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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Democrats for Nazis

The abolish ICE movement got splashed with a cold bucket of water on Tuesday after Immigration and Customs Enforcement deported an actual Nazi, Jakiw Palij.

ICE carried out an order that Bush 43 and Obama failed to do. They were presidential in manner and speech.

President Trump is presidential in action.

Palij, a former Nazi SS labor camp guard, lived in Queens, which is part of the congressional district that Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will represent beginning on January 3.

Ocasio-Cortez wants to abolish ICE. Immigrants are the backbone of the country, right? Besides, she has to protect her voters. Jakiw Palij became a citizen in 1957.

I am surprised the headlines did not read, "ICE deports 95-year-old man despite citizenship."

Instead, CNN went with "Nazi labor camp guard living in New York deported to Germany."

The story didn't mention ICE or President Trump.

But Trump did play a role. The German government would not take the Nazi. Bush 43 and Obama didn't press.

President Trump did. He appointed Richard Grenell as ambassador to Germany. Democrats dragged the confirmation process out. We thought it was because Grenell is gay. Nope, it was because he's anti-Nazi.

President 's instructions were clear and his leadership crucial to getting a former Nazi guard deported from the U.S. Our President is focused on protecting the promise of freedom and the rule of law.

Not every Democrat is for Nazis. But when you obstruct the deportation of a Nazi -- and Bush 43 should have done it when the judge issued the order -- that is the conclusion I reach.


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  1. That’s sure a helluva coalition that party’s built, isn’t it? Holy shite.

  2. Mr. Surber: Objective, unbiased fact checking rates the following sentence MOSTLY FALSE: "Not every Democrat is for Nazis".

    Every Dem that takes money from Nazi collaborator Soros is a Nazi lover, plain and simple. So if you have any actual facts to support your assertion that "not every Democrat is for Nazis," please share.

  3. I read a comment elsewhere today that our progressive buddies and antifa are getting together to get a national holiday declared for the guy who shot Hitler.
    Seems reasonable to me. /s

  4. How does this play with the Tiki torch Nazis who supported Trump? You folks don't want to lose David Duke's suppoort, especially after all that hard work. Little worry though, he knows with wink and a nod who his guy is. The same strain of racism that's earned his favor plays to your fears as well. Enjoy his companionship as a fellow Trumpster.

    1. Duke was/is a member of the KKK, and that has been a Democrat organization since day 1.

      But you Democrats are always projecting.

    2. Anon, you need to quit reading DU and read an actual book. A history book. Or even a fictional book. You'd know more.

    3. You mean the Obama-operative organized white supremacists? We know what a false-flag looks like; we've watched the left try them for decades.

  5. Even CNN couldn’t spin this one.

    Again, it takes a man of action to clean up the disfunctional mess that is DC.