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Friday, August 24, 2018

Democrats stuck with impeachment

Thomas Wictor has become a Twitter star thanks to his takes on President Trump. I like his latest one.

I have no idea what COHEN is thinking. But he pleaded guilty to non-crimes. That is reality. By doing so, he gave the Democrats a new narrative: Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator. My GUESS is this will come back to bite the Democrats in the ass.

While a few Democratic leaders publicly deny this, the fact is the Ridiculous Robert Mueller witch hunt has always been about finding something -- anything -- to hang on President Trump in order to remove him from office and install Hillary, who is as competent as she is sober.

The Los Angeles Times laid out the situation quite well from the liberal point of view.

"Mounting legal problems confronting President Trump are rattling the national political map, spurring Democrats to rethink their midterm election strategy and forcing Republicans to distance themselves from politically damaging indictments and convictions," the Times reported.

"The debate around impeachment — or Washington corruption, as many Democrats prefer to frame it — promises to dominate scores of congressional races."

Michael Caputo, a Trump campaign advisor, told the newspaper, "If you didn’t think the midterms were about impeachment, you certainly do now. The Republican chances of maintaining the House got dramatically slimmer."

Making the election a referendum on impeachment certainly will gin up the anti-Trump crowd. The press envisions their long-held hope of a  Democratic Party Tea Party coming true. Remember all the stories about the Coffee Party, et al?

The Tea Party had an issue: Obamacare.

The Antifa Party has no issue. They think President Trump is deplorable, as are his supporters who the Democratic Party believes should be shunned in public.

The parallel is the pending impeachment of Clinton in 1998.

Democrats gained five seats in the House and had no net loss in the Senate, which is excellent for a midterm for the president's party.

Don Blankenship had an interesting insight.

Question for Congress: How does the secret settlement of hundreds (268) of sexual harassment and other discrimination claims against members of Congress differ legally from actions taken by President Trump? At least Trump and not taxpayers funded his hush payments.

The Mueller witch hunt took on a life of its own. Democrats no longer control it. They wanted to find a reason to impeach President Trump. Now they have one, and it is the weakest case possible.

Mueller went from looking for a Trump-Putin conspiracy -- Russian collusion -- to paying off a hooker.

Somehow this is now a campaign finance law violation.

The Obama campaign 2008 had to pay a fine of 375.000 dollar after concealing some big donors. Did anybody demand 'impeachment'? The problem is not media outcry. It's the double standard.

Alan Dershowitz: “Do you know how many technical violations has the Obama campaign committed and every other campaign committed? Failure to report a contribution by the candidate itself is essentially jaywalking.”

Caputo said Republicans are worried about the election. Between all the "retirements" in the House, and history, they should be worried.

But remember the story of the Sorcerer's Apprentice?

It reminds me of Mueller.

Or maybe Donald Trump knows that if you give fools enough rope, they will hang themselves.


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  1. Two hookers, Don. He paid off two hookers.

    1. Weighed against results in office, who cares?

    2. AFAIAC Trump can have as many hookers and pornstars as he wants. Melania may kick his ass but I'm okay with it.

    3. I wouldn't care if it was 2000. I still don't want socialism.

    4. Who may have been trying to blackmail him for something that didn't happen.

  2. Roger Kimball’s latest piece (linked at Instapundit) is spot on. Hope Mr. T reads it.

    1. Excellent piece, thanks for recommending it!

      (I don't visit Insty nearly as much as I used to, since he's gathered so many NeverTrumpers to his site; so I often miss gems like that one.)

  3. Agree with Simon. We know what's going on and we know why. The question is: what will Trump do and WHEN will he do it?

  4. Trump is smart enough to have seen this coming. He has the power to declassify documents that will change the story. Now appears to be a good time.

  5. Suppose there is a Big Blue Wave and the Left takes the House and impeaches Trump on whatever excuse. Based on his first 2 years in office does anyone think that he would just roll-over and let them get away with it? The run up to the Senate trial would be a Twitter and media circus. Of course there would be no conviction and Trump would stroll into a re-election in 2020 with even higher numbers. The Left is definitely stuck with this meme they have created.


  6. So, he's been staying above the fray, refusing to get involved, yet has the power to unleash hell on the enemies of the state. Is he waiting for October Surprise month?
    I hope so. I hope it's SO juicy, the press won't be able to spin it. And Gitmo gets more guests.

  7. It's been my feeling none of this is registering well with the public, so my doubts about a Blue Wave exist.

    As for Caputo, In 2016, Caputo joined the Donald Trump campaign, and was put in charge of communications for New York. He left the campaign after publicly voicing his approval for the replacement of campaign manager Corey Lewandowski with Paul Manafort., I don't think he knows what he's talking about.

    Getting a few flower children to vote twice isn't going to save the Democrat brand from Antifa.

  8. I am pleased when someone comes along to pull some conveniently forgotten or overlooked political fact out of the rabbit hole to remind us how often and how hypocritically our politicians in DC try to deceive the voters of this nation. What's illegal for the goose, is illegal for the gander. A big hat tip to Mr. Blankenship for reminding us that many of the harshest critics of Mr. Trump never bestirred themselves to speak out against even worse behavior by their colleagues in Congress.

  9. Impeachment is one of many gifts given to the Republicans. The questions are: a) Will a GOPe dominant RNC use them, especially on Rep. newcomers, i.e. not in the cabal, challenging Dem. incumbents, and b) Even if they use them can they get the messaging right. Don't forget how many of the doofus NeverTrump talking heads identify themselves as "Republican Strategist" and there's more just like them still left in the RNC doing the "strategizing."

  10. BHO was right, he fundamentally changed America. His minions have now criminalized political thought. The left should be very caucious, as what is now being employed against Mr Trump could be used in the future against any Democrat elected official. Thank you Barack. Watch out Democrats, you are next.

  11. Obama also offered to pay off jerimiah Wright $150,000 to keep quiet about their relationship and Obama's switch hitting in the past.

  12. Ultimately they gonna impeach The Donald for having a wife that speaks 5 languages and looks better at 47 than most Congressvipers' wives at 30. She humiliates them all just by existing and it's all Donald's fault.