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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Attacking the press is unacceptable

Reporters need safe access to cover public events. This weekend, cowards in masks attacked an NBC news crew covering a riot in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The assault was unacceptable. This is not who we are as Americans.

The cowards were Antifa fascists who are leftists. Americans of all political stripes should condemn this physical attack, but Democratic Party leaders should lead the way to show that Antifa is shunned by society.

People should fight back against Antifa and make them so uncomfortable that they won't show their masks in public. If we see them in masks at the gas station, we should call them out.

Reporters are particularly vulnerable to ambush. They are unarmed and focused on the event.

The press can take criticism. It is just words. Newspaper people in particular develop thick hides and never should respond to being called Fake News and the like. The same First Amendment that allows editorial writers to criticize presidents allows presidents to criticize editorial writers.

Verbal attacks are fine.

Physical attacks are not.

As children, we learned -- or should have learned -- that sticks and bones make break our bones but names will never hurt us.

The press has to put up with critics. People shouting "CNN sucks" while a crew tries to film a story is bad behavior. But the Constitution allows it.

People physically attacking a news crew is a crime.

This is my contribution to the Boston Globe's call that newspapers attack the president in unison in a show of an "independent" press. And by contribution, I mean a reality check.


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  1. We live in a strange world where the President calling some journalists "fake news" is deemed beyond the pale but actual physial attacks on the press by Antifa are ignored.

    1. They can't see their own cognitive dissonance even while it hits them square between the eyes. I'm betting that if a journalist gets killed by a lefty they will spin things around and blame Trump rather than themselves.

      The level of insanity is escalating exponentially.

    2. Yes, Doc. Cognitive dissonance, also known as bat guano crazy.

  2. Antifa doesn't realize they are on the same side.. Antifa is the new KKK....
    I expect Jim Acosta to confront Antifa about this-after he trows poo at Sarah Saunders...

  3. I could see National Guardsmen doing double duty as reporters. Combat pay could take on new meaning.

  4. Do you know how difficult it is to come up with an explanation for friendly fire? That's why it's better to ignore the ---- OMG, look over there did Trump say what I think and hope he said? Signed: All of us at definitely not a colluding media.

  5. So has the Antifa guy been arrested?

    Will the NBC cameraman testify at the trial?

    You are right that violence is unacceptable; but I'd like to see the news media act as if they also thought it was unacceptable.

    1. Violence and verbal abuse aimed at the press is unacceptable, so the press claims; but if it's aimed at Trump supporters and other Conservatives, well then that's another story. Then it's Trump's fault and grounds for blaming him instead of the perpetrators.

      As long as the media are silent about Antifa and fail to condemn them with the same vigor they use to criticize Trump in today's editorials, I am not moved to speak out in their defense. The Antifa fascists are on their side, not mine, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    2. @Iapetus

      Your attitude is reasonable and proper... I really wish more people on the “anti-progressive” side of the road would come to it!

      The other point is that — since the media itself, (collectively,) buried the story of the attacks — the physical attacks against them must not matter much. Sort of like the rape of that reporter in the ME, which they papered-over so fast it gave people whiplash.

      If these physical attacks don't matter to them, why should I care?

      As for verbal attacks, I stopped caring about those after I reached age seven. ;uD

      – BmG

  6. This is one of my rare disagreements with Mr. Surber.

    If the press itself is A-OK with being physically assaulted by Antifa's Fascist goons, it's not my place to fight the fight for the press. The Fake News media told me these Fascist goons were "peaceful" "'anti-hate' protesters."

    This is the same Fake News media that believed it was wholly acceptable behavior for Obama to put reporters under surveillance and arresting them, and speculating about shutting down any outlet (FoxNews) that criticized him. That was no attack on the free press, they believed, because Ms. Attkisson and Mr. Rosen had it coming to them.

    Eff 'em with a roll of high-tariff Canadian newsprint, I say.

    1. I believe the term used was 'mostly' peaceful.

    2. A big fat WRONG-O Mr. Surber.

      When you see a traitor, beat a traitor.

  7. Actually they want one of theirs to suffer mightly. Scalese got too much air time too much ad space wasted. When some clown mowed down a few of them as collateral damage in a personal dispute a while ago, attempts to blame Trump for attacking the press did not get enough clickage. Real blood is needed and in the public square:: all night bedside vigils, weeping press spouses, wailing anchors. The recent attack on the NBC reporters wasn't even protested in order to get out The Message: go ahead we welcome your assaults, don't hold back, our fighters have taken their vows, to attack the Orange Carrier at dawn, sailing high on the Divine Wind, banzai banzai for Emperor Bezos, banzai banzai for emperor Iger, banzai banzai for Emperor Roberts, banzai banzai for emperor Schulzberger, banzai banzai!

  8. Y'all still bummed the Unite the Right rally wasn't better attended? You're probably really upset none of your coward buddies rammed a car into counter-protesters.

    1. Sounds more like your crowd.

    2. Actually it's your side that's upset the Unite the Right rally wasn't well attended. Most of us conservatives aren't the racists you make us out to be. - GOC

    3. So "attendance" at some rally is how you judge political parties? If some buzz named rally were held within walking distance, I wouldn't go. Neither would most people I know - we're busy with life instead of whining. We have jobs, families, kids in school, football practice - you know, reality stuff. I don't have coward buddies who ram cars into people. I have friends in fire departments and police forces. Sounds like you need to find some of those people.

  9. Antifa, at least on the East Coast, would appear to have become loose cannons.

    On the Left Coast, Antifa knows if they're not good little lap dogs of the Left, their police and judicial protection will disappear.