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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Mueller leaves Washington in despair

Bungling Bob Mueller's trial of Paul Manafort is going nowhere. We know this because of a column by Anne Applebaum, one of the Pulitzer-approved handmaidens of Jeff Bezos at the Washington Post.

"'Don’t worry, the institutions will stop him.' Or: 'Don’t worry, he hasn’t done any real damage yet, the institutions have stopped him,'" Applebaum wrote.

"How many times have you heard some version of this analysis since the election of President Trump? Sometimes, the speaker is an optimist, someone with faith in the U.S. Constitution. Sometimes, the speaker is a skeptic, someone who dislikes the alleged 'hysteria' of those who think Trump’s corrupt habits, autocratic language and authoritarian behavior are doing lasting damage. Either way, they are reassured, and reassuring: Congress will stop him. The judiciary will stop him. The FBI, the Republican Party, the Constitution will stop him. Don’t worry."

In her view, we elected the wrong person as president and therefore we must be punished by having him Nixoned by the Deep State. Somehow Hillary will be installed in this coup de cray-cray. Their is an underpants gnome plan.

  1. Remove President Trump.
  2. ???
  3. President Hillary!

To her and the thousands of journalists and lobbyists and politicians and upper-level bureaucrats in Washington, the Constitution exists to protect them from being held accountable for their 30 years of failure to protect our borders, our jobs, and our way of life.

Post-Reagan America was a landscape littered with shuttered factories, dashed dreams, and the walking wounded from foreign wars that did not go as advertised.

After Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt fired and replaced the Army and Navy commanders in Hawai'i. They were held accountable for not preparing for the attack.

After 9/11, President Bush 43 kept the heads of the FBI and CIA. Later, he kept Mueller on even though as FBI director he personally led the FBI's anthrax investigation and got exactly the wrong man. Taxpayers shelled out $5.8 million in an out-of-court settlement with the wrongly accused, and longly harassed victim of Mueller's incompetence.

Using opposition research and transcripts of Obama's wiretapping of President Trump by the FBI, Official Washington appointed Mueller to look for a non-existent conspiracy between President Trump and Vlad Putin.

Instead of splintering support for President Trump, the Russian witch hunt has annealed them to him and has attracted millions more who know the difference between a prosecution and persecution.

As far as I can tell, Manafort stands trial for buying an ostrich jacket. I was so disappointed when I discovered it was made of ostrich hide and not feathers. I expected Manafort dressed in a 1970s Superfly outfit. Instead it is just a leather jacket.

Reading her column, I recalled the last time I visited the state Capitol in Charleston, West Virginia. I was struck as I looked up at the dome over the Rotunda by the dangerous beauty of the marble and limestone building.

It's a cathedral to government, I told my companion.

No, it is a cathedral to the people, he replied.

He confused the people for the government -- a common mistake among journalists.

The irony in Applebaum's column is the very institutions that she and her readers in Washington worship have failed them just as they failed the people who elected Trump president.

Did I say irony? I meant joy. This is their comeuppance. This is their NAFTA, their 9/11, and their Obamacare being served in large doses called reality.

"Supposedly, 'rule of law' is an important principle to any Western society, perhaps the most important principle. Belief in the judicial system is what makes contracts work and commerce possible; even-handed enforcement of the law is what separates rule-based democracy from whimsical autocracy. Listen closely as Manafort’s trial unfolds: Long before Trump got to Washington, and long before Manafort helped him get there, judicial and law enforcement institutions failed to stop them. Are you still sure that there is no need to worry?" she wrote at the end.

Tough. The rule of law did not apply to Obama or his minions. Wiretapping President Trump was Watergate on steroids. We should prosecute that.

Instead we have this sham trial, just like Ted Stevens and Bob Menendez suffered. The outcome looks more Menendez than Stevens, but the latter was reversed on appeal because prosecutors cheated.

The Applebaums in our capital are in despair.

That is where they belong.


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  1. "No, it is a cathedral to the people, he replied."

    That's been a fantasy since the presidential election of 1860.

    Things went south for Mueller when gates fell apart on the stand. I doubt Manafort gets sent up the river.

    1. According to Andrew Napolitano, Manafort was exonerated of these charges 8 years ago.

      If Ellis allows that testimony, Manafort walks (actually, he struts).

  2. The narrative has fallen apart and now everyone who can see and think knows the whole thing was a set up. A *conspiracy* to change the result of an election. I think no harm will come to the conspirators, and this, despite an urge to see them hang is probably the best course.

    Cicero putting to death the Catiline conspirators turned out to be a mistake in the long run, a d may have been the death of the Roman Republic. If he had left their prosecution up to others, or let them walk, they would have been there every day to remind the people of their perfidy, and the people would have been more on guard to protect their freedoms. And they might have served to counterbalance the ambitions of Caesar, who, it turned out, was able to use Cicero's actions against him, and set events in motion that ultimately killed Cicero and saw his head and hands nailed above the entrance to the senate house.

    1. Let’s see how this afternoon’s Unite the Right soirĂ©e goes. At least even money the jackbooted thugs will create the violence - slam dunk as to how the media treats it - and bingo, another couple hundred thousand voters swing Red. After four years of non-stop protests, many of them violent, I do recall Nixon eking out a victory against McGovern. Hahaha!

  3. Reading the court transcripts I am struck by how much of the prosecution's case is based on "feelings" and not black letter law. They want the jury to convict Manafort out of envy and their objections to the judge's rulings result from their hurt feelings.

    This is the law as taught today - and practiced by gummint workers.

  4. For someone who is supposed to be a micro manager who is involved in every decision it is surprising that gates was able to embezzle several million dollars from Manafort. Not too micro, eh? How will they explain that?

  5. Manafort and Mueller deserve each other. They are both sleaze balls. Manafort is accused of cheating on his taxes. How is what he did any different in fact from what Apple and a hundred other transnational companies have been doing for years by hiding their money overseas to avoid US taxes? Mueller is cheating all of America. Who is worse, Manafort or Mueller?

    1. "Who is worse, Manafort or Mueller?"
      The classic answer to questions of this kind was given by, I believe, Kissinger: it's a pity they can't both lose.
      That said ...
      The pre-dawn raid on Manaford raises the hairs on the back of my head.
      I've never seen an Alex Jones show but the collusion of tech giants and MSM to shut down his website makes me want to rally to his defense.

    2. Your reply is what gives many of us hope that our republic is getting back on track, people are awakening and realizing what has transpired the past 30 or so years and now the pendulem is swing back.

    3. By the time the Trump Effect gets through with Mueller, he’ll have been demoted so far he’ll be attempting to prosecute that Bill Posters guy.

    4. What Apple and other companies do to shield their income from confiscatory taxes is not just legal, it's moral. Leave the hatred of earned wealth and the belief it's all owed to the government to the left.

  6. Which institutions would that be?

    The Psychoneurotic Institute for the Very, Very Nervous?

  7. The "Institutions"? Please.

    The "Institutions" said oppo research groups can paw through all of the government's top secret files for the DNC.

    The Institutions said Carter Page is a Russian Super-Spy! Yet no charges are even contemplated. Why won't Mueller accept the word of our Intelligence Professionals(tm) and arrest Russian Agent Page?

    Our Intelligence Professionals(tm) also say it's perfectly fine to wiretap a presidential campaign--heroic, even. So if President Trump decides to wiretap his next opponent, I guess we'll have no choice but to support him. We must accept the judgment of our holy Intelligence Professionals(tm), right?