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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The media's 72% problem

The past decade has seen the media cover up scandal upon scandal under Barack Obama while promoting the long-discredited Russian collusion fairy tale. I mean if Alex Jones is being banned for having wacky conspiracy theories, why not CNN? It reaches almost as many people.

The kid gloves treatment of Obama and the mistreatment of President Trump has consequences for the press.

Few people trust the press anymore.

Ned Ryun, a former writer for President George W. Bush, wrote a column in The Hill on this topic.

"In 1976, Gallup's poll regarding the trustworthiness of the mainstream media showed that 72 percent of the American people thought the media was either trustworthy or very trustworthy," Ryun wrote.


"Now, in the summer of 2018, 72 percent of the American people think that the mainstream media intentionally pushes fake news. Many in the media want to point the finger at others for this plummet in trust with the American people, refusing to accept the very large role they've had in bringing this upon themselves," he wrote.

One reason Americans trusted the press in the 1970s was that it was trustworthy. Sure, you had Walter Cronkite on CBS, but the Huntley-Brinkley Report beat him in the ratings. After Chet Huntley left due to cancer, Brinkley winged it alone. John Chancellor succeeded him. Up until the late 1990s, NBC News was fair and balanced.

But the main thing the news media had in the 1970s was diversity. Sure, the overwhelming majority of the writers were white males, but they ran the gamut of American political opinion. There were even writers defending Nixon amid the Watergate scandal.

Now the diversity is superficial, based on race and sex but the opinion is the same. 

Name the newspaper columnist who defends President Trump. On television, only Fox News and its companion business network have people defending him. When you refuse to allow anyone speak from half the political spectrum, you are unbalanced. And no one in their right mind trusts an unbalanced person.

Today's pundits are conformists unable to think for themselves. When challenged, their only recourse is to shout hate speech and demand censorship. 

On Thursday, they plan to all write editorials and columns blaming President Trump for their loss of credibility.

He's good, but nobody is as good as the press when it comes to killing the credibility of the press.


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  1. Sounds like a good day to drop another MOAB..... Two bits says the President says or does something that takes all the air out of their editorials. He plays these guys like a Stradivarius violin and they never learn.....

    1. If Ellis dismisses the case against Manafort, that will qualify.

  2. Like maybe, the fall of the Mullahs in Iran?
    Without firing a shot? TG

  3. Advocacy Journalism = Propaganda.

    And yes, people can see it and react accordingly.

    -Mikey NTH

  4. They are making more money than ever with DT in office. Why would they change anything? Opinion and lies::rich. Objectivity and Fact::poor. It is mostly consumer driven too. The public is not well educated anymore, is always distracted, and the preferred Demo needs at least 1000 volts to pay attention.
    The media have become freak shows, promising something you never saw or heard of captured in the jungles of Mars, or Saturday matinee serials where the hero(DT) is trapped weekly by some horrible fiend(them) then escapes at the last second to fight again. I wonder if in fact they are secretly hoping he wins hands down in 20. Their pensions will explode their apartments will become more valuable their bonuses increase, the very opposite of what will occur if Lil'Evita and the Sandernistas get in, like they pretend they wish for but don't. In short,
    They don' care about that shining 72 story tower of 'Credibility' anymore. To them, It is located on the slope to broke.

  5. How many of the papers writing editorials endorsed Hillary in 2016?

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all ran the same editorial.

  7. Unbalanced, alright.

    You can just hear the sheep chanting, “Left legs, good! Right legs, bad!”

  8. Walter "the most trusted man in America" Cronkite delivered fake news back in 1968 when he returned from Viet Nam and said the Tet offensive was a disaster for American forces. He lied. It was a disaster for the NVA and the Viet Cong. - GOC

  9. They appeared more balanced, but I saw John Chancellor speak off the record at the Council on Foreign Relations once and was shocked at how ultra-left and unhinged he sounded when not on TV. It was an eye-opener. The difference today is that they don't bother faking objectivity, they have taken off their masks...

  10. I am not sure but I think Alex Jones has a larger following than CNN.
    The media have always been involved with fake news but they were better actors and people still trusted enough that when caught in a lie/bias it was just and honest mistake. Over the past decade people have seen more and more propaganda than news and realize these people are not on the same side as the majority of Americans and started paying attention and catching them.
    Now they have blown the trust of those people and since they are elitist and much smarter than us it must be someone else fault that they have no integrity, honesty or credibility. All American have always wanted was for them to be honesty and do the job of a reporter, they chose to be journalist which are merely tales of tales and facts and evidence are not needed to tell the stories.