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Thursday, August 02, 2018

The press martyr wish

The cult of cable news hit another new low today. Press credibility has run in the opposite direction of the stock market since we elected President Trump.

Wall Street has risen to great new wealth. Journalists have squandered their fortune to the point where a hedge fund acquired ownership of the New York Daily News for a buck last fall.

Journalism is a religion to too many reporters. That is a danger to our republic because it carries with it a dogma of undemocratic ideals.

Connie Schultz of the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote in 2005, "Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time with journalism students whose hand-wringing professors still believe something other than salary should be the divining rod for choosing a career."

How easy it is to be carefree about money when you are married to a senator.

The link is long gone, but it is included in a post of the era by journalist Jeff Jarvis, who by golly continues to blog today, "Journalism and the vow of poverty."

This view, however, is not shared by most newspaper owners. Smart men.

Journalists cite the First Amendment whenever challenged over facts, bias, and news judgment. Until today, I thought they meant freedom of the press.

But after today's White House briefing, I realize they stand for the freedom of religion: theirs. They worship at the false god of The Narrative.

The Narrative is a shape-shifting set of values and mores that closely resembles the Marxism peddled by limousine liberals.

One constant is capitalism is evil, along with religion, although Muslims and the Amish get a pass.

The pecking orders are another constant.

In matters of race, the darker the skin, the more you are In. At the bottom of the heap are Asians, including Indians who include people who are darker than many African Americans. Civil rights may be 50 years old but by golly the press attitude toward race are stuck in the 1960s.

Of course, a liberal white person trumps a conservative of any color, especially orange.

Sex is another matter. It goes liberal women over liberal men over conservative men over conservative women. Had we elected Sarah Palin vice president, she would have been more hated than President Trump.

I have yet to figure out the pecking order of the gender bending transformers (which was a pretty good album by Lou Reed). All I know is that as a straight born-male, I am at the bottom of that list.

But what does interest me is the bias. Under Obama, the press saw its duty as protecting the president from critics.

Under President Trump, the press sees its duty as sabotaging the president. Oh, they call it holding him accountable but the promotion of the discredited Russian dossier by CNN and others -- which began before the inauguration -- is an abuse of power that is so repugnant that it has pulled the plug on the power of the press.

This has led to desperate measures.

There are those in the press who are now openly hoping for an physical attack on someone in the press (not them, of course) in order to discredit President Trump and his deplorable supporters while restoring some the respect they squandered on partisan political games.

Oh, they couch it as concern. Wolf Blitzer for three years now has warned that criticism of the press imperils the lives of young reporters.

But it is a concern without basis, which turns it into something else.

Today, this wish for martyrdom erupted during the daily White House press briefing, which David Martosko covered for the Daily Mail.

Journalists complained about people shouting "CNN sucks" at Jim Acosta who was covering a presidential rally. CNN did not air the president's speech.

"White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders visibly upset some journalists during a briefing on Thursday when she complained about physical dangers she has faced in her job and her unprecedented need for Secret Service protection, and blamed the reporters in the room for causing it," Martosko wrote.

"Challenging her directly, one reporter responded: 'Tell that to the five dead journalists in Maryland.'"

Goodness, did that escalate.

The reporter tried to blame President Trump and his followers for a crazy person who stalked the newspaper for years before finally entering the building and killing five workers.

Sanders on Wednesday reminded reporters, "While we certainly support freedom of the press, we also support freedom of speech, and we think that those things go hand in hand."

By bringing up people saying "CNN sucks," which offended Acosta, some in the press are trying to equate criticism with violence.

Members of this cult need to calm the heck down. What they do is nice but unimportant, especially considering the way the press has gotten Donald John Trump wrong for the last three years and counting.

Maybe if reporters ditched the vow of poverty and embraced capitalism, they would be forced to improve their product to suit the needs of their audience rather than this dogma.


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  1. “Maybe if reporters ditched the vow of poverty”

    What those Leftie reporters need to get isn’t “paid”, but it rhymes with it.

  2. It is definitely more crude and insulting -- and more dangerous -- to spend hours discussing the president's mental health -- and declaring that he is unfit -- than to say a "news" agency is not doing its job. Get real,CNN.

    When they chant, "Acosta is insane, Acosta is insane," over and over -- and spend weeks saying he should be removed from his job -- we can worry.

    P.S. Just finished "Follies." Great, of course. Biggest news -- GP Fusion is a strictly dirty-stories-for-Dims operation, and works solely to provide "newsworthy" nastiness for that one party. When I read that PP used them to degrade Project Veritas -- wow.

    1. We now have that renowned mental health authority Amarosa weighing in on Trump's mental health.


  3. The grass is always greener on the other side. I hear that because of the rapid rate of attrition of reporters in Russia there are many opening for top-notch newshounds. They could go to work in Russia, whose political practices more nearly resemble the reporters' ideology than those of the U.S. Just a thought. - Elric

  4. "The footage of rally-goers’ menacing and shouting profanity at reporters in slavish observance of the president’s goading was unbecoming of the citizens of a republic that values a free and independent press."

    Noah Rothman, Commentary, 8/1/2018

    Free and independent press my tuchus. Press coverage of Trump has been 90% negative according to media sources. This is more partisan than the most partisan of all voting blocs, people of African ancestry.

    1. I'd love to know where the 10% non-negative coverage is to be found.


    2. Not on any of the major liberal media outlet, that is for sure, but you rarely get honesty non-political reporting on those sites anyway.

  5. If I took over a newspaper or tv news operation, I think my winnowing of applicants would disqualify anyone from Columbia Journalism School (in fact most "journalism" degrees would be suspect), and most wanting to be "journalists" instead of "reporters."

    We need more "reporters" and fewer "journalists."

  6. Why would they give up a religion which demands self-worship?

  7. A not so original thought: Hey, Jim et al, if you don't want to hear "CNN Sucks" then don't suck.

  8. How many reporters have been shot or roughed up by Conservatives?

  9. I can recall seeing Leftists chanting "Fox News lies!" during live Fox broadcasts. I don't recall any of their competitors saying anything about it.

  10. Donald could just end the tradition of the WH Press Conference. They have certainly earned such an end. But the present situation lets the public see the proof of Donald's accusations against the rabid media. The humor is that the MSM is not collectively smart enough to realize what asses they make of themselves on a daily basis.

    It has been rumored CNN is thinking of giving Lil Jimmie Acosta his own news show. I might actually switch on the lobotomy screen to watch that! Good comedy is in short supply these days!

    1. CNN sucks like a Dyson, but the dirtbags don’t realize they’re obsolete yet.

  11. Once again John Pavlovitz nails the Trump supporters and their lack of morality:

    "In their contorted, sneering countenance; in their so readily brandished middle finger; in their steady spit shower of verbal filth. With each angry gesture and with every slandering epithet, they reveal in high-definition detail what it looks like when someone loses the light inside them."


    "May we never become as miserable as those who support this President."

    1. I know you are. But what am I?

      Sheesh! This is one of the worst cases of projection I've seen lately. Do these people really think like this? Appalling.

    2. @Anon 8:12

      So true, so true, just one little error:

      "May we never become as miserable as those who cry against this President."


    3. I don't see any Trupmers shooting people flipping them off destroying property, Attempting vehicular homicide.Near 530 at last count..
      The left is crazy and we need
      be very very careful..TG

    4. Got to love the irony in quoting John Pavlovitz when replying to a blog post about whiny attention whores.

    5. Pavlov's dogs. - Elric

    6. Pavlov should soak his dogs in a foot-spa, that’d soften up those calluses.

      I’d suggest the same for Anonymous’ head, but it’s soft enough already.

  12. The press has already erased James Hodgkinson from history.