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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Still no Russian collusion

A jury found Paul Manafort guilty on eight counts related to tax evasion. Michael Cohen copped a plea on tax evasion to testify against President Trump. Bungling Bob Mueller is of the belief that an out of court settlement with a hooker is an election law violation. The Marxists are happy. They think President Trump is going down.

Here's the problem with that: There is still no Russian collusion.

We were promised Russian collusion. That was the premise for the investigation. Absent any concrete evidence of a conspiracy between President Trump and Vladimir Putin to steal the election, Mueller is just wasting everyone's time.

I learned that with the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Ken Starr was investigating something else -- Whitewater? -- and he couldn't bring him down, so he went after suborning perjury and perjury related to Bill Clinton lying under oath about Lewinsky.

The public saw that as a bunch of cow pies.

Then came the Valerie Plame case. Patrick Fitzgerald could not show that at the behest of Bush 43 Karl Rove leaked her name to Bob Novak. The leaker was Richard Armitage, who was not charged.

The public saw that as a bunch of cow pies.

Richard Nixon went down because they were able to link him to Watergate as an accomplice after the fact.

When it comes to removing a duly elected president, the opposition has to sell the public on the scandal. And to sell the scandal, it must be a serious, substantial, and simple act of abuse of presidential power.

If Democrats think they can impeach for being a blackmail victim they are going to be seriously disappointed

The real scandal is of course Obama's spying on Donald John Trump who infuriated the temperamental narcissist by resurrecting the birther nonsense.

But Obama is not president.

President Trump is. And he will remain president for another 2 to 6 years because the Fake News about Russian collusion has inoculated him. They have made him unimpeachable by inventing this Russian collusion craziness.


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  1. If Joshua Chamberlain taught us anything, it’s that, when you’re getting low on ammo, you don’t sound retreat.

    You fix bayonets and charge.

    1. Hell yeah, Dave. Meeting two friends at Little Round Top next month, to once again see what an audaciously brilliant move that was.

  2. Per DJT, a good lawyer can be hard to find.

  3. Correctomundo on the real scandal. If anything begged for a real special counsel it's the Obama administration's involvement in trying to bring down Trump. And then separately someone needs to look at the Awans, the Clintons and also their foundation, the truth behind Seth Rich (maybe it was just a robbery) and the Podestas and wherever all that may lead like Mueller's investigation. Just to be safe Trump should get them appointed and working before the midterms.

    1. And another thing. Maybe Trump should prime the pump by doing a little bit of strategic declassifying.

    2. And NEVER forget the Arab Brotherhood's own Huma Abedin who you can see in so many photos working Hillary like a puppet when she was "Secretary of State"- we had in effect, a foreign spy as Sec. State.

      And Cheryl Mills needs a "Look-see" as well.

      Maybe a Special Counsel to investigate the "Special Counsel's" selective blindness to the REAL electoral collusion.

  4. Another distraction for the mainstream media to chase after while the pieces are being aligned for the post-labor day reveal of the plot against PDJT.

  5. Decades-old tax-dodging and taxi pay-offs?


  6. Engaging in a criminal conspiracy with a foreign government has made him quite impeachable. His personal lawyer practically turned in demo tape of the songs he's willing to sing for Bob Mueller.

    Round 1 of the classic RICO case is moving ahead quite well. But please think the real issue is spying by Obama. It is very entertaining.

    1. A criminal conspiracy which has zero basis in fact, only fiction. But keep believing as you do, Nony. Your reports from the left do supply us with a bit of levity amid the usual boring drivel from the commie left.

    2. That would be Hillary, the DNC, the FBI, and the DOJ.

      From using a British intel agent to a Russian oligarch, they faked the dossier to gain/get cover foe their spying on Trump as candidate and as President.

      Mueller also has worked with the same Russian in an earlier operation.

    3. Just got done listening to Alan Dershowitz explain that Trump still hasn't committed a crime or any impeachable offenses, but hey, I'm sure you're much more of a legal scholar than he is.

  7. Levin, on Sean last night, ridiculed Davis for being dumb, and Cohen for screwing himself pleading to a non-crime. Even Sean shut up and actually listened for once!

    The real news in all of this is how quickly Cryin’ Chuck called for Grassley to suspend hearings on Kavanaugh for SCOTUS. I’d love for Donald to have a little fun with Chuck. Can you imagine Schumer’s and the Dem’s response if Donald tweeted out –

    “I am considering the possibility of a pardon for Senator Schumer.”

    And didn’t say anything more? Sheer hilarity would ensue!

  8. I knew that Cohen had flipped when Lanny Davis entered the case. He's been a member of the Clinton Crime Family since they were in law school together. Yesterday Davis had a sh*t-eating grin as he talked about his client pleading guilty.

  9. Notice - Cohen did not give the name of "the candidate."

    Davis did.

    Pleading guilty to a non-crime. Hmmm . . . there is more to this than meets the eye, or Davis' usual gloating. ;-)

    P.S. Lanny Davis should be disbarred for counseling a clint to plead guilty to nothing. 'S 'k - I got plenty of popcorn and beer on hand for Donald's show.


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