leftists is this:

    Determine what they condemn most loudly and vociferously, and before anything else, check their past and present for failings of that nature.

  5. I don't think she is token anything. Crazy like that comes from free basing the wrong stuff.

  6. "Tokenism is killing liberalism".

    Faster, faster !!

  7. She even slammed the Times for horrible columnists and incompetent editors.

    It's like they're hiring Dragon Mommy to spank them.


    1. Show me a LibCommie man and I’ll show you a guy who wants to get tied up and peed on by a female dominatrix.