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Friday, August 10, 2018

They are not sending their best

Actually, foreign countries are sending their best. Their best rapists. Their best crooks.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced it is moving to strip the citizenship of a man from  Armenia who in 15 years in America sold millions of prescription opioids on the black market.

Like we don't have enough drug dealers among our native population.

"Armen Simonyan, 44, who was free on bond in the narcotics-trafficking case, was arrested after being named in a two-count indictment returned today by a federal grand jury. The new indictment charges Simonyan with unlawful procurement of United States citizenship and making a false statement on a passport application," ICE said in a press release.

He used identity theft to get in.

"Simonyan allegedly entered the United States from Armenia under a stolen identity and a fraudulent passport. Simonyan then sought asylum in the United States, allegedly concocting a false narrative that he was born in Azerbaijan to parents of supposed mixed Armenian-Azerbaijani nationality; that his family suffered ethnic violence, including the murder of both his parents; and that he fled to the United States via Russia," ICE said.

"The indictment alleges that, in fact, Simonyan was born in Armenia to Armenian parents, that he entered the United States from Armenia, and that both of his parents were alive."

Now there are two sides to the story, and federal prosecutors will have to probe this to a jury.

But the Democrat Party's new demand that we abolish ICE more and more looks like aiding and abetting crime.

This is chaos, which is always an opportunity for totalitarian regimes.


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  1. Also, he claims that Donald Trump personally tortured him before turning things over to the Russian bimbos, who cut horrible borscht farts in his face until he passed out.

    Fry this f—-er.

  2. Exportation of criminals and undesirables has a long history. Calling it "immigration" is the new reiteration.

  3. How do you say adios in Armenian? Խաղաղութիւն

  4. Sounds like your typical Dimocrat to me. - GOC

  5. It's too bad there are no longer penal colonies. Just send offenders there and let them fend for themselves. No need for the hassle and expense of prisons. - Elric