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Monday, August 13, 2018

Donald the Clarifier

“President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”
-- Clint Eastwood
Republican National Convention, 2012 

President Trump is our reward for surviving 8 years of decline.

As President Trump repairs the worst of the damage Obama did to the economy, health insurance, and world affairs, our president also is showing people for who they are.

If you prefer, he is getting people to reveal who they truly are.

It turned out that George Will was only a liberal contrarian. He talked a good game for 40 years, but when push came to shove, he chose Hillary over President Trump.

It turned out that the Weekly Standard and National Review are only promotions for cruise ship tours. Instead of accepting President Trump's nomination, their staffs went berserk and presented an alternative candidate with a screw or two missing.

It turned out that most of the neocons who pushed for the Iraq War were not about protecting our borders at all, as they oppose the wall. Trillions for defense but not one cent to keep terrorists out.

It turned out the national intelligence apparatus isn't about detecting foreign terrorists before they attack; instead the FBI uses these tools to engage in political espionage.

It turned out free trade is not free at all but rather about securing trade deficits that keep communists in charge in Red China.

It turned out Republicans really didn't want to repeal Obamacare after all.

It turned out the Internet Oligarchs are as evil as the Russian Oligarchs. Power corrupts.

President Trump has not brought out the worst in people. He only revealed it.

Samantha Bee's use of the C-word -- and Time-Warner's approval of that use -- to describe the First Daughter reveals the misogyny in the entertainment world, an industry that protected predators like Harvey Weinstein for decades.

The New York Times hiring an anti-white woman of Asian heritage shows its racism as well.

The refusal of the Democratic Party to accept the election results reveals an unfitness for office.

We live in an increasingly fascist nation where the media turns a blind eye to violence by Democrats even when the target is its own employees. Antifa can bash a reporter at a "rally" and his own network will not report the news.

But people chanting "CNN sucks" is considered a death threat.

President Trump did not break America; it already was broken. He is trying to mend it.


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  1. Right on Big D. Going to the rally?

  2. It is not broken it is merely bent and twisted by the amount of corruption that they bring to the table and the media that does all it can to hide that corruption from the people.

  3. One of your best yet. One thing I would continue to harp on is the fact that reporters accept bribes in the form of grants, book deals, trips, etc. You showed that yourself in the Harvey Weinstein portion of the last book. The fact that our press matches up in corruption with the politicians they try to foist on us is more evidence that the status quo should not be acceptable. That perhaps there does need to be regilation and oversight of the press. Thinkmof it like this: how many people in the press thought it was a bribe when a drug rep gave a doctor a ball point pen, a textbook, a drinking mug, or brought lunch or coffee for the office staff? They clapped when the drug industry stopped all that under federal regulation threats. These guys are getting trips to bermuda, or getting paid off in blackmail with book publishing deals. Remember what Duterte said when discussing journalistic blackmail? I'm not saying that they need to be proscribed, but these things need to be looked at the same way people look at in-kind donations are in political campaigns, because, after all, every letter, every word typed by every journalist today is part of some political campaign.

    If we regulate money and in-kind donations in political campaigns, we can do the same in journalism.

    Because they are the same damn thing.

  4. As long as there are more people who believe in America than those who don't America will survive. In order to show their support for America, they have to participate in the governing of the nation. That is how the system works. Otherwise it doesn't work.

  5. I've just decided that I will no longer use the term "the press" when referring to our MSM. The only correct term is leftist propagandists.

    1. "enemedia" is another apt word: cute yet accurate.

    2. I prefer the term DemSM - repeaters, not reporters.

  6. You are backing a fool who's afraid to fire Omarosa Manigault. There's a tape of it. Keep shining that turd.

    1. Link to the tape?

      And let me get this straight ... your beef with Pres DJT is that he is not able to fire people? Do you understand how stupid that is? He had a whole TV show about firing people. LOL


    2. ??? I thought the tape was of her firing? The only question is how long she's going to jail for a serious security violation.....

    3. The troll is just posting what he was told.

    4. Not according to Frank Luntz. He's called her out.

      Let Ms Manigault put up or shut up.

    5. Okay, folks, let's admit it: Trump is not perfect. And one of his defects is that he is unfailingly loyal to people who are loyal to him. Evidence: Jeff Sessions, an early supporter of Trump's candidacy, was appointed AG and keeps his job even though he no longer deserves it. Evidence: Omawhatsherface, an early supporter going way back, gets a made up job in the WH and is kept on by Trump even though she deserved to be fired long ago. Evidence: his long-time personal lawyer and now ungrateful turncoat Michael Cohen, whom Trump should have dumped years ago, but was kept on out of what can only be described as Trump's misguided friendship.

      Trump's problem in dealing with such people is that he is not as ruthless as the public thinks he is. That's a cultivated image. When it comes to politics and the presidency, Trump really has to be as ruthless as people think he is. He needs to get rid of these hangers-on who will hurt him and by hurting him will hurt the nation.

  7. The media are co-conspirators in the soft coup attempt. This article lays it bare:

    - Elric

  8. She had better have NOT taped the President in MD since both people need to know it is being done. Ask Linda Trippe.

  9. loved the 'empty chair' at the RNC convention. Eastwood's finest moment!

  10. PDJT is mending the nation and schlonging the enemy.