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Friday, August 24, 2018

"Groomed by Pocahontas"

President Trump rallied Republicans in Columbus by saying of the Democratic nominee for governor "He was groomed by Pocahontas."

Fact check: TRUE.

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren falsely claimed she was an American Indian in order to land a gig at Harvard Law School with a cool $700,000 over a two-year period. (Source: The Boston Globe.)

In the Senate, she pushed to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a soft landing place for political cronies and lackeys. Warren tapped Richard Cordray to head the agency. President Trump dumped him. Now Cordray is running for governor.

"Boy were we happy when we got rid of him," Trump said, adding later, "Cordray will destroy your state."

As have the last four Democratic governors, all of whom served one term and were replaced by two-term Republican governors. In the case of Dick Celeste, it took two two-term Republican governors to clean up the mess.


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  1. Having a Democrat governor is like having your state run by the Village People.

    1. Hahaha Doc! My favorite was the construction guy who had that devilish handlebar stache. Be still my beating heart! Hahaha...

    2. Whoops, that was biker guy! How quickly I forget.

  2. Dick Celeste before he dicks you. The good old days of Ohio politics!

    Cordray, being a Jeopardy champion, was clearly the Smartest Man in the Room. Never mind that he ran a secretive, unresponsive government bureaucracy that was accountable to no one. In LibCommieWorld, that’s a feature, not a bug.

    Dick Cordray before he dicks you. Some things never change...