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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

The real president of the world

From CNN, the day after the 2008 election, "Barack Obama is 'President of the world.'

"Around the world, media reaction to the Democrats' victory has poured in, as newspapers and broadcasters reflect on the Barack Obama campaign and the global impact his win will have."

Among the papers cheering the news was Pravda.

CNN said, "In Russia, Pravda was ecstatic, announcing that 'Eight years of hell are over.' It proceeded to catalog George W. Bush's perceived failures and slights against Russia and criticized the cost of the 'grand American soap opera' during a time of economic crisis."

Yep, 10 years ago Russia was good, comrade.

That was how the Establishment saw things. Obama was the official Hope and Change for the New World Order.

But the New World Order with its NAFTAs and EUs failed the people. And so the people rose to reclaim their national identity.

Britain voted to Brexit the European Union, and other countries are also dropping out. The people of Poland, Hungary, and other nations we left behind the Iron Curtain are refusing orders from Brussels to take in Muslim migrants.

The failure of NAFTA to fulfill its promises of jobs not only spurred the election of President Trump, but Andrés Manuel López Obrador's election as the next Mexican president as well.

Despite the negative press from all those publications that anointed Obama, President Trump is seen as a rebel leader much as Reagan was.

His impact is felt in Red China, where the spirit of Tiananmen Square lives on 29 years after communist authorities slaughtered thousands. The Epoch Times reports that Chinese dissidents refer to President Trump as "Chuan Da Ye" or Powerful Grandpa Trump.

He is their one hope. They see in him what we see in him.

Epoch Times reported, "Although the Party-controlled official Chinese media has been depicting the West and the United States as 'the hostile force in the West,' many Chinese netizens who know how to 'jump over' the Great Fire Wall of China show their affection towards Trump by calling him 'Chuan Da Ye.' They like his toughness, his personality, and the fact that he is super rich and successful."

Batman vs. the commies. And yes, Chairman Xi is a communist and Red China never stopped being Red China.

"Some Chinese intellectuals, commentators, and democracy advocates have said they think Trump can achieve more than just a 'Da Ye,' by bringing about political changes through economic means," Epoch Times reported.

"Jin Yan, a Chinese commentator, wrote in an article that since Trump became president, the world had seen changes that haven’t happened since the Cold War. [SNIP]

"Jin thinks that although China wanted to adopt the Hezong strategy and form an alliance with Europe to oppose America during the trade war, Trump somehow turned the tables on the Chinese regime and reached a zero tariffs and zero subsidies understanding with Europe instead.

"He believes that Japan, Australia, Canada, and even Russia will follow suit and become closer with the United States than with China. He believes Trump is a great strategist."

President Trump applies Sun Tzu to his every breath. Taking away tariffs and subsidies takes away China's advantage. China wins not because of cheap labor but because it cheats. Take away the rules and there is no cheating.

The story ended, "A photo of Trump shaking hands with Reagan has been widely shared on Chinese social media, with the following photo caption added, in Chinese: 'Reagan to Trump: ‘Let me get rid of the Communist Party in Soviet Union first; you find some opportunity to get rid of the CCP in the future.’ Trump to Reagan: ‘OK! Deal!’"

This is a meme, something faked to make a very real political statement.

Obama was a false president of the world, propped up by a propaganda press.

President Trump is the real president of the world, propped up by his accomplishments which inspire others.


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  1. This is good and Without hyperbole. Simply true.

  2. Big guy went 5-0 yesterday, too. Not tired yet.

  3. You guys keep driving past Obama's house. Good thing you're over him.

    You should really be more worried about keeping Pootie's lap dog from being accountable for his treason.

    Angela Merkel is the leader of the free world.

    1. Merkel's approvals are in the 30s. Even the Europens don't think of her as strong otherwise they wouldn't be angry at Trump for refusing to carry her bags. Unlike like her personal porter Obama, He is not on call and has a real job. No one in Europe trusts the Germans and for good reason.

    2. Merkel is barely the leader of Germany. She heads a fractious coalition government that is constantly on the edge of collapse. If the CSU party --- strong in Bavaria, the HQ of BMW --- decides to pull out of the coalition over Trump's tariffs, Merkel's government will fall.

    3. Nony, me thinkie you tellee Big fibbie. Secretly, you think Maduro is the leader of the free world. Don’t you.

    4. Angela Merkle? She's barely the leader of Germany, Snookums! -- BJ54

    5. Mutti? Really? Dude, whatever you're smoking, I'll take a dime.

    6. Merkel, Leader of the Free World? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Das ist ein guter, scheisskopf!

  4. Angela Merkel is not the leader of the free world.

    She’s the leader of Germany the way Constantine XI Palaeologus was the Emperor of Byzantium.

  5. Not only was he president of the world, he was also "sort of God".

  6. Non-leaders (Sotero) put in leadership roles are not leaders.

    We are lucky enough to be witnessing true leadership.

    I have seen the term “apex predator” applied to PDJT. the apex predator is at the top of the food chain with no natural predators in their environs.

    our President is a leader and an apex predator.