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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Big truck sales hit record high

The American economy is on the road again.

"Trucking companies ordered 52,400 Class 8 trucks, the big rigs used for regional and long-haul routes, according to a preliminary report from ACT Research. That is nearly triple the orders from last year, when fleets ordered 18,726 trucks, and a 24% jump from June’s orders," the Wall Street Journal reported.

That's a record.

In a month when truck sales usually are at their lowest in the year.

Sundance at Conservative Treehouse put it well: "Freight hauling trucks are like the lymphatic system within a healthy economy.  As the economy writ large needs to move stuff around, it’s the truckers who git-r-done; and no time in U.S. economic history has there been such a demand for haulers."

What is the use of 52,400 big rigs or even 18,726 without someone driving them?

Get a commercial driver's license.

Unlike college, you won't need to borrow $100,000 for a piece of paper. Average salary $56,000 a year.

Journalists average $39,303.

The Journal reported, "Schneider National Inc., one of the biggest U.S. truckload carriers, raised its full-year earnings outlook after reporting its second-quarter net profit soared 42% to $65.8 million and revenue jumped 15% to $1.2 billion. The Green Bay, Wis.-based carrier said it is 'seeing no moderation in the supply-demand balance for the remainder of 2018.'"

Plus it won't cost you four years out of the work force.

After finishing trucking school, you start easily with three years of drawing a paycheck vs. three years of running up student loan debt.

Newspapers are folding. Other outlets are paring staff.

As for building trucks, that should be doing well. 2018 production sold out in May's orders. The backlog is growing.

Keep on trucking, baby.


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  1. Personally, I'd like to see fewer big rigs on the highway. They are dangerous to other drivers and destructive of our roads. We need to increase bulk movement of goods by expanding rail and water transportation, augmented by smaller trucks for short-distance deliveries from rail/water transfer hubs. That method expands infrastructure and provides jobs with a greater regard for safety and cost efficiency. - Elric

    1. Oddly, it's the cars that are more dangerous and the drivers more careless.

    2. Good idea, but the railroads are not interested. All the ports are now geared for 18-wheelers to come in, get their load of Walmart goodies and deliver them directly to a warehouse.

    3. A huge amount is already moved by rail. Where trucking comes in is the stuff that has limited shelf life, or where demand requires expedited service.
      The other trick is getting goods off a train in a timely manner and onto trucks to complete the delivery.

    4. So tell me how do we get that food to the grocery in your town,Outback,USA.No railroad or river close by.Of course we could close your grocery and you could drive to Nearback,USA to get your groceries.

    5. This is a Liberal position. I suggest you rethink it. If trucks truly scare you, grow a Pair.

  2. Truck driving beats journalism as a career, sure. But beware self driving vehicles in the relatively near future!

    1. SO make the big money for 10 years, then the FSA will take care of you.

    2. As Nassim Taleb asked in a discussion on education:

      "We’re living longer, so this idea of front-loading education makes no sense."

      Far more logical to develop a useful skill, work it and bank the money, then go to college. This is even more logical now that fewer 20-somethings are marrying or having kids until they hit 30+.

      Working then going back to school means you'll know more what you want to pursue in life and also, avoid the adolescent risks of the "college" experience.

    3. JK Brown, are you kidding? I'm 56 and still have not decided what I want to do IF grow up.

  3. A simple test to see how the economy is doing is to note the number of big rigs on the highways. They were pretty scarce during the Obummer years, but now they are almost back to back on the road. MAGA.

  4. I can testify. Hundreds of gleaming new rigs at the parking lot of the old GM Parts Plant on Cumbo Road in Martinsburg on Route 9. They started showing up more than a year ago. That’s when I knew the recovery was for real. Roll them rigs, Mr. T!

  5. If you haven’t got the dough for truck driver school, another path is to get a bus company to teach you. Then you’ve got heavy vehicle training and a wage to get your upgrade to bigger rigs.

    And if you’ve REALLY got trucker ambitions, and want to see the world, google what the Aussies call an Outback “road train”.

  6. Self-driving trucks...

    There’s considerably more to a multi-drop truck run than simply point to point guiding of a vehicle.

    Plus, automating a process involves getting a machine to do the work of many men, and do it faster.

    So, why would anyone pay a fortune for a machine/robot to do the work of one man, at the same time interval, and do it worse?

    Doesn’t make sense economically. Anyone automating a truck fleet will go broke, I reckon.

    1. Well that EU country,who owns Budweiser,is going to have all automated trucks,and electric to boot.Well that should just about kill what is left of Bud.

    2. Right.

      You wanna buy a bridge?

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