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Thursday, August 09, 2018

CNN thinks too many Latinos like President Trump

Ronald Brownstein of CNN is in a panic.

"Democrats have hit an unexpected speed bump in their drive to regain control of Congress: unsettling signs that the party may not generate as much turnout or support among Latino voters this fall as it expected," he wrote.

Despite an endless stream of negative stories on CNN and elsewhere about President Trump, a growing number of Hispanic voters support him.

And the wall.

Democrats are worried that they won't be able to scare people into voting against President Trump's candidates this fall.

"While cautioning that there is still time to reverse the trend, they point to signs of wavering Hispanic support and engagement in House districts in Texas, Nevada, Florida and California, and in Senate races in Texas, Nevada, Florida and Arizona," Brownstein wrote.

Polls nationally show President Trump's job approval is up 10 points among Hispanic voters.

We know why.


Breitbart News reported, "The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday the Hispanic unemployment rate sunk to a record low in the month of July — marking two consecutive months where this figure hit all-time lows.

"The Hispanic unemployment rate dropped from a previous record of 4.6 to 4.5 percent in July.

"President Donald Trump has made job creation for minority groups a focal point of his America First economic agenda. In a meeting with inner-city pastors this week, President Trump highlighted the falling unemployment rates among the African-American community."

Cracking down on MS-13 and other people who prey on Hispanic communities also should help drum up support for our president.

Democrats need to offer something more than anti-Trump vitriol. Calling him Hitler backfires once people notice he ain't Hitler.


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  1. Trump’s message is simple.

    “You wanna make a buck?”

  2. "Cracking down on MS-13 and other people who prey on Hispanic communities also should help drum up support for our president."

    The support by Democrats for MS-13 (and like groups) is as baffling as it is gratifying. The idea that they are going to get praise from Hispanics for supporting MS-13 because they share the same ethnicity is just nuts, and I for one am happy that they do so.

    -Mikey NTH

    1. It's worse than even ethnicity. It's the Democrat Party knee-jerk support for the outsider, and MS-13 is outside any community that honors honesty, integrity, hard work and common sense!

    2. Not just an "outsider." They knee jerk support anyone President Trump is against. That's why they support them and iran, etc, etc.

    3. The Dimocrat Party is a criminal syndicate masquerading as a political party, hence, their support for MS-13: professional courtesy.- GOC

  3. The simple answer id the DNC hasn't had a new or original idea in decades. Compare the party platform from the 90's and today and they are basically the same. They promise the stars the moon but deliver nothing. They had control of the entire government for years under Obama and accomplished nothing.
    The leadership is old and tired with nothing new or energetic to offer the country. They remember the old days when the had competent leaders and goals now they have Schumer, Pelosi, Perez, Hoyer, Cummings, Water, Lee, Warren is there any doubt why the DNC is leading the way for the media into the trash can of history.

    1. Racism, sexism, homophobia, party of the rich. Rinse. Dry. Repeat.

      All lies. But nevertheless, treated as gospel by their base (and the media and Hollyweird (the base)).

    2. From your mouth to God's ears! Let us pray the Dems will not longer be able to prey on America.

    3. 'Dems will not longer be able to prey on America'.

      Words so true that they should become a slogan.


  4. Liberals/Democrats think of the Latino community as a monolith that cares only about immigration. The countries of Latin America may speak the same language, but they are culturally and economically very distinct. Democrats think Latino = Mexican. It does not. A Puerto Rican is not a Peruano, who is not a Salvadorean, who is not a Chileno, who is not a Cubano, who is not a Colombian, who is not an Argentine, who is not a Dominican, none of whom are Mexican (although they may watch the occasional Mexican "telenovela" on TV, which doesn't make them Mexican any more than listening to a Gordon Lightfoot record makes us Canadian).

    And, get this, they are not a single issue voters lasered-focused on "open borders" and DACA. Non-Cuban Latinos tend ... tend ... to be on the left on economic matters, but they tend ... again, merely tend ... to be culturally conservatives, which means they should naturally be swing voters. But the Lefty Dems like to campaign by treating each of the constituent parts of their coalition as monoliths, with all women, all blacks, all Latinos, all gays, and all urban hipsters thinking the same way and getting one goodie while most of the platform is to satisfy the white urban elite. It can't go on forever.

  5. To give a little added oomph to all this, we've seen the county and state maps of '16.

    Take a look at the precinct map, it's even better.

    And that one big blue area will probably have some big red spots in November.

  6. I've noticed we no longer have the wall to wall coverage of La Raza protests. No heartfelt video of Latinos holding signs about Making America Mexico Again.

    I wonder why that is?