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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Democratic privilege erases Feinstein's spy problem

The FBI identified as a Chinese spy the driver of Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein of California. Good job, China. She is a long time and key member of the Select Committee on Intelligence.

Zach Dorfman of Politico reported, "Former intelligence officials told me that Chinese intelligence once recruited a staff member at a California office of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, and the source reported back to China about local politics.

"(A spokesperson for Feinstein said the office doesn’t comment on personnel matters or investigations, but noted that no Feinstein staffer in California has ever had a security clearance.)

"At the Aspen Security Forum last week, FBI director Chris Wray acknowledged the threat Chinese spying in particular poses, saying, 'China from a counterintelligence perspective represents the broadest, most pervasive, most threatening challenge we face as a country.'"

When Politico breaks a story like this on a Democrat, you know the scandal is larger than they admit. Politico is where they go to defuse bad news for liberals.

I do not buy that China had this infiltrator just report on local politics.

That the spy had no security clearance is irrelevant. Feinstein had clearance. And she trusted staff members.

The Blaze reported, "The FBI informed Feinstein five years ago that her driver was being investigated for potential espionage. The development left the longtime California senator 'mortified.'"


The Blaze reported, "That staffer worked for Feinstein for 20 years, according to reports. It was unclear how long he had been providing information to the Chinese government. The staffer was never charged with a crime, but was immediately fired from his job with Feinstein’s office."

Well, the spin that she was mortified and immediately fired him, which is natural. What is not natural is that the FBI did not prosecute. This was in 2013. Obama was president.

Once upon a time, we hung spies.

Obviously, Democrats did not want to embarrass her. Democrats would rather protect their image than protect the nation from spies.


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  1. So Feinstein is a foreign agent. Just like every Democrat has always been. Hang them all.

    1. Right after the NRA-ers who fell for the Russian ginger.

    2. Nothingburger. Try again.

    3. Did she fail to register as an agent for a foreign government ala Manafort? Will mueller prosecute?

    4. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz told Feinstein it was okay for Democrats to employ a spy. After all, Debbie hired spies who worked for the Pakistani ISI intelligence service and got three dozen other Democrats to chip in to hire the same Awan spy family. No problem.

  2. Liberals do not need to follow the rules when the own the DOJ, FBI and the propagandas media, I am surprised that we found out about it this early its only been 5 years .
    Expecting the DOJ and FBI to actually do their job is so 1990's and not applicable to the current leadership.

  3. He knew the best places for dim sum. All bugged, of course

  4. The FBI told Feinstein about this spy and potential threat. Why didn't they bug her and open a counterintelligence operation into her and everyone she came into contact with as they did with Trump?

    Why hasn't there been a special counsel examining every aspect of Feinstein's life - especially the $1 billion no-compete deal her husband got for selling off excess Post Office property and the California deal he got to buy land for the train to nowhere boondoggle?

    Must just be an oversight.

    1. Sadly, we know the answers to your questions.

      Also, the FBI notifies Feinstein, but does not notify Donald Trump (because of the set-up).

  5. daily Caller reported that the person was listed in 2013 as an “Offixe Director” in Feinstein’s offixe and also served as liaison to the Aisan-american community. Much more than a driver. Corruption in the democrat party and the swamp is unreal.

  6. We hanged spies.

    We hung pictures.

  7. I read that Feinstein didn't fire him. She "forced" him to retire. - Elric

  8. Why is anyone upset by this tiny contretemps?

    It isn't like Feinstein had an illegal server and was getting paid buckets of money to post top secret information. Why everybody knows that's OK to do! There are precedents.

    So what's a mere Chinese spy in comparison?

  9. So the driver had no clearance. But he also attended functions for Feinstein -- at the Chinese Consulate. And in the local community.

    Sounds like pretty good placement and access to me. After all, what kind of discussions would one have/overhear at functions, or while driving around a senator on the phone or with sensitive items being discussed in the car.

    And we still don't know what the driver's name is, or whether he's still in the country.

  10. The missed point here is that the FBI notified Feinstein of potential spy penetration into her staff. The FBI did not notify Trump of a potential spy penetration into his staff, and instead introduced "spies" into Trumps staff.