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Monday, August 13, 2018

Antifa is the future of the Democrats

Let's get something straight: Antifa is the fascist arm of the Democratic Party. If you want to know where the party is headed, look where its youths are. Antifa speaks for all Democrats when it chants, “No border, no wall, no USA at all!”

Think not? People in the 1970s blew off the Weather Underground as radicals who had nothing to do with the party.

But whom did Democrats nominate in 2008? And who was his political mentor? And who was his religious mentor? And who was the communist he put in charge of the CIA?

This was no accident or coincidence. Democrats have plotted this for 50 years, going back to Teddy the Drunk Kennedy's first immigration reform, which he reformed again 31 years later, which 32 years later, they want to reform as open borders -- which was their goal all along.

Democrats want to rule with no opposition. You don't get that without being a third world nation and you don't get a third world nation without importing millions of third world people.

The party has seized misery in America to push their socialist agenda. The Watergate scandal gave us the Frank Church commission to put hobbles on the CIA, which no longer can overthrow foreign governments. If they had overthrown Saddam Hussein, the CIA would have spared us two wars.

But that did not stop Obama from using the CIA and the rest of our national security apparatus to try to overthrow a domestic government.

So far, President Trump has hung in there despite Obama wiretapping him and the hateful media covering this up. We now know that unredacted FISA warrants were given to the Democrats' mistresses in the media -- both figurative and literal. This collusion is an enemy of the people because they are trying to turn America into a Soviet or Red Chinese state.

What were Obama's foreign policy accomplishments? Igniting a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt followed by the assassination of an impotent Qaddafi who gave up his nuke program. The Libyan mess led to refugees overrunning Italy, and the release of terrorists from our Benghazi facility.

Obama unilaterally lifted sanctions on Cuba without getting a thing in return. He also stopped taking Cuban refugees.

He lifted sanctions on Iran and gave the regime $170 billion to fund its nuke and terrorist programs.

Those are the highlights of his lowlife presidency.

What can we expect from President Ocasio-Cortez?

Let's look at the Antifa mob demonstration in Washington on Sunday.

One chant was, “It takes a bullet to bash a fash.”

Another was, “No border, no wall, no USA at all!”

The second chant means a dissolution of the United States into 50 third world states because that seems the best way to dismantle the greatest nation, which is the greatest force for good in the world.

The rationalization for this is America is evil. Colleges have indoctrinated millions of Americans into believing this.

My message is simply do not blow off Antifa as kooks. Learn from the Weather Underground electing a protegee as president. These people think they can wait us out.


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  1. They also openly pushed assassinating Trump. Just dissafected youts', I know. No media turd said a word.
    A proscription will be the most effective way to deal with the Left some day. They will dine on their own. Like the Krell, gone overnight.

  2. Don: Been hearing a little about the WV supreme court. Can you do an article on what's going on there when you get a chance?

  3. if they are successful in assassinating our President, then we will know we are at war and it will be time to fight back with bullets. It will take bullets to bash an antifas too.

  4. Must be a bummer when Unite the Right demonstration didn't get quite the number of tiki-torch nazis they anticipated. I'm sure "good people are on both sides".

    1. Last year, Antifa and Alt-right show up and there's violence. This year, only Antifa shows up and there's violence, this time against the police. I'm sensing a pattern here.

    2. Anonymous, the good people of the right have nothing to do with the Unite The Right people. We good of the right will not stand for antifa and other leftist fascists gaining enough control in this nation that they can violate our natural rights. If you leftist scum want a hot war, keep on doing as you're doing.

    3. So, in all the country fewer than 40 alt-right people show up but thousands of leftist violent, black shirted, face hidden, intolerant, racist bigots show up beating news people and police.

      Why is the left so obsessive over a handful of nobodies walking around when there are thousands of violent thugs showing democrats to be an intolerant terrorist hate group?

    4. Yes it was a problem, for the left. last time they had enough white nationalists there they could falsely blame all the violence on them, even though half of it came from Antifa. Now, with the white nationalists neutered, either the MSM has to tell the truth, and blame all the violence on Antifa, or they must lie even wrose than they did last time, and claim the clearly violent Antifa storm troopers are still not really violent, and just peaceful demonstrators opposing hate

  5. My first thought is GREAT. Let them be the face of the party. It will shrink like crazy. But then, I am giving too much credit to voters who continue to make what should be run-away elections close.

    1. Remember the Reagan Democrats?

      Remember how many Demos went for Nixon?

      That's gonna happen again. Problem is, another stupid generation comes along and has to learn the hard way.

  6. To me it's easier understanding this if you accept that the Obama administration was the Chicago political machine gone national, kind of like a franchise. That's the division run by Valerie Jarrett. Then they brought in the ideologues, Rhodes, Rice, Power, and the rest of the soyboys, being weak and naive they were the perfect foils to do the Chicago hoods' bidding. The enterprise is still going except Jarrett's division is back in the shadows and more than likely controlling these Antifa fools along with the other civil disrupters like BLM from her office in Obama's 8 million dollar home.

  7. Antifa is to the Democrat Party the way Hamas is to the PLO/PA. There are overlapping goals and overlapping leadership. This will only come to an end if Trump can gain control of his DoJ, as every other president has had. That's perhaps unlikely to happen unless Trump can by some miracle get past both the upcoming election and the Mueller coup effort.

    1. And as the Klan was to the democratic party for a century. The enforcement arm.

    2. The historical origins of Antifa is they used to be the street rioting brownshirts of the German Communist party. Hitler defeated them with his own socialist brownshirts, to bring in tyranny, but if the German Commies had won there still would have been tyranny and world war. It just would have been a Communist tyranny, allied with the USSR, and the US and England would have had to fight off both Germany and the USSR at once.

  8. Absolutely.

    This is a continuation of what went on 50 years ago. What changes is that the base for the Left gets smaller if Trump gets his way because abortion and no kids, coupled with assimilation doesn't grow.


  9. Antifa is the modern version of the Hitler Youth without the nifty pocket knives.

    1. They were actually the German Communist equivalent of the Hitler Youth, same tyranny and mass death though, just different names. But it would have been worse because if Antifa had won in Germany then, instead of Hitler, they would have been allies with the USSR. Then England and the US would have had to defeat them in a world was without being able to play the USSR and Germany against each other.

  10. In 1921 the nazi party was a small bunch of rabble rousing thugs. In twelve years they controlled Germany, and in another nine, most of Europe.
    These are the modern embodyment of the nazi party led by an aging nazi youth from Hungary who should have been put in prison instead of granted asylum.

  11. In the Age of Trump, where is someone to go who chants “No USA at all!”...?

    Straight to Hell sounds like a good idea.

    1. Naw, Dave...Venezuela. They can use that worthless money to wipe their asses after they take those Antifa dumps.

      Again I say, indict Soros and Steyer. “All enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC.” (Emphasis mine) An enterprising high school junior could bust open the money flow in a couple of weeks.

  12. Seems to me that ANTIFA is the current version of the trrrorist arm of the Democratic Party. Tjey used to wear white masks and were called the KKK. Now the masks and the name have been changed to protect the guilty

  13. Good analysis, Don, and congrats on yet another Instalaunch.

  14. Yes, the Professor elite actually do believe that America is evil, since it's not perfect.

    This is terrible, and especially to know it is funded by US Federal Loans for education.

  15. The FULL COMMIE is attempting to make RIGHT WING BIGOTS into a boogeyman. The ANTIFA FASCIST VIOLENT THUGS are PRETENDING to fight BIGOTRY. The KLAN is DEAD. So anyone who is RIGHT WING, is now a BIGOT. It's pretty
    bad logic. FULL COMMIES need to protect us from a few dozen nuts. OK LIBTARDS, sure thing.

  16. Antifa is a repeated version of the Antifascist Action Committee of 1921, which was a Soviet creation. It's purpose was to foment a Bolshevik takeover of Germany. Anyone opposing them was by definition a Fascist. And surprisingly, the actions of the Stalinist Antifascist Action League spurred on Hitler and the Brownshirts, then the Shutzstaffel and all the rest.
    Hitler's remark about the Bolsheviks was that "scratch them, and underneath would be a Brownshirt". He realized that in nature, there was little difference between the two.
    Antifa, or the Black Bloc, is stronger in Europe, and a lot of people are afraid when they show up at rallies. I would not put too much cred on Soros creating them but he profits from their chaos.

  17. Do not forget the most influential and powerful force the fascist democratic party has; the mainstream media. The propaganda arm of the democratic-fascist party.
    "Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth."
    So said Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda.
    His statement is 1000000% true, and the media knows it. This is why their anti-Trump propaganda is 24/7/365 and why their reporting of BLM and ANTIFA is very sympathetic and minimizes their violence.

    People underestimate the power of propaganda. It can sway public opinion if done effectively and persistently. It is the most dangerous form of mind-twisting because the "victims" of propaganda believe they are making choices voluntarily, no coercion evident.

    The media's incessant anti-Trump drumbeat is NOT Trump derangement syndrome nor merely a manifestation of their contempt of Trump. It is a purposeful, intentional, PLANNED PROGRAM to sway the masses, the voters. It is directly out of the Bolshevik playbook.

    All should read, "The Whisperer's, Private Lives in Stalin's Russian," by Orlando Figues. It is a first hand account of the effectiveness of persistent and overwhelming propaganda and the devastating affects it had upon ordinary folks.
    The democratic party today , it's violent and vicious military arm - ANTIFA and BLM- and its pervasive propaganda arm - the mainstream media - are all working together to not only destroy Trump, but to destroy what is left of our Constitutional Republic.
    The democrats are the present day USA version of the Stalin's Bolsheviks and Hitler's NAZI Sturmabteilung; a well oiled military, political and propaganda machine aiming to totally destroy the USA.

  18. If we had just ignored Saddam Hussein, that would have spared us two wars as well.