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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Bury the good news, gin up up Fake News

I go to "Memeorandum" occasionally to peek into the world as journalists see it. The most linked stories make the top. On Monday morning, the presidents of Mexico and United State reached a historic trade agreement.

At 11 a.m., the lead story was a link to the Washington Post's "Trump rejected plans for a White House statement praising McCain."

That was followed by six stories on the same topic.

The next major story, followed by two related stories was Axios's "Scoop: Republicans secretly study their coming hell."

The third major stories was New Yorker's "Glenn Greenwald, the Bane of Their Resistance."

The fourth major story was from BuzzFeed News: "Nuns Killed Children, Say Former Residents Of St. Joseph's Catholic Orphanage."

Fifth was The Incline's "The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette no longer prints a daily newspaper."

Sixth was CNBC's "Mexican official says NAFTA talks with the US have ‘concluded,’ deal announcement coming."

OK. Maybe it is a little early.

I checked back an hour later. At noon, it made the fourth major story. The lead was the New York Times's "As a Nation Mourns McCain, Trump Is Conspicuously Absent."

At 1 p.m., the trade agreement moved up to third place, buried by "conspicuously absent" major headline which was followed by eight sidebar headlines from other news outlets.

Ditto 2 p.m.

At 3 p.m., the trade deal fell to fourth place.

That night on the evening news, the networks did the same, according to Nicholas Fondacaro of News Busters.

"On Monday, the White House sparked controversy after the American flag atop the building was raised from half-staff before the remains of Senator John McCain were even in the Capitol. Also on Monday, the White House struck a brand new trade deal with Mexico that would end yet another theater in the administration’s trade wars and is said to help American businesses and consumers," he wrote.

"The former was part of a long-running political feud while the latter affected the lives of millions of Americans. Both ABC and CBS actually spent more time during their evening broadcasts on the feud than the end of a trade war. The announcement of the trade deal caused the stock markets to hit record highs but none of them thought it was newsworthy.

"When it came to covering the new U.S.-Mexico trade agreement, ABC’s World News Tonight ignored the story altogether, while the CBS Evening News gave it a fleeting 21 seconds of airtime."

So, it was McCain, McCain, McCain, not because he was a great senator -- the courts struck down as unconstitutional his one major piece of legislation (McCain-Feingold) -- but to hammer President Trump.

I get that the nation's press hates President Trump and I defend their right to trash him.

But what they practice is not journalism. Real reporters put aside their feelings to report the news straight.

They may do that elsewhere, and certainly I do not mean to disparage those reporters across the country who cover the school boards and city councils and even the state legislatures.

But by and large our national news is anti-Trump propaganda.

It is backfiring.

You would think after three years, the press would take notice.


  1. The blinders worn by the press are bigger than any used by a horse. They can’t see anything else. The few that do won’t as they risk being ostracized by their bretheren.

  2. a nation mourns McCain?

    Him and Buckwheat ( if you don't remember, don't worry)

  3. Big D: Doing the work the rest of us view as nauseating. Thanks brother.

  4. Nothingburger gets a nothing response. Dog bite man. Yawn.

  5. Question: Did the NYT reveal WHAT nation was mourning McCain? It wasn't the US.

  6. The Swamp is mourning McCain -- the country not so much.

    1. I'm old enough to remember when the "Democrat Operatives posing as journalists" trashed McCain 24/7 back in '08.

  7. Too bad there are no "real reporters" anymore. The mourning for mccain is just an excuse to trash President Trump. The media only likes mccain when he is trashing republicans. He (we) found that out when he ran for president.

  8. "Over 90% approval rating for your all time favorite (I hope) President within the Republican Party and 52% overall." Not content with flawed polling methodology of Rasmussen, Trump just decides to make up numbers whole cloth. Little wonder he's circling the bases after reaching a “preliminary agreement in principle.” Why isn't the fake media reporting on this great accomplishment? What accomplishment?

    1. Don't worry. I'm sure if there were a contest for liars you'd win.

    2. Don't feed the anonymous troll.

    3. Come on, he lives under a bridge in the dark all he has is those fantasies of competence. Be Nice. pat him on the head like the idiot he is.

  9. Democrat Media insists they're not
    Democrat Media

  10. John McCain,a phony, sanctimonious,twisted,reptilian, pissant.Need I say more

  11. Whatever you do, don’t mention the Ohr.

    I mentioned it, but I think I got away with it.

  12. And the best part is, these poor critters believe they matter.