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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Today in celebrities for violence against the president

Kathy Griffin was only the first to push the narrative that it is OK to kill President Trump.

Pearl Jam is the latest.

The group held a rally for Democratic Senator Jon Tester in Montana. It used a poster of the White House in flames to promote the concert. Here it is.

Republican Senate nominee Matt Rosendale told Breitbart News through a spokesman, “Once again, Jon Tester has shown he will stand with the far-left over Montanans. This poster from Pearl Jam is disgusting and reprehensible. It depicts a dead President Trump and a burning White House. It’s time for Jon Tester to denounce this act of violence and blatant display of extremism.”

The local newspaper did not say how many people showed up, but it did quote Eddie Vedder of the band, who said, "There is one crowd size that we would be proud of, and that we would brag about. And that is if the state of Montana had the largest youth vote, the largest crowd, that came together in this upcoming election. That I would brag about all (expletive) day."

So I am guessing that in a state that President Trump carried by 20 points, not many people are attracted to a concert advertised by killing the president.

Democrats want to normalize this because they want him dead. They have convinced themselves that they are so right -- so principled -- so much better than the average American -- that they have the right and maybe duty to kill him.

The Washington Examiner took a shot at the band, noting, "Pearl Jam, whose cliche nature was already the subject of mockery 20 years ago, appears to have joined so many other celebrities calling for the death of President Trump. Again, this is neither an original nor particularly interesting concept. A new Pearl Jam poster depicts what looks like the skeletal remains of the president on the front lawn of a burning White House with a bald eagle picking at the bones and a shock of yellow hair sprouting through the skull."

But John Wilkes Booth did not have to be that good of an actor.

I cannot find any other mainstream stories on this. By ignoring this story, the rest of the media is complicit -- to use their new favorite word.


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  1. Pearl Jam is still around?

    -Mikey NTH

  2. Pearl Jam really!!! I thought they were doing mall openings and car wash ads. Do they still make that loud out of tune music?

    Well welcome back from the 70's, not really sure if that is a good thing but they do have better eldercare now.

  3. Are the Democrats a modern version of an ancient death cult?

  4. In Forbidden Planet, the 1955 masterpiece starring Robbie the Robot among others, an alien civilization had expended all its energies creating a machine that could make thought reality. In the movie,They were ultimately destroyed by it. Today we have a (now) alien organization expending vast amounts of negative energy trying to materialize another Oswald out of the void in trust they themselves created serving the selfish whims of their satanic masters. They see the downside as negligible and will not stop.

    1. Great movie. The power that was destroying everthing was created by a machine left by an ancient people that could bring anything into being that one could imagine. It was called "monsters of the id" by the old scientist.

      The interesting thing about the old scientist that brought the monsters of the id into being was that he was all peace and love like today's liberals, but the monsters of the id that came out of his subconscious were all powerful devils manifested in electric force fields. Unimaginable horror coming out of a guy like you'd find hosting Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

      The reason your comparison is so apt is that here we have peace and love liberals conjuring up hatreds unlike the world has ever seen, hoping, longing, for violence and blodshed. And comsidering themselves completely blameless in the process, just like old Dr. Morbius.

    2. Well said and thanks

  5. Once again I ask: Where is the Secret Service and FBI? If that’s not a terroristic threat against the President, I don’t know what is. Well, friends, yet another piece of evidence that we are on our own. Get your gun, get your CCW, and may your aim be true.

    1. The FBI? The FBI? Seriously? You think Rod Rosenstein, the real "acting" AG, would look into threats against the president he's trying to get indicted or impeached? This is the new normal. You will have to get used to it.

  6. 53 year old grunge rocker preaching to the youth. Chicago-ite, high school drop out, broken family, never knew father, and on and on the background of the sterotypical progressive globalist know it all and personality disordered schmuck. And virtue signaling to get back his audience.

    1. Most of their audience have over dosed and are now reliable democrat voters.

    2. JeremyR said August 15, 2018 at 11:32 AM:
      ...and are now reliable democrat voters.

      Just like my dad, who never voted Donkey-crat until after he took-up residence in Arlington.

      I guess he caught the “DC fever” from the other Veterans in residence. ;uD

      – BmG