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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Solving the school bathroom problem

Transgender is the new fad at schools. It's like long hair for boys in the 1960s except this does permanent damage to children that they will live with for the rest of their lives. Sad.

But the good news is the school system in North Kansas City, Missouri, has solved the issue of school bathrooms. Everyone will use the same one, with individual stalls.

The Associated Press reported, "The individual bathroom stalls at Rising Hill Elementary and Northview Elementary in the North Kansas City School District two new elementary schools are enclosed with floor-to-ceiling walls and lockable doors, the Kansas City Star reported. The restrooms still have an open alcove area with a common trough sink. Both male and female symbols adorn the same sign on the wall outside the bathrooms."

The locked doors are a problem with me because I can see the possibilities for hanky panky.

However, this solution is closer to what we have at my house. People use it one at a time.

Rochel Daniels, the district's executive director of organizational development, said, "Students said they like these restrooms better because they are more private."

There is a common area to wash hands and gossip. Or smoke. Or eat Tide pods. Or whatever kids do these days.


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  1. Hanky panky? Easy. Once the door of a stall is locked, give 'em 5 minutes and if the door doesn't open again, a blinking red light goes on in the ceiling in front of the stall and outside the bathroom. The chances of hanky panky in an unlocked stall are not zero, but are probably pretty low.

  2. It's a bad solution to a non existent problem.
    We've had gendered bathrooms for decades. It is a known technology. It works.


  3. Allowing men to enter women's toilet areas is very dangerous. A woman can be attacked by one or more men and no one on the outside is alerted. At least when there are separate men's and women's toilets, people can see when a male enters the wrong toilet and an alert can be given. The whole rot has been started by cowardly people (journalists and members of political parties), who are not prepared to stand up to "transgender" people and tell them they are NOT another sex, they are still the sex they were born with, whether they have removed or added genitals. Until this happens, the nonsense and danger to women and girls will continue. cdm

  4. Ironically, this undermines the erosion of self that was the big project of the 20th century. The people were cogs to shower and use the toilet together, segregated by sex. Gang showers and such were used to erode the self. This was both facilitated and taken advantage of by the militarization of the country in the last half of the 20th century.

    Increased privacy does not advance the Marxist cause to breakdown the individual.

  5. There is one sure way to stop this in its tracks, and that is to claim mixed gender bathrooms are forbidden by Islam. You just know the authorities would reverse course immediately.

    1. Sad but true, IA...sad but true.

    2. Brilliant! And it will work not only for this but also for just about anything!

  6. How did humanity survive before transgender bathrooms?

  7. This is amazing post. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I would think that allowing sexually handicapped kids, who feel different in their minds than in their bodies, could easily be accommodated by using the handicapped bathrooms which almost all schools already have, and are usually under-used. Have a penis but don't feel like a boy? Use the handicapped bathroom.

    1. There was a recent court case where a student had access to a private bathroom but wanted access to the main bathroom. The court sided with the kid.