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Saturday, August 04, 2018

Red China losing the trade war

This is your Red China on Obama: "China’s stock market overtook Japan’s in late 2014, then soared to an all-time high of more than $10 trillion in June 2015."

This is your Red China on President Trump: "Chinese equities and the nation’s currency have taken a beating this year amid a trade spat with the US, a government-led campaign to cut debt and a slowing economy."

Any questions?

The quotes are from Focus World News, an Indian news service.

"China just lost its ranking as the world’s number two stock market," Focus World News reported.

"After a Thursday slump, Chinese equities were worth $6.09 trillion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. That compares with $6.17 trillion in Japan. The US has the world’s largest stock market at just over $31 trillion."

The total value of Chinese stocks plummeted 40% in the last three years.

The wheels are coming off the largest communist country in the world. Make no mistake. Chairman Xi Jiping is the leader of his nation's communist party.

President Trump's tariffs have placed economic pressure on Xi's regime. Retaliating by taxing the import of American soy will only raise food prices, which will come amid a growing recession.

20% of Red China's economy comes from exports. We are its biggest customer.

Only 11% of the U.S. economy is exports. China is third on our list, well behind Canada and Mexico.

The experts of course said we would lose a trade war with Red China.

"Trump is losing the trade war with China," Rich Lowry, editor of the Never Trump National Review declared on March 8.

I love how a man who converted a conservative magazine into a Democrat-lite publication thinks he can lecture a businessman on capitalism.

"Trump can have emotionally satisfying, blunderbuss tariffs to scratch his protectionist itch, or he can have a strategy to muster an alliance of truly free-trade partners to pressure China. He can’t have both — and you can be sure China knows which option it prefers," Lowry wrote.

He echoes those who said Donald John Trump was a fool to invest in Manhattan in 1980.

The BBC reported in May that President Trump lost this trade war with China.

"Donald Trump once claimed a trade war with China would be 'easy' to win. But consensus is emerging that the president is losing the first battles," the BBC reported.

"His team has been trying to hash out a deal to boost U.S. exports, but multiple rounds of negotiations have yet to yield progress on key priorities, like protection for US intellectual property.

"Now the conflict has Mr. Trump taking fire at home from two sides: those worried he is provoking a damaging trade fight, and those who fear he will give in too easily."

Didn't the BBC also warn that the British economy would collapse if voters approved Brexit?

Linette Lopez of Business insider wrote President Trump off on May 22.

"President Donald Trump just went toe-to-toe with China on trade, and he was handed an embarrassing loss.That is largely because Trump's team never had the leverage in the first place to get China to put aside some of its fundamental economic goals," Lopez wrote.

She offered no evidence of any loss. Our stocks rise. Theirs fall. You would think a publication catering to investors would follow the money.

Today, Jim Treacher tweeted: "I know people want to believe Donald Trump is a racist, but he hasn't even reached that level of emotional development. If you insult him, you're his enemy. If you compliment him, you're his friend. It's really not more complicated than that."

I had it up to here with this sneering from elitists.

I replied, "Hahaha. You really believe Americans elected an infant as president. Meanwhile, the economy booms and peace is breaking out. You Never Trumpers are so childish. You cling to your wrong call like Linus and his security blanket."

Meanwhile, China is about to capitulate in the trade war because Chairman Xi needs to export to the U.S. to keep his nation afloat, and himself in power.


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  1. Never understood why people link to Treacher. I was sick of him years before he came out as a Never Trumper.

    1. Isn't it nice that Don reads all these people so we don't have to?

    2. Trump’s sole offense against the NeverTrumpers is to be an incomparably better President than they have proven they deserve.

  2. I hope the Chinese have some nice, soft, silken kneepads when they come begging President Trump to cut them an equitable trade deal. He has already won. He knows it, and the Chinese know it. Now it's just a matter of haggling over the terms. But remember, face is all-important to Asians, so it may take a while. Until then, let them feel the heat. - Elric

    1. Trump knows,and Xi will not lose face. They'll turn it into a victory for both sides. And we'll know we won.

    2. What was it Groucho used to say?

      “Nobody leaves this show without winning SOMETHING.”

  3. And Winning begets a renewed hunger for even more winning.

    1. this rate PDJT must be kept alive indefinitely to free the world.

  4. Lopez @ Business Insider [like many of the authors they post there] is rabid [!] anti-Trump; while Henry Blodgett made a ton of money selling that site to the Germans [~$300MM+] don't forget--he was thrown out [!] of the securities industry after being convicted as a stock 'tout' post-2001 stock crisis. NOT a truth-teller, he...