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Friday, August 17, 2018

Black Trump supporters aren't Republicans

Some conservatives are buoyed by an uptick in approval of President Trump among black voters. Rasmussen said it doubled in the past year to 36%.

Given that black voters supply one-fourth of the Democratic Party votes, that is not insignificant.

This is the result of two things.
  1. Obama failed to deliver jobs to his black constituency.
  2. President Trump has.
We overlook the biggest victims of the last recession: African-Americans. The housing collapse occurred when the federal government -- led by President Bush 43 -- made owning a home a right.

People who couldn't pay their rent received mortgages. The ensuing buying spree shot housing prices through the roof. Bush had discovered the secret to permanent prosperity.

When people began defaulting on the loans, housing prices and the economy collapsed. Bush had discovered nothing hurts the poor as efficiently as the government.

This hurt the black community hardest because poverty is disproportionately heavier among black people.There were programs to keep people from losing their houses; banks hate foreclosure because suddenly they are stuck with an empty house to maintain.

But Obama's focus was on keeping the 1% happy. They make donations. Plus you have to keep the Dow Jones Industrial Average high because that is an important political measuring stick.

Obama didn't seem to help black people. Perhaps expectations were too high. He was limited in what he could do.

I doubt black voters regret voting for him. I can see their point. He made history, but one man cannot do everything. Obama was as good as Clinton and the Bushes. He was very presidential.

With President Trump, expectations were below sea level. He isn't presidential, right?

But midway through his first term, the economy is exploding. Black unemployment is at an all-time low. Things really are better for black people -- and white people. People of all races are doing better, and they are giving President Trump credit.

Maybe being presidential is overrated. It certainly has no entertainment value.

Democrats should worry. Much of the black vote stems from the Voting Rights Act of 1965. It requires certain states to create black congressional districts. Democrats recruited good black candidates. (Yes, once upon a time Maxine Waters was sane.) This has created an advantage that cost Republicans support in the black community.

If black voters stay home, Senate races will be lost.

Some Republicans see this as a permanent break between African-American voters and the Democratic Party.

History says otherwise. Black voters were voting Democratic long before the civil rights legislation of the 1960s. The Great Depression's political fallout last more than 80 years.

What Donald Trump is doing is what I thought he would do all along, and that is draw people across the ethnic and racial divides. That did not happen in 2016.

As a candidate, Donald John Trump offered black voters a better deal. It was the same as the deal he offered white voters. He did not get as many black votes as he hoped to get, but he now is earning black support.

If Republicans think that support extends to them, they are crazy. You have to go out and earn those votes.

President Trump is -- one job at a time. Never underestimate the power of hard work and 12-hour days.


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  1. My Dad was a tried and true Labor Union worker. He voted Democrat every time, even using the Union list to pick candidates. Black folks vote Democrat every time, and I don't think they will change. They will hear the siren call of the Left and the things they can be given if they vote for them and will be good little serfs and punch the lever. BTW, that's not a racist comment, it's a historical comment.

    1. Nixon said this same thing about the black vote. To him it was an economic issue. Personally I don't think it has changed even with Trump helping them more than expected. Don Lemon said a lot when he called respect more important than money. They got the former from O by reflection, which is always weak but, like moonlight, hides many a personal imperfection. Obama did almost nothing for black economic development but if he was running today against Trump he would get the same 90+ % he got before. But he isn't. So while Trump himself may benefit from this uptick in his personal support in 20, I feel Don is right about the R in general. Perhaps if all the R candidates would be supportive of DT they would benefit but many seem to have the suicidal NT Gene or perhaps half of one. Too bad.

    2. I was a Steelworker, and the union voting list was a great indicator for who not to vote for. Our union newsletter was like reading the old Socialist Worker paper the commies handed out in the '70's.

  2. "Rasmussen said it doubled in the past year to 36%."

    But then Rasmussen said Mitt was gonna win--poor polling methodology only helps shape your false narrative.

    1. Indeed, the true number could be as high as 50%

    2. I don't expect nearly that much increase in black votes for trump in 2020. But just a 5% bump could cause dems trouble.

    3. Rasmussen and the LA Times/USC polls were the only one that predicted a Trump win. It only polls likely voters. Remember this, for urban America things are getting better economically every day, and Trump gets the credit in the inner cities as the polls show. BUT socially, the urban centers continue to be mired in a wave of senseless violence and murders and the DEMOCRATS are getting the blame. "The carpet, too, is moving under you, and it's all over now, Baby Blue." Dylan the Prophet.

  3. The upcoming election will be a test of the oft-made claim that people "vote their wallets," i.e., that voters rank the state of the economy very high on their priority list when they go to the polls to vote. We'll see. I have a different, perhaps cockeyed theory of how political cycles work in this country. It is that Democrat administrations ruin the country, voters ask Republican administrations to fix things, and when things are back to being better an ungrateful public votes the Democrats back in because they forget how badly the Dems ran the country before the Republicans fixed it....which sets the country back on the path to ruin. And so it goes. I fear the country may be in the mood to let the Democrats back into power. It doesn't make sense to do it, but that's just my crazy "shoot yourself in your foot" theory of life.

    1. It ain’t cockeyed, IA. I believe the exact same thing. Except I thought it’d be about 6 years before people tired of Reepubs. Mr. T has done so much, so fast, it might speed up the fatigue factor. We shall see.

  4. People keep trying to make Trump a dyed in the wool Republican. But he's not, he took the middle. The middle, where most voters reside had been neglected for decades. With a system that promotes only two parties, those in the middle were stuck. Trump took the middle. The right side of the middle as it had more room in 2016, but he's expanding the window to the left. More and more "Democrats" will come to support a strong economy, good jobs, work to solve the Party "issues" used to generate emotionalism in their base, etc.

    The lesson missed with the TEA party is that most Americans don't want to do politics. When you make them do politics, the professional politicals won't like the result.

  5. Trump has eliminated identity politics. The media is desperately trying to keep it alive. Unfortunately, the press are no longer speaking for blacks, Latinos or gay white males and it spells bad news for the Dems.

  6. "Experts" are fond of saying a 3rd party would only hurt the right.
    As a non-expert, I feel the foundation of a new party forming beneath many feet.
    2 or 3 more successful years and we could see something Trumpian.

  7. My prediction:

    In 2024 after 8 years of a booming economy and world peace the news media will say that Trump is the luckiest POTUS ever.

    1. They already are. Trump just happened to win Obama's sacred robe he and The Magdalen were playing for before O ascended to Heaven, only Trump used the loaded dice he received in Moskow from Satan. It was The holy garment that brought great success even to his unworthy criminal undeserving self.

  8. Democrats ALL want cheap illegal foreign labor which destroys American jobs, but maintains their plantation.

    Republicans (some. most?) want to stop the cheap illegal foreign labor.

    Voting Democrat guarantees plantation poverty.
    Voting Republican might improve African-American lives.

  9. Really,
    "Obama didn't seem to help black people. Perhaps expectations were too high. He was limited in what he could do.

    I doubt black voters regret voting for him. I can see their point. He made history, but one man cannot change do everything. Obama was as good as Clinton and the Bushes. He was very presidential."

    1. Obama helped blacks and others who wanted to be on welfare, but he did squat for the rest:

      --Determined to destroy Bill Clinton’s signature achievement, President Obama’s administration has opened a loophole in the 1996 welfare reform legislation big enough to make the law ineffective. Its work requirement — the central feature of the legislation — has been diluted beyond recognition by the bureaucrats at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

      On Thursday of last week, HHS issued regulations that modified — gutted — the work requirement. Its new regulations allow the states to substitute education programs for work to get welfare benefits. The regs say that “vocational educational training or job search/readiness programs” “count as well” in meeting the basic condition that recipients work in order to receive welfare benefits.

      The Congress specifically prohibited the use of education or training to fulfill the requirement. When it passed welfare reform, Congress expressly limited the authority of the secretary of HHS to waive the work requirement.--

    2. Vocational training should satisfy the work requirement. It means you're trying to get a job.

    3. Didn't we go through this "vocational training" and "education" stuff a long time ago?

      Many, many plethora of fake educational and vocation training academies were set up. They signed up the students, collected the government cash, got the students in debt, provided no real training, then went bankrupt and closed, leaving the students with the short end of the stick.

      That may be why Congress specifically prohibited use of education or training to fulfill the requirement.

  10. Unless the Left manages to ban Trump rallies from the airwaves and Internet, seems to me a whole lotta black people are gonna tune in to Trump out of curiosity, and have their own personal “Hell, Yeah!” Moment.

  11. As I keep saying, all they have to do is stay home. The real issue is the Rs owned the black vote for 80 years. They freed the slaves.

    The Demos put blacks to work in war factories, but then gave them their rights back.

    That lasted another 80 years or so.

    Depending how many Whigs go down, could be another 80 year turn.

    Obama didn't seem to help black people.

    He doesn't like black people. He's an upper middle class white guy in a black suit and he's traded on that suit to take him places. How many black people does he really hang out with? How many black things does he do? How many of his tastes could be described as culturally black?

    I doubt black voters regret voting for him.

    I do. They call him halfa cracka. They see nothing changed, except for the worst.

  12. Blacks did far better under Reagan and both Bushes than they did under Obungler. - GOC

  13. I agree that Bush 43 was President when the housing crisis hit. But he was not the cause of it. That was Barney Frank. Bush spent time warning that FannyMae and FannyMac were in trouble. ALL he got for his speaking out was being accused of being a racist because he did not want Blacks to own homes. Pure Democratic BS. FannyMae and FannyMac at the time was being run by Barney Franks significant other. The MSM along with major players in the Democratic Party allowed this to happen and ruined our economy. I think Franks got away with causing untold damage to our Country along with many Democrat and Republican Politicians. IMO they allowed this to go on because they did not wish to be accused of being a racist. Something the MSM did to any politican that tried to speak the truth on the problem. They let the Banks take ALL the blame. The Banks did do some wrong accounting but we have the FDIC, FFIEC and the Federal Reserve to just name a few of the Agencies in the Government that were put there to stop just this type of problem by the Banks. Anyone get fired more missing this? NOPE...This is part of the reason we got Trump. We are tired of all the incompetency of these Politicians along with the lack of honesty by the MSM. Check out this youtube video that may remind some of what was said back then.

  14. Thank you, Tyrone. It's nice to see that at least one other person was paying attention as to why the housing bubble occurred and popped.